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Monday, 2 December 2019


金爺爺 Jin Ye Ye 2020 
Celebrates The Year Of The Rat
Lunar New Year Presents All-New Series Chinese New Year Hampers
'Good Luck & Prosperous Wealth' 
Delivered To Your Doorstep


GREETINGS FROM JIN YE YE 金爺爺! Jin Ye Ye, one of Malaysia's leading professional hamper & gift providers is excited to launch their latest selection of Chinese New Year CNY 2020 Hampers together with a wide range of premium quality products such as Canned Abalone, Bird's Nest, Feranttino Red Wine, XO Wine and Jynns health drinks among others.

Thanks to a wonderful invitation from Jin Ye Ye, the Hamper specialist company, I was at Noble Mansion, Plaza 33 for the launch of their all-new Chinese New Year Hampers for the Year Of Rat 2020.

No 26, Jalan Budi 1
Taman Perindustrian Wawasan
83000 Batu Pahat
Customer Service Hotline:

In The Mood For CNY With These Jin Ye Ye Hampers

Gong Hei! Gong Hei! The exchange of blessings is the warmest beginning of the year! As a professional gift basket brand in Malaysia, Jin Ye Ye has been accompanying everyone to carry on the tradition and welcome the sweet and wonderful New Year.

Jin Ye Ye Brand Ambassador, Nancy Sit and Managing Director of Jin Ye Ye, Alan Tan posing with the launch series of the hamper
(From left to right)

Managing Director of Jin Ye Ye, Alan Tan presenting on the superior quality and variety of Jin Ye Ye’s new innovative hampers

Established in 2008, more than a decade ago, Jin Ye Ye continues to work hard and has come back stronger in preparation for the New Year. In preparation of CNY 2020, Jin Ye Ye, a hamper specialist is committed to introducing innovative hampers that stand out in the market and elevate the joy in gift-giving by coming up with various gifting options to meet demand.

Jin Ye Ye Brand Ambassador, Nancy Sit and Managing Director of Jin Ye Ye, Alan Tan unveiling the ‘Grand Golden Hamper’
(From left to right) 

Grand Appearance Of Hong Kong Legendary Actress, 薛家燕 Nancy Sit At 金爺爺 JinYeYe Launch

January will see us enter into the Year of the Rat. Chinese tradition states that this will be a year filled with wealth and surplus. Bearing that in mind, Jin Ye Ye’s new line of hampers is themed "Good luck and Prosperous Wealth".

They have made great efforts to break through the traditional hamper stereotypes by launching extraordinary products that stand out in the market. Now, Jin Ye Ye has become the customers’ favourite brand of seasonal gifts.

Jin Ye Ye’s gift basket is the most suitable gift basket as a New Year's holiday gift. The gift basket is full of well wishes, and blessings to friends and family. To check out and order online their Full Range Of Hampers & Gifts Sets, go to WEBSITE at www.jinyeye.com.my 

The products included in the hampers are mainly healthcare and wellbeing products. Jin Ye Ye is particular in choosing the best quality products for its hampers.

The company has also collaborated with legendary Hong Kong TVB actress Nancy Sit to promote the upcoming Chinese New Year hamper series.

Honoured & Excited to meet legendary actress Nancy Sit in person at 金爺爺 JinYeYe CNY Hampers launch!

Legendary Hong Kong Actress and Jin Ye Ye’s Brand Ambassador, Nancy Sit talking about the importance of gifting and Jin Ye Ye’s gift basket series themed “good luck, good fortune and prosperity”

Nancy Sit Presents Yin Ye Ye 2020 All-New CNY Hampers

"Good Mom" ​​Nancy Sit as Jin Ye Ye’s Ambassador
In the classic dramas "A Kindred Spirit", "Virtues of Harmony", "Return of the Cuckoo" and many other TV series, Nancy Sit, who has been in the show for more than 60 years, has been a synonym for kindness, happiness and blessing with her motherly character. This is the third year as the spokesperson of Jin Ye Ye.

Nancy Sit specially flew from Hong Kong to Malaysia to attend the launching ceremony. She shared her gift-giving experience and her family's feelings and enthusiasm. She is excited for the upcoming Lunar New Year as it will be a time where she will have a big family reunion. “I will visit my relatives to celebrate the New Year and reunite with my children,” said Nancy adding that the whole festive feeling is very strong.

Nancy added that during Chinese New Year, it is a necessity to give gifts. Every year, her biggest problem is finding the right gifts to give when visiting her relatives and friends. But now, she doesn’t have to worry about finding the right gift as Jin Ye Ye’s hamper series is tailor-made to suit the likes of different people. “Whether you are giving a gift or receiving a gift, you will feel the intimate blessings that Jin Ye Ye has prepared for everyone."

Managing director of Jin Ye Ye, Alan Tan presenting a token of appreciation to Jin Ye Ye Brand Ambassador, Nancy Sit
(From left to right) 

"Good luck and Prosperous Wealth theme to share the Lunar New Year Joy

In this upcoming year of 2020, Jin Ye Ye launched a new gift basket series themed "Good luck and Prosperous Wealth". Health is the greatest wealth in life. With a healthy body and a clear mind, you will manage the work, take care of the business well! Therefore, Jin Ye Ye hopes that this hamper series can bring great fortune and good health to everybody.

This hampers series cater the need for different people with the idea of "Good Luck", "Good Health", “Prosperous” and “Fortune”. Following is their range of Jin Ye Ye 2020 CNY Hampers on display at the launch!

Sneak Video Of Models Parading Jin Ye Ye Products


For more detail & to ORDER Online, go to their WEBSITE www.jinyeye.com.my.

Jin Ye Ye promotes the gift culture
Founded in 2008, Grandpa Kim was co-founded by Alan Tan and his brother. The head office in Johor, in the Chinese society that is dedicated to the spirit of gift-giving, has always adhered to the fine tradition of superior materials and sincere service and insisted on quality as the primary condition. To make customers feel comfortable and happy. 

In terms of packaging, Jin Ye Ye also combines the elegance and creativity of the perfect blue gift decoration to successfully create a gift that is popular with consumers and business people. Nowadays, Jin Ye Ye has a well-established sales network during the festival. There are as many as 200 sales outlets throughout the Malaysian mall and there are very successful online sales.

Jin Ye Ye’s mascot is inspired by the God of wealth. The Chinese pay more attention to a family reunion and enthusiasm. God’s face is full of smiles and spring breeze, symbolizing the endless luck and blessing. Alan Tan said that each of Jin Ye Ye’s product has different names, which represent the message and blessings of the gift-givers to the relatives and friends.

"We have always been in the quality, packaging and meaning of the basket. Constantly innovating, I hope that this fine tradition with heritage can continue," Alan said.

Auntie Lilly of FollowMeToEatLa wishes all readers ~ Prosperous with A Year of Good Fortune & Abundance Wealth On This Coming Joyful Metal Rat Year!

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