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Friday, 19 October 2018

COCA RESTAURANT Reopens In Bangsar Shopping Centre Malaysia

COCA RESTAURANT Reopens In Bangsar Shopping Centre Malaysia

Fans of the COCA Restaurant Thai-style Suki steamboat can now have another taste of this famous dish that had its heyday from the 1990s right up to the early 2000s. The Thai-licious home-made Tom yum soup and the signature Suki dipping sauce used to have people coming back for it when COCA Restaurant still existed.

Lot T1 Level 3 
Bangsar Shopping Centre
285 Jalan Maarof
Bukit Bandaraya
59000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2011-3575
Opening Hours Daily
Lunch 11am to 3pm
Dinner 6pm to 10pm 

Dining at COCA Restaurant brought back many 'Thai-licious' memories a decade ago when my hubby and I used to dine with the kids at their Subang Parade's outlet when cravings start for some nice authentic Thai cuisine.

To those uninitiated, back in late 1990's, COCA Restaurant was the popular place to head to for some mouth-watering Thai-style hotpot with their unforgettable signature Suki sauce. I was absolutely thrilled to find out that one of the best Thai hotpot restaurants is back in town now.   

The new owners of the COCA franchise in Malaysia, Jannio Shun and Elizabeth Thea Lee are both passionate foodies and avid fans of COCA back then and used to dine at the Subang Parade outlet, thus decided to bring back COCA that gave them so many wonderful memories. 

With this now, COCA is back with a bang in the brand new modern setting showcasing an enticing a la carte menu of Thai-Cantonese cuisine, along with their COCA’s signature hot pot, famous suki sauce and a new Southern Thai soup base exclusively designed for Malaysian diners. 

Seatings approximately 100 diners, COCA is located strategically at a handsome corner with large panel windows making most of the views and natural light with a 180-degree view of the Bangsar neighbourhood. 

Apart from this, the restaurant features two private rooms inspired by a solarium concept and semi-private dining areas for families and large groups. 

 Semi-Private Dining Areas For Families Or Large Groups 

The vast menu features signature creations prepared in a medley of styles. Patrons can look forward to COCA's signatures of appetising starters such as Shrimp Cakes and Crispy Durian Seafood.

Shrimp Cakes 
RM 27

COCA's Shrimp Cakes are simply amazing and very addictive. These homemade deep fried shrimp patties made fresh upon order, each bite brings about chunky pieces of chopped shrimps within the shrimp paste.

I enjoyed the texture of the pure shrimp meat and just can't stop eating them. For extra flavour, I ate these with the Suki dipping sauce instead of the sauce that came with this dish. Highly recommended dish to try if you are looking for crispy outside with meaty inside patties.

Crispy Durian Seafood
RM 23

When presented with this unique combination dish of seafood with durian, we were both quite sceptical about this particular starter dish. My hubby, who's a great fan of both durian and seafood was saying "Wah, how ah to eat durian paired with seafood? Is this a sweet or savoury dish?". πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•

But instead, it proves to be quite a stunner as my hubby ate all three parcels of the durian mixed seafood rolls and even clean up the extra filling that came with it in the small plate.

He likes the creamy durian-pulp (who can't resist this. anyway) and said it did go well with the chopped mixed seafood in the deep-fried breaded crispy rolls.     

Moving on to satisfying mains like Claypot Baked Tiger Prawns With Woon Sen, COCA Fried Noodles, Soya Chicken and ending with irresistible desserts like Patanko With Condensed Milk.

Claypot Baked Tiger Prawns With Woon Sen
RM 68

Claypot Baked Tiger Prawns With Woon Sen features Baked Tiger Prawns with glass noodles in a clay pot. This dish is a luxurious indulgence, not only because of the chunk of baked prawns but the glass noodles which was imbued with the seafood's sweetness.  

Woon Sen or glass noodles are filled with sweet seafood flavours tucked behind the fresh and succulent Tiger prawns is a real treat.

COCA Fried Noodles
RM 27

If you're looking for simpler fried noodles, come and try this crowd favourites of COCA Fried Noodles. Wok-fried of a combination of vermicelli and glass noodles with special homemade XO sauce and seafood.

