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Tuesday, 29 January 2019

RAMA V Fine Thai Cuisine Chinese New Year Menu 2019

Starting A Thai-Licious Lunar New Year On A Right Note 
 RAMA V Fine Thai Cuisine 
 Thai-Licious Chinese New Year Menu At Rama V Fine Thai Cuisine 

Rama V Fine Thai Cuisine's unique Loh Hei Yee Sang is nothing short of amazing and it's surely a memorable way to ring in the Lunar New Year. I was totally delighted and enjoyed one of the better-tasting Yee Sang at Rama V Fine Thai Cuisine for their latest festive Chinese New Year Menu sampling session.

Rama V's Loh Hei Yee Sang 
RM 128 (a la carte) 
RM 88 (with the festive set) 

Rama V Fine Thai Cuisine
5 Jalan U-Thant
55000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 - 2143 2663
Opening times: 12pm-3pm, 6pm-11pm

The creative chefs behind this long-standing Thai restaurant surprised my taste buds with one of the most interesting Yee Sang I have ever tasted this year. Everything a hardcore Thai food fan loved in the Thai cuisine is almost found in this special Thai-Licious Loh Hei Yee Sang. 

Scallop Sashimi

 Red Rubies

Thai Fish Cake

 Smoked Duck

Merging fusion with tradition, Rama V's Loh Hei Yee Sang features premium fresh Scallop Sashimi with the all-time favourite ~ Thai Fish Cake, Red Rubies and Smoked Duck together with a host of others fresh ingredients such as finely shredded raw papaya, pineapple, young mango, pomelo, ginger slice, carrots, crushed coconut and peanuts, deep-fried basil leaves, colourful red and green crispy yam strips. Its colourful presentation is indeed a treat for the eye.

Not One But Three Flavourful Sauce
 Mieng Kham sauce, Sesame sauce & Plum sauce

On top of this, it also comes with not one but three flavourful sauces including the authentic housemade Mieng Kham sauce, Sesame sauce and Plum sauce to bind the dish together. Initially, I was wondering how can these three sauces work together in the Yee Sang but it proves me wrong. 

After the tossing ceremony, the three sauces work wonderfully together and go surprisingly well, complementing the overall dish! I went for second and third helpings for the first time in any Yee Sang dish. Thumbs-up to this enthralling dish indeed...

Festive Menu 2019
RM 468 (5-6 pax)
RM 968 (8-10 pax)

Diners wanting to dine in private this Chinese New Year have two menus to choose from. The Fortune Set starting from RM 468 for a table of 5-6 pax, each of these special menus includes soup, fish, prawns, duck and vegetables, and ends on a sweet note with a special dessert. Add on RM 88 for Loh Hei Yee Sang.  

For the bigger group, there's the Prosperity Set priced at RM 968 for a table of 8-10 pax. It good to know that establishment like Rama V is sensitive to the needs of its diners by offering CNY festive set menu for a smaller family of less than 6 pax. Both festive menus are available from now till 20 February 2019. 

My Family Of Three Enjoying A Sumptuous CNY Meal

Tasting the Thai Chinese New Year menu at Rama V was indeed a refreshing change for me as I have been sampling many traditional Chinese cuisines lately. We were treated to the Prosperity Set for sampling but served in a smaller serving for 5-6 pax. 

Golden Shrimp Tom Kha

First, to arrive after our prosperity tossing was Golden Shrimp Tom Kha. It's a flavoursome Spicy Tom Yam Soup cooked with coconut milk, oyster mushrooms, lemongrass and shrimp roe served with a big juicy and tender stuffed prawn ball. 

I enjoyed the meaty and bouncy texture of the pure prawn meat and wished there were more!

Stir-fried Tiger Prawns With Lemongrass and Lychee Salad

Next up was Stir-fried Tiger Prawns With Lemongrass and Lychee Salad. Prawn is a must-have in any CNY fare, as the festive spread feature inherently Chinese dishes to signify the auspicious celebration. Prawn in Cantonese is called 'Har', that's loosely sound like laughter ~ Ha! Ha! symbolises happiness and joy.

I loved my 'Har' dish too in Rama V. The tiger prawns were stir-fried to the right texture and not overcooked served with refreshing lemongrass and lychee salad - a perfect match indeed. Eating this reminds me of my trip to Hong Kong recently enjoying fresh sashimi cuttlefish and wished chef have served us a sashimi prawn instead to go with the healthy salad.  

Deep Fried Crispy Duck With Morning Glory & Roasted Tomato Chilli Paste

Duck lovers are in for a treat with Deep Fried Crispy Duck With Morning Glory & Roasted Tomato Chilli Paste. I find the duck a bit tad dry for me but my hubby and son just loved the crispy duck meat. The crispy duck sits on top of deep-fried Kangking (Morning Glory) tempura served with roasted tomato chilli paste minced chicken.

While my dining partners relish the duck to the bones, I helped myself to the sweet and mildly spicy minced chicken that goes well with my warm rice. 

 Steamed Seabass with Tom Khong Sauce

Moving on, we were served a delicate steamed fish dish - a must in most Chinese New Year cuisines. Diners who like a less spicy dish will definitely enjoy the Steamed Seabass with Tom Khong Sauce. The fish was flaky fresh cooked in a mild tasting broth and was perfect when eaten with fresh coriander which gave a nice contrasting note. 

The broth was sweet with the natural flavour of the fish and goes really well again with the rice.

Stir-Fried Brussels Sprout With Sea Scallops In Thai Royal Sauce

Our last main was the vegetable dish of Stir-Fried Brussels Sprout With Sea Scallops In Thai Royal Sauce. 

The brussels sprout was crunchy and sit well with the tender sea scallops and Shiitake mushrooms in a thick gravy of Thai Royal sauce. Simple but delicious dish! 

Triple Joy

Keeping in theme with the festive mood, a royal dessert was specially curated for this occasion. The delectable meal ended with not one but three desserts. The trio dessert, Triple Joy consists of  Ja Mong Kud, Pandan Creme Dumplings and Jasmine Mango Panna Cotta. 

Ja Mong Kud

Served on an elongated rectangle black plate, you must eat from the sweetest dessert, Ja Mong Kud, followed by Pandan Creme Dumplings before ending with Jasmine Mango Panna Cotta. 

Delicate & Dainty Ja Mong Kud

The Thai dessert, Ja Mong Gut literally means superiority like a King. Mongkut means crown in Thai, so in the past, it served only to the Royal family. This dumpling is made from egg yolks in wheat flour and made to a shape similar to a crown. Delicate and dainty almost too pretty to be eaten!  

Pandan Creme Dumplings

The other two desserts are Pandan Creme Dumplings which is a pandan-flavoured mochi while my favourite was the less sweet dessert, Jasmine Mango Panna Cotta to which I relished to the last spoonful.  

Jasmine Mango Panna Cotta

The Jasmine Mango Panna Cotta got to be my top pick among the three desserts. 

It was fruity, smooth and creamy, slightly sweetened with a perfect hint of the tartness from the mango. In other words, it's simply the perfect dessert for any celebration that no one can resist!

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