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Saturday 26 January 2019

FOOK 福 Chinese New Year Menu 2019 At Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur

Chinese New Year Menu 2019
Bringing Out The Best In Contemporary Asian Fusion Cuisine 
FOOK 福 ~ Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur

The name 'FOOK' or  is a Chinese character for Prosperity or Fortune. A favourable word for the Chinese, thus making it a befitting name for the newly rebranded Asian contemporary restaurant - FOOK KL located at Jalan Sultan Ismail in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. 

Festive Mood To Dine At FOOK In My Little Red Dress

I was totally delighted to back here again at FOOK, being one of the first few getting to taste and review their latest Chinese New Year Set Menu curated for the festive season.

In the spirit of Lunar New Year, FOOK has prepared a festive menu specially curated by their Thai Chef Sombat Kokasemkul. Chef draws his inspiration from classics Asian traditional dishes and reinvents them, creating modern Asian dishes to excite and surprise the palate. Read on for more ...

FOOK, a contemporary Asian fusion restaurant offers stunning settings with an impressive wall fountain with a mural of a sexy Asian beauty in red. Stepping into FOOK, you'll be greeted by a bar and open kitchen with eye-catching LED cherry blossom lighted trees together with red colour lightings, spacious setup giving away a contemporary oriental chic look. 
19, Jalan Sultan Ismail
Bukit Bintang
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel 03 2148 3700
WEBSITE www.fook.my

Stairs Leading To FOOK

Hidden away on a hilltop, you'll find yourself walking through a stairway lit with hanging lanterns along the peaceful view of bamboo trees on the hillside to reach the restaurant. This place is classy & elegant with its Asian decor, perfect for a private or intimate dining experience.

Lunar New Year 6-Course Set Menu
RM 188++ Per Couple

FOOK is excited to present their 6-Course Lunar New Year menu priced at RM 188++ Per Couple and available from now till 20 February 2019. Fresh ideas for the traditional celebration, now you don't need a big group to celebrate and it's just perfect for a small and intimate festive celebration with your family or loved ones. Dinner available from 6.30 p.m. to 10.30 p.m. daily 

Medium (RM 88++) or Large (RM 118++) 

No Chinese New Year is complete without the requisite Yee Sang. For a prosperous start, FOOK has prepared the Salmon Yee Sang infused with Thai flavours.

The fresh salmon goes well with the crunchy texture of fresh ingredients of shredded carrots, radish, pomelo, raw mango together with the colourful yam strips, crushed peanuts and toasted sesame seeds, all mixed with sweet and sour plum sauce. Available in Medium (RM 88++) or Large (RM 118++) 

Mushroom Bao

Following the prosperity toss, we moved on to the amuse bouche, a mushroom bao. Looking almost real like a fresh browny field mushroom, it's actually a mini soft bun filled with minced mushroom.

Century Egg with Cucumber, Salad Mini Cone Tuna & Kimchi 

Up next with the first course is the Appetizer Platter with three small bites. Served on a long black plate, there's the trio of Century Egg with Cucumber Salad, Mini Cone Tuna and Kimchi.
 Century Egg with Cucumber

Salad Mini Cone Tuna


Starts eating from the mini cone Tuna Tartare, followed by century egg with cucumber salad before ending the most pungent and intense in flavour, Kimchi.

Seafood Bisque with Deep-Fried Lobster Tail

Moving on, we had warm Seafood Bisque with Deep-Fried Lobster Tail served with pieces of okra tied in a bundle together and used as a base to hold the deep-fried lobster tail. 

Arguably, the highlight of the menu, the lobster is fresh and succulent while the bisque is intense and thick, with a strong piquant flavour. This bisque resembles the local favourite of Malaysian both Assam Pedas and Asam Laksa. It's really good to the last drop!

For the main courses, Chef Sombat offers a fusion twist to his Chinese festive dishes. We started off with a fish dish and followed by a choice of poultry either duck or chicken for the 2nd main course. 

Steamed Sea Bass served with Ginger Soy Sauce & Long Life Noodles

Fish is a must-have in any CNY fare, as the spread feature inherently Chinese dishes to signify the auspicious celebration. Lucky sayings for eating fish - 年年有余 (Niánnián yǒu yú) which loosely translated to wishing you to have a surplus (or fish) of food and money every year.

The Steamed Sea Bass served with Ginger Soy Sauce & Long Life Noodles is a boneless fillet, which made for real effortless eating with its soft and fresh flaky meat. It's paired perfectly with long life noodles and Shimeji mushrooms that soaks up the natural flavour of the fish. Beautiful match as the noodles symbolizing longevity while the fish represents a surplus of wealth.   

For the next two mains, diners can pick from Roasted Honey Duck served with Kailan, Mushroom and Mandarin Orange Sauce or Chicken Confit served with Ginger Fried Rice

Roasted Honey Duck served with Kailan, Mushroom and Mandarin Orange Sauce

The duck was definitely my first choice. A great fusion dish marrying with seasonal festive fruit, the Mandarin orange. The duck is roasted to perfection leaving a blush pink meat with lightly charred to the skin and thin layer of fat beneath, not dry, unlike the usual Pei pa duck. 

Juicy and tender roasted honey duck goes well with the homemade sweet and tangy Mandarin orange sauce. The clever use of cinnamon stick gives the sauce an extra flavour and allows the diner to add on to their personal preference. The Kailan and mushroom complete this beautiful dish.       

Chicken Confit served with Ginger Fried Rice

If you are not into the duck, perhaps the Chicken Confit served with Ginger Fried Rice dish might appeal to you. Bearing similarity to famous Malaysia's Hainanese Chicken Rice, chef prepared the confit chicken served with ginger fried rice and garlic chilli sauce. 

The confit chicken is a bit too soft for me as I like my chicken meat to be tender and a bit on the chewy side. Nevertheless, the ginger fried rice tasted delicious with the housemade tangy garlic chilli sauce.   

Sesame Panna Cotta served with Green Tea Ice Cream

Ending the festive menu on a sweet note, we savoured Sesame Panna Cotta served with Green Tea Ice Cream. This is a marriage of East meets West with the sweet dessert Panna Cotta pairing with green tea ice cream.

The Sesame Panna Cotta is smooth with the melt-the-mouth texture while the mild bitterness from the green tea ice cream balances out the sweetness of the panna cotta. It's indeed a sweet ending to our perfect dining experience at FOOK that night!     

For reservations and latest updates from FOOK, do check them out at WEBSITE www.fook.my and


Location Map For FOOK 福 

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