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Monday, 6 April 2020


Hanoi Liu Riu Restaurant

Hi Foodies! More sharing of my food tripping experience in Vietnam food & travel blog post today on my first 'Hanoi Street Food Walking Tour', seeking out some of the best Vietnamese food along the streets of the Old Quarter in Hanoi at Hanoi Liu Riu Restaurant. Read more for full story...

Vietnamese Restaurants Hanoi
02 Yen Thai, Hoan Kiem
Ha Noi
Hotline: +84 901598591

This was our last food stop on the 'Hanoi Street Food Walking Tour' where our guide, Mun Thao took us to Hanoi Liu Riu Restaurant, one of the best choices for authentic Vietnamese cuisine located in Hanoi Old Quarter. 

They are also known for its exotic yet light Vietnamese food where diners get to experience the quintessence of traditional homestyle Vietnamese cuisine. Read more about them on this link: liuriuvietnamesecuisine.com

Indulge in the nostalgia ambience of the restaurant built on a Hanoi ancient house, preserved with distinctive characteristics of ancient Hanoi architecture. Diners have the option of either an indoor or outdoor dining in the open air of the outdoor garden or within one of the well-decorated rooms.

Home-Style Dishes Eaten With Rice

Eggplant & Beef
Nộm Cà Pháo Xào Bò

The Eggplant & Beef dish or Nộm Cà Pháo Xào Bò features a savoury beef dish smothered in a mildly flavoured sauce that is sure to please any eggplant lovers.

Cooked loaded with tender and juicy beef slices with a generous portion of eggplant, onions and carrots stripes. 

Fried Pho With Mushroom
Phở Chiên Phồng St Nấm & Rau

Fried Pho With Mushroom or Phở Chiên Phồng St Nấm & Rau features a vegetarian dish with squares of noodle that have been deep-fried so they puff up into little doughnuts.

These are deep-fried rice noodles sauteed with mixed mushrooms and vegetables. It’s sort of like Vietnamese nachos but with no chips or cheese!

Chinese Tea 

We complete our dining with cups of warm Chinese tea and sample some Green Bean cakes and Sesame Peanut Candy for a sweet ending.

Green Bean Cakes & Sesame Peanut Candy

As we relax, Thao Mun went on to explained Vietnamese customs and food culture, as well as offer recommendations of where to go for sight-seeing around the Old Quarter. Our Hanoi Walking Street Food Tour ends at Liu Riu Restaurant.

Beautiful Night Shot Of Hoàn Kiếm Lake

Absolutely memorable - an intimate experience with a small group of like-minded food lovers. I earned so much about Hanoi’s culture and more about the Vietnamese culture. Not only is Miss Mun Thảo introducing food but along with its history and storytelling, she shared about herself and her family too. 

It was just wholesome, all the way around. Tonight was our first night in Hanoi in Vietnam, I couldn’t have to think of a better way to dive into the culture of this beautiful country and its charm.  I would recommend this tour to anyone!


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