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Thursday 12 December 2019

ECO WINE ~ Good Food & Fine Wine At Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park Kuala Lumpur

ECO WINE - Good Food & Fine Wine
Pan Asian Fusion Menu Offers A Wide Range Of Dishes
To Be Savoured With Wine, Craft Beer & Liquor  
An Enjoyable Evening With Great Food, Awesome Friends, Good Wine & Crafted Beer at Eco Wine 

If you have ever been to Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park, in the evening, you might have witnessed this daily metamorphosis - as the sun goes down, this bustling neighbourhood is always busy and happening with countless F&B venues to chill and dine.

Well, recently I had an enjoyable evening with great food, good wine with craft beer together with a bunch of foodies friends at ECO WINE at Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park. Read on for more of my dining experience on the blog here!

12A, Jalan 10, 116B
Jalan Kuchai Maju 11
Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 012-323 3018
Business Hours: 
Weekdays 12pm - 2am | Weekends 1pm - 2am
FACEBOOK www.facebook.com/ecowinekl

Short Video Clip at Eco Wine Dining  Experience

One of the players to the F&B scene is ECO WINE, which opened its doors to customers more than five years ago, thus making its mark on the map as a place where wine lovers gather to discover the secret and the amazing taste of wine. 

Located in the affluent neighbourhood of Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park,  this place is fast making its name in becoming a popular and thriving casual drinking spot for many city slickers.

Eco Wine offers a variety of wine category from entry-level to premium wine, liquor and beer. Boasting of wide selections for wine drinkers to choose from, Eco Wine has more than 60 types of wine up for selection and a huge choice for liquor.

RM 988

RM 999

RM 799

RM 4,988
Apart from that, they specialise in importing wine's brands that are not easily or even be found in Malaysia for local distribution. 

Imported Craft Beers 

In Eco Wine, beer drinkers will be delighted with Eco Wine's variety of imported craft beers that's comes with different taste and flavour, allowing you to savour something different from the usual beer you have been always drinking.

Also, good craft beer is usually characterized by an emphasis on quality, flavour and brewing techniques.

While Eco Wine has been focussing on wine, craft beer and liquor for years, six months ago they started the 'Wine & Dine' concept to delight diners palate offering diners an exclusive selection of great-tasting dishes to pair with alcohol drinks.

Food Glorious Party Food At ECO WINE 

A Hidden Kitchen at ECO WINE, helmed by husband-and-wife team, Eco Wine transports you to a scrumptious array of Pan-Asian fusion cuisines with a wide range of small bites, sinful snacks to Kushiyaki, local favourites dishes to Ham & Cheese platter and many more. 

Their Pan-Asian fusion menu is designed specially to savoured with fine wine, craft beer and liquor. These are home-cooked family recipes that are prepared with no MSG and artificial flavouring, thus, using only fresh ingredients made from scratch for all of their seasonings sauces and dishes.

Indulge in the exquisite flavours with some of the hand-picked dishes which are excellent for wine pairings such as the Pork Rib/Pork Meat Curry, Braised Pork Belly and Kushiyaki (Skewers).

During our tasting, we were served with a variety of dishes from the new menu for sampling. I shall introduce them to the preference of my choice pick of crowd favourites!

Kushiyaki (2 sticks per portion)

Chicken Yakitori
 RM 12

Buta Shio Yaki 
RM 16

Lamb Shioyaki 
RM 22

Enoki Buta Yaki 
RM 18

 Ebi Shioyaki
RM 20

Seafood Buta Roll 
RM 20

The food here certainly checked the box for guilty pleasures. Take your pick and be spoilt-for-choice with the highly recommended home-styled Nam Yee Pork, Porky Fries or three flavours of Eco Wine's signature Chicken Wings to go with your drinks!

Nam Yu Pork  
RM 18

Must-Try If You're A Serious Pork Lovers! Moving on to some real treats of Nam Yu Pork, this is another mouth-watering dish for sharing. 

Great-tasting pork belly marinated with flavourful 'Nam Yee' sauce and deep-fried to golden brown to a perfect crisp upon the first bite. Watch your diet as these are extremely addictive porky bites that you just cannot stop eating! 

Pork Fries 
RM 18

 Three Flavours of Eco Wine's Signature Chicken Wings

Dig into the deep-fried chicken featuring their juicy Eco Wine's Signature Chicken Wings and you are in for chicken-tastic treats. Featuring one of the spiciest deep-fried chicken ever, these succulent Spicy Chicken Wings are prepared in special chillies powder imported from Indonesia served with the 'level 30' for the extra kick!

Fried Chicken Wing 
RM 18

Spicy Chicken Wing 
RM 18

Marmite Chicken Wing 
RM 18

Crispy Mantao 
RM 8

Ham & Cheese Platter 
RM 68

Photo Credits To Josephine Tang At www.josephinetang.com For Her Lovely Pic

Calamari Rings
RM 18

Potato Wedges
RM 15

Pork Curry
RM 25 
(Serve 2-3 pax)

If you are really into a good spicy sambal dishes, then the Pork or Pork Ribs Curry might appeal to your senses. 

Pork Ribs Curry 
RM 25 
(serve 2-3 pax)

Tender and juicy chunky pieces of pork slices cooked in a homemade curry paste, a concoction of fresh herbs and spices and finished with creamy coconut milk bringing out the best in the ribs. Best eaten with warm rice or Mantao to soak up the delicious curry gravy!

3 Eggs Rice 
RM 11.90

The 3 Eggs Rice is another comfort food material. This simple but absolutely tasty rice dish will definitely give you spin for your money.

A hearty dish of sunny side up eggs served with the warm white fluffy rice, pork fries and premium soya sauce for the extra flavours. Serving is generous for this dish and I would suggest going on sharing with a friend or two. 

Eco Wine aims to indulge your dining pleasures, of good food with good wine catering to your entertainment needs and satisfy your appetite for top-notch dining in comfort, 2 in 1 experiences all under the same roof.  

A great place to host private parties, birthday parties or celebration events, customise the menu for your function and let Eco Wine take care of your dining needs with their 'Canape & Party Platters' available for custom-made party packages. For party packages, please contact Racheal (013-218 9953) or Lai Ming (012-323 3018).

All in all, Eco Wine is an ideal place to chill and hang out, to dine and unwind for an extraordinary and unique wine tasting experience. Eco Wine is set to entice every guest with nice food, nice music and nice entertainment.

If you and your friends are looking for a fun place to Eat, Drink and Chill, do check out them out for a fun and exciting experience!    

Promo Of The Month
Get RM 50 Off the 2nd Bottle Of Wine when you buy your 1st bottle of wine from Eco Wine 

Canape & Party Platter available for custom-made party packages
For party packages, please contact Racheal (013-218 9953) or Lai Ming (012-323 3018)

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