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Tuesday, 9 October 2018

MTR 1924 ~ Best South Indian Vegetarian Food At Brickfields Kuala Lumpur

MTR 1924
Best South Indian Vegetarian Food 
Brickfields Kuala Lumpur

Have you heard of MTR 1924 before? Well, MTR 1924 is the famous legendary South Indian vegetarian restaurant from Bangalore, India with a history dated back to more than 9 decades ago. This humble vegetarian eatery formerly known as Brahim Coffee Club was set up by two enterprising brothers with a culinary background in Lalbagh Fort Road in Bangalore to serve coffee and idlis. 

MTR 1924 Malaysia
69 Jalan Thambipillay
50470 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2276 4924
8am to 3:30pm 
5pm to 10:30pm
Weekends 8am to 10:30pm
WEBSITE mtrmalaysia.com
FACEBOOK www.facebook.com/mtrmalaysia

Established in 1924, Mavalli Tiffin Rooms or MTR, in short, have been serving the BEST PURE AUTHENTIC SOUTH INDIAN VEGETARIAN FOOD since 90 years ago.

MTR 1924 has spread its wings to a chain of 10 restaurants in India, as well as outlets in Singapore, Muscat and now in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  

I was told that one of the legendary stories about MTR 1924 was that back in the day, there was a long queue every single day outside the original restaurant where everyone waited for hours just to get their fix of the idlys, dosas, pakodas, chandrahara and pongal.

Well, Indian food lovers need not travel far to MTR 1924 in India or Singapore, in search of the most authentic South Indian vegetarian dishes such as Rava Masala Dosa, Bisi Bele Bhath, Rava Idly,  Onion Utthappam, Badam Halwa and Filter Coffee/Tea

Now, they can head straight down to MTR 1924 Malaysia for an authentic South Indian vegetarian fare right here in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur.

Be spoilt with choice with a wide selection of over 40 affordable and healthy South Indian fare that will teleport you to a distant place in the South of India and let your taste buds experience the uniqueness of the genuine cuisine.

You can check out the menu here: MTR 1924 Msia Menu

Located strategically in Brickfields, home to vibrant Little India in Kuala Lumpur, the restaurant has a simple with no-frills setting with interesting historical information of the brand's legendary history posted upon its bright red walls.

Kompleks TLK Brickfields

Sometimes getting a parking space can be a hassle around this congested area along Jalan Thambipillay but now patrons need not worry about this anymore as now they find ample parking lots at the recently opened Kompleks TLK Brickfields. 

It's located just a stone's throw away and right opposite of the restaurant. The charges are RM3 for the first hour and RM1 for each subsequent hour.
 A Simple No-Frills Setting

Upon entering, you may notice an open kitchen concept at the back of the restaurant featuring a spotless and well-structured kitchen, similar to the original MTR in Bangalore itself. All cooks are from India where they have been trained for seven to eight years in the main restaurant in Lalbagad, Bangalore.

Image Via www.star2.com

Foodies are catching up onto the delicious South Indian vegetarian dishes, all thanks to MTR 1924 Malaysia for bringing the original flavours of MTR 1924 to Malaysia.

Much emphasis is given to the preparation and selecting only the freshest ingredients so that the food here tastes exactly like it does in India. To keep the dosa and idly batter fresh, small batches are made daily, allowing it to age a few hours before using.   

While only vegetables, grains and pulses are locally-sourced, the rest of the ingredients such as spice mixes, coffee beans, ghee and everything else is sourced directly from the central kitchen in Bangalore which was sent to all the MTR restaurants everywhere in India, Singapore and Malaysia too.

Have you ever tasted an authentic South Indian Thosai or Dosa before? And do you know that there are many variants of Dosa? Many may be familiar with the Malaysian's version of 'Thosai or Tosai ' either from local Mamak or Indian Muslim restaurants made from rice flour. 

Pudi Dosa
RM 11

At MTR 1924, I get to taste for the first time; not one but three different variants of dosa at one go. Just like pizza, there is the Classic Toss, Thin Crust and the special New York crust. In MTR, they offer a similar version but in the form of Dosas. All are paired with the opulent ghee as well as a green chilli-infused chutney and a lentil sambar.

Pudi Dosa ~ A thick rice and black gram crepe topped with chutney powder and spiced potatoes served with chutney and lentil sambar.  Loved the flavourful thick rice crepe for its soft and fluffy texture that's generously sprinkled with housemade chutney powder of turmeric-spiked spice mix giving it an extra kick and heightened the overall tasting experience.

As this is an original concoction created in Singapore MTR, so it's made available only in Malaysia and Singapore. Highly recommended Dosa dish to try at MTR 1924 in Malaysia now!

Masala Dosa
RM 9

Next Dosa on the list to try is the Masala Dosa ~ Rice and black gram crepe stuffed with spiced potatoes, laced with ghee, and served with green chutney and lentil sambar. 

Masala Dosa features the super thin and crispy on the outside with a fluffy soft inside version of Dosa. Cooked on a flat pan giving it an extra crisp, they are thin yet fluffy.

