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Thursday 4 April 2019



HANA TEI JAPANESE RESTAURANT in Bangsar is definitely a place for those looking for an authentic Japanese dining experience. With a spacious. modern and comfortable settings, Hana Tei is fast getting a loyal following since opening less than six months ago.

No. 8, Lorong Ara Kiri 2
Lucky Garden Bangsar
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2202 1608
FACEBOOK www.facebook.com/HanaTeiRestaurant
WEBSITE www.hanatei.com.my

Located strategically in the middle of the city in Lucky Garden, Bangsar, it's a great spot for good Japanese food at affordable prices. For many Bangsarian, this is a welcome addition to many eateries - the line-up of F&B outlets in and around this old township.

Hana Tei has been delighting food connoisseurs ever since its opening two years ago in 2017. This is, in fact, Hana Tei's third outlet, with the main branch in Taman Kajang Prima, Kajang and another at Cheras Traders Square in Balakong. 

Known for its authentic Japanese cuisines, the brainchild behind Hana Tei is their talented and artistic Chef Azahar who has vast experience under well-known Japanese chefs in his 3 decades of Japanese culinary experience.

Hana Tei has lots to offer with a wide range of dishes with classics and a mix of fusion from Otsumami (appetizers), Sashimi, Tataki (lightly roasted), classic and fusion Sushi, to Makimono (sushi roll), teppanyaki, Yakimono and Nabemono (hot pot) just to mention a few. 

 Imo Stick
RM 18

During my maiden visit, I was treated to some of the chef's specialities serving the crowd's favourites and chef's recommendations dishes.  Our dinner at Hana Tei started off with Imo Stick - featuring Japanese Sweet Potato Stick with Honey and Cheese.

Served on a long bamboo, the ten slices of the roasted sweet potato was seen sticking out from the holes in the bamboo, hot and crisp, fresh from the oven. Best eaten while still warm together with the accompanying cheese and honey dipping sauce.

It's easy to munch on these fragrant and soft Japanese sweet potatoes, quite addictive especially when you are hungry, and I have to stop my hubby from downing the rest of them, to save his tummy for more delicious offerings at Hana Tei that night.

When it comes to food, nothing can beat the Japanese in taste, freshness and presentation. And at Hana Tei is where some of the finest cuisines come from, be it sashimi, sushi, teppanyaki or Shabu-shabu.

Shake Sashimi 
Salmon Sashimi 
RM 35

Our next dish was the Shake Sashimi or Salmon Sashimi. If you love sashimi, order this Shake Sashimi and you will be delighted or rather impressed with the thick cut fresh and succulent salmon. The chefs at Hana Tei makes sure each slice of sashimi dished out are at 30 grams per piece.

Oh yes, these chunky pieces of fresh salmon are served with freshly grated wasabi which definitely heightened the overall tasting experience for any sashimi lovers!  

To make our dinner even more interesting, the chef recommends we checked out their Fusion Sushi with Foie Gras.   

Adding new and modern twists to traditional recipes is not a new concept but, when done with flair and expertise, the results can be memorable. Such is the case with Hana Tei's improved menu, featuring the creations of Chef Azhar, the Director of Hana Tei Restaurant - Foie Gras Sushi. 
      Foie Gras Sushi 
Grilled Goose Liver Sushi
RM 28

Not comprising on the quality of food served in Hana Tei, each slice of Foie Gras weights at 30 gram per serving.

Foie Gras Sushi or Grilled Goose Liver Sushi features a thick-cut pan-fried Foie Gras, mildly flavoured served with sushi rice, contrasted perfectly well with the sweet and savoury teriyaki glaze. Everything just falls into place with one bite and you'll taste the creamy and rich texture melting in your mouth.       

Unagi Foie Gras Sushi 
Grilled Eel & Goose Liver Sushi
RM 35

Those who must have some Unagi in their sushi can pick Unagi Foie Gras Sushi. Two is better than one, the Grilled Eel & Goose Liver Sushi gets thicker and more luxury with just eel, goose liver and rice combined into delicious sushi, for maximum satisfaction.      

