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Sunday, 19 April 2020


dahmakan is bringing the joy of being at a Ramadhan Bazaar to your home

With the holy month of Ramadhan nearing and the recent extension of the Movement Control Order (MCO), dahmakan is initiating its own online bazaar to keep the Ramadhan spirit alive. In this unprecedented time, dahmakan will take care of Malaysians’ meals during Ramadhan so they can focus on staying healthy and safe.

WEBSITE dahmakan.com

dahmakan has taken active measures in response to the recent COVID-19 outbreak to ensure that the food that gets delivered to customers’ homes is safe and secure. The food delivery startup will continue to implement the following measures for its Ramadhan e-Bazaar:
Safety & Hygiene
dahmakan’s number one priority is the health and safety of its staff and customers. The company maintains the cleanliness of its kitchens and hubs by following the highest standards in sanitation and cleaning protocols. Additionally, all kitchen and hubs staff have ramped up their efforts in temperature checks, and proper usage of masks and gloves at all times.

Contactless Delivery
To minimize customer-rider contact, dahmakan’s riders are practising contactless delivery by delivering customers’ meals according to their instructions. Cash on Delivery has also been suspended to minimize contact.

Riders’ Health & Safety
All riders are required to have their temperature checked before entering order dispatch areas and before picking up meals for delivery. dahmakan has also provided hand sanitizers and face masks to protect riders’ health & safety.

Along with taking active measures to deliver tasty and hygienic meals to customers, dahmakan is excited to introduce an exciting line of meals curated for Ramadhan: 

Nasi Kerabu with Ayam Berempah 
RM 14.90

Nasi Kukus with Ayam Rempah 
RM 11.99

Classic Favourites
Malaysians can enjoy their classic favourites by dahmakan during the month of Ramadhan! These favourites include Nasi Kerabu, Nasi Lemak, Nasi Kunyit, Nasi Kukus, Rendang Ayam, Nasi Tomato, Ayam Bakar Madu, and more.

Nasi Lemak with Ayam Berempah 
RM 11.99

New Chef Creations
dahmakan operates on a full-stack platform — an operating system that controls nearly every step of its operations. As such, all the meals on dahmakan are created by its in-house world-class Malaysian chefs, who have worked at some of Malaysia’s leading restaurants and hotels. 

Beef Rendang Lasagne
RM 25.99

Each chef brings something special to the menu — which can be seen by their new creations for Ramadhan. Malaysians can now experience new dishes such as Beef Rendang Lasagne, Baked Cheesy Sambal Fish Rice, and Ayam Perchik with Coconut Rice, Sardine Pizzagne. Our chefs have taken Malaysian favourites’ and have put a special dahmakan twist to them.

Baked Cheesy Sambal Fish Rice
RM 21.99

Sides and Add-Ons
All Malaysians would agree that iftar would not be complete without our classic kuihs, dates, and drinks. Malaysians can be assured that they’ll find these essentials at dahmakan’s Ramadhan e-Bazaar. Customers can break fast with dahmakan’s Sirap Bandung, Teh Ais, and classic kuihs. As for dates, dahmakan is excited to announce that it’ll carry Yusuf Taiyoob’s iconic dates on the menu.

dahmakan’s Sirap Bandung, Matcha Boba Milk Tea & Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea

Brand Partners
dahmakan is also grateful for its supportive partners. dahmakan will be partnering with Redoxon to ensure that Malaysians are staying healthy and are getting enough vitamins during the fasting month. Malaysians can stay healthy with a free Redoxon Double Action pack with every dahmakan meal ordered.

FREE Redoxon Double Action Pack With Every dahmakan Meal Ordered

With an extensive menu, Malaysians can be assured that they can enjoy their favourite Ramadhan delicacies while practising social distance and keeping safe at home. Prices start at RM 11.99 and delivery fee is only RM 0.99.


Currently, dahmakan delivers throughout the Klang Valley — with its first delivery time slot starting at 8:20 AM and last delivery time slot at 8 PM. In less than 10 days, Malaysians in the Klang Valley can now enjoy their favourite Ramadhan delicacies without leaving their homes.

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