Just scoop the mint green chutney and rich lentil sambar using the dosa, and put them straight in your mouth. So yummy!  

 Onion Rava Masala Dosa
RM 13

Moving on introducing the super healthy crispy thin Onion Rava Masala Dosa ~ Semolina crepe stuffed with spiced potatoes. Perfectly flavoured with onion, green chillies, coriander, cumin seeds, grated coconut & ghee (clarified butter), this makes for a light and nutritious meal to have for breakfast. 

Speaking of healthy, this light and crisp dosa is made from a mixture of multi-grains, spices and pulses and doesn't give you a heavy feeling in the stomach after a good meal. 

Perfect Accompaniment Of Green Chilli-Infused Chutney & Lentil Sambar

Oh yes, please remember to drizzle the fragrant ghee over all your dosa as it enhances the flavour tremendously.

Bisi Bele Bhath
RM 9.50

Bisi Bele Bhath ~ Features a hearty comfort food quality dish made from rice cooked till soft with lentils, assorted vegetables and spices, flavoured with nutmeg, curry leaves and tamarind pulp, paired with a curd-and-onion raita and papadom.

You can order this dish on its own or have it as part of their special mini meals set for lunch and dinner. 

Bisi Bele Bhath is a classic dish uniquely Karnatakan that's a spicy, a rice-based wholesome dish and it said to have originated from Mysore Palace and from there spread across the entire state of Karnataka, India.  

 Rice Idly (2 Pcs)
RM 6

For small bites or a light snack as breakfast, try MTR's selections of assorted rice idly and Uddin Vadas. Take your pick from plain rice idly to Rava Idly or Button Idly and for the Uddin Vada, there are the Plain Uddin Vada, Sambar Vada to Rasam Vada and Curd Vada to choose from.   

We opted for the plain version of  Rice Idly ~ Steamed rice and black gram cakes, served with green chutney and lentil sambar.

This lovely Rice Idly is a soft, pillowy steamed savoury rice cake and easy to eat. It's simple, light and healthy, making it a perfect choice for breakfast or delicious for any time.

Portion wise, it's slightly bigger than the usual ones we had elsewhere, therefore MTR's rice idly is also good for light lunch or dinner.  

 Rava Idly
RM 8

For something memorable from MTR 1924, you must try their MTR’s Rava Idli. This particular food item was invented by its founder, Yagnanarayana. During World War II when India was hit by the great Bengal famine resulting in the short supply and rationing of rice, Yagnanarayana modified his idlis with semolina flour (rava) to replace the rice idly turning them into a filling and healthy steamed savoury cakes that go down in history.

Using roasted semolina mixed with curds flavouring it with masala seasoning finished with coriander, cashew nuts, curry leaves, and mustard seeds, the iconic Rava Idli is now widely imitated not only in India but around the world. 

My top pick for MTR's version as I enjoyed the dense kind of idly loaded with ingredients giving it a different taste and texture especially with the presence of the crunchy cashew nuts, fragrant curry leaves and the little mustard seeds giving it more bites. Goes well with the green chilli-infused chutney and perfect to mop up the creamy potato curry too.

 Uddin Vada (2 Pcs)
RM 7

Last but not least, we just have to try the delicious-looking Uddin Vada. This is by far one of the tastiest vadais I ever had.

Made fresh upon order, MTR's version of Uddin Vada has a crispy outside leaving a soft airy texture on the inside.   

For me, it's just good on its own but these fried lentil doughnuts are served with sambar and chutney on the side. 

For drinks, diners can choose from their list of coffee, teas, lassi and milk to wash down the satisfying meal.  

Filter Coffee
RM 5.50

Coffee aficionados must try MTR's iconic filter coffee. This special cup of filter coffee still uses the same Arabica coffee beans sourced from the same coffee plantation in Chikmagalur, Karnakata for the past 60 years ago. 

Check out the MTR's frothed Indian filter coffee, made by mixing frothed and boiled milk with the decoction and brewing of fine ground coffee powder in a traditional Indian filter.

Masala Tea
RM 6

If you prefer tea to coffee, perhaps you can try out their Masala Tea ~ An Indian-style, hot chai flavoured with spices like cardamom, ginger and more for the spicy kick in a plain milk tea.

Badam Halwa
RM 10

End your meal on a sweet note by ordering the MTR's special Badam Halwa, a gelatinous dessert made from crushed almonds, thickened milk cream, clarified butter and saffron. Indian desserts are known for its overt sweetness, but this one is not overpoweringly so - which should appeal to those who are more health-conscious.  

Location Of MTR 1924  At Brickfields Kuala Lumpur

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  2. Have you heard of MTR 1924 before? Well, MTR 1924 is the famous legendary South Indian vegetarian restaurant from Bangalore, India with a history dated back to more than 9 decades ago. This humble vegetarian eatery formerly known as Brahim Coffee Club was set up by two enterprising brothers with a culinary background in Lalbagh Fort Road in Bangalore to serve coffee and idlis.

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