Foie Gras Sandwich 
Goose Liver wrapped with Grilled Eel
RM 38

For me, the ultimate Foie Gras to savour has to be the mouth-watering Foie Gras Sandwich - featuring Goose Liver wrapped with Grilled Eel. Top class sandwich, made from a thick-cut slice of goose liver sandwiched between two luscious of unagi. 

Wonderfully rich, the combination was like made in heaven, distinct flavour of the Foie Gras just melted in the mouth effortlessly. A must-try if you are here for the first time!    

 Shabu-Shabu With Australian Striploin
RM 110
(RM 88 Now With An Ongoing 20% Discount)

Tasty right down to the last bite - that's all I have to say about the next dish. Shabu-shabu fans will be delighted with the fulfilling Wagyu Shabu-Shabu set on promotion now at RM 88  (20% Discount off RM 110). 

Come and check out the amazing cuts meat of Australian Wagyu Striploin. The portion served is good for 2 pax sharing with 200 grams of thinly sliced meat.  

Healthy Mixed Of Vegetables, Noodles & Tofu

Served with a generous portion of Australian Wagyu Striploin with a platter of mixed vegetables and noodles.

Let's drool over my video - The Japanese hotpot dish is hearty and satisfying consisting of thinly sliced meat and vegetables that are boiled in water. Cooked the beef slice piece by piece and remember not to overcook them.

The term 'Shabu-shabu' refers to the sound emitted when the ingredients are stirred in the cooking pot before it is served with dipping sauces. Take a piece of meat, swish it in the light broth until it's cooked. This should take mere seconds before it's ready. Enjoy ya!  

Good To The Last Drop

 Maguro Wafu Steak
RM 38

Those who can't stomach raw fish of Sashimi can order their Maguro Wafu Steak ~ Grilled Premium Tuna with Homemade Sauce. Pan-fried to the right texture, served in chunky slices topped with sweet sourish paste to enhance the flavour.  

While the grilled tuna is good on its own, but it's made tastier with the extra toppings for the added taste.  
Seafood Teppanyaki
RM 38

Other notable mentions are the Seafood Teppanyaki and Hana Tei Gozen. Seafood lovers will enjoy their Seafood Teppanyaki served with ocean-fresh prawn, scallop, salmon, squid and oyster with egg.

Hana Tei Gozen 
RM 68

Hana Tei's Gozen Set consists of six compartments of Japanese style dishes. Those wanting to try everything at one-go should pick this Gozen set. 

Chawanmushi, Rice, Miso Soup, Salmon & Maguro Sashimi, Unagi Kabayaki &Salmon Teriyaki 
(From Left Clockwise)

Diners will take pleasure in not one but nine selections of small plates Japanese dishes that includes Tamago Mentai (egg with fish roe), Salmon Teriyaki, Salmon & Maguro Sashimi, Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab, Unagi Kabayaki,  Chawanmushi, Miso soup, rice and mochi.

Tamago Mentai (egg with fish roe), Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab & Mochi
(From Left To Right)

Gozen Set Lunch Promotion is available for dining in only & must be in a single receipt. 
1 Set, Gets 10% Discount 
2 Sets, Gets 50% Discount on the Lower Price Set
3 Sets, Gets 1 FREE with the Lower Price Set 
5 Sets, get 2 FREE with the Lower Price Set

Matcha Ice Cream 
RM 8

No Japanese meal should be completed without Matcha Ice Cream ~  It features green tea ice cream with the chocolate wafer and topped with sweet Azuki red bean paste.

Ume Jelly 
Plum Jelly
RM 6

More dessert offerings and we were thankful that it was a refreshing sourish plum jelly that's not heavy on the stomach. 


All-in-all, Hana Tei position itself to be a family-oriented restaurant, serving a wide range of traditional Japanese fare as well as nouvelle-style dishes with the emphasis on quality and the freshness of the ingredients chefs used.

Location Of Hana Tei Japanese Restaurant

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