Oh yes, no worries... COCA's house-made XO sauce does not contain any alcohol content in the ingredients. I find it to be a little bit oily for my palate but nevertheless, I enjoyed the generous portions of bean sprout and seafood in the dish.

Soya Chicken 
RM 26

Next, for more meat, you can try COCA Soya Chicken, slow cooked free-range chicken in COCA special soya sauce. The portion was around 1/3 of the whole chicken, so it's just good to be shared with 2 persons.

Dipping Sauce For The  Soya Chicken

The chicken dish comes with housemade dipping sauce but I prefer to eat the chicken on its own as it was quite flavourful and well-marinated in the savoury soya sauce. 

Patanko With Condensed Milk
RM 14

Deep Fried Dough Served With Condensed Milk

Well Designed Platter Of Fresh Ingredients

The highlights at COCA is the must-try Signature Thai-style Suki Hotpot. I believe 9 out of 10 diners patronise COCA for this appe-thai-sing Thai steamboat experience. Diners can take their picks from 3 varieties of hotpot soup such as the signature Tomyum Soup (RM 20), Southern Spicy Soup (RM 15) and the non-spicy Chicken Soup (RM 15).

Yin Yang Soup Of Chicken Soup & Tomyum Soup

I would recommend you opt for the Yin Yang choice that gives an option of your two favourite soups for RM 25 only. With this, you get to try the hotpot food items cooked in spicy and non-spicy soup, thus giving the best of both worlds in one dining. 

Next, COCA's hotpot menu offers a la carte food items or platters of mixed ingredients such as the Premium Beef Platter (RM 138) with Imported Australian Beef Fillet, Australian Striploin Slices and Premium Beef Balls.  

Meat Combo Platter
RM 98

New Zealand Lamb Fillet

 Meat Combo Platter With 3 Selection Of Premium Meat

Since we had seafood for our a la carte dishes, we choose the Meat Combo Platter (RM 98) for a refreshing change. The well-designed platter was presented in a huge dim sum basket, featuring Imported Australian Beef Fillet, New Zealand Lamb Fillet, Chicken Fillet, Premium Beef Balls and Homemade Chicken Balls. 

Imported Australian Beef Fillet & Premium Beef Balls 

Seafood lovers can go for the Seafood Platter (RM 148) that's filled with Imported US Jumbo Scallops, Tiger Prawns, Fish Fillet, Shrimps Balls, Squids, Cuttlefish, Seaweed rolls and homemade Fish Glue Ball.

All three specially designed platters come with a generous portion of vegetables, mushrooms, egg tofu and slices of the deep-fried beancurd skin. Please note that there'll be no charge for the soup if diners order any of the platters for hotpot.    

Eating any hotpot dishes, the appetite gets better and how can we resist not ordering more fresh food items from the a la carte menu. One of the must add-ons for Suki Hotpot has to be their COCA signature Fish Glue.  

 Fish Glue
RM 23

To cook this, one must be patient and slowly pour hot soup over the fish glue to let it slide off the plate. In this way, you will get to enjoy tender thin fish paste that practically melt-in-the-mouth!

COCA Dumpling Set
Combination Of Shrimp Balls, Shrimp Wantons, Fish Balls & Seaweed Rolls 
RM 25

Shrimp Wantons
RM 15

Lamb Fillet
RM 20

Fresh Seabass Fish Fillet
RM 18

Crispy Ring Rolls
RM 12

If you love beancurd in any form, then you must try these Crispy Ring Rolls. They are best eaten with hotpot as beancurd soaks up the flavour in your soup making it so delicious to eat on its own.  

COCA's ring rolls are thin and crispy but once you dunk into the soup, it just melt and soften - soaking up all the rich Tomyum flavour. Remember to order this too! 

Lemongrass Infusion
RM 11

To wash down all we have eaten, we opt for Lemongrass Infusion and Thai Ice Tea With Milk. The lemongrass drink was refreshingly fragrant while the Thai tea had a strong tea flavour but a little sweet for me.

Thai Ice Tea With Milk
RM 13

Remember to ask them to tone down or lessen the sweetness level when ordering if you do not want your drinks to be too sweet. 

Do check out their WEEKDAYS Special Lunch Set Menu that comes with a starter, main and dessert for a complete dining COCA experience. Everything looks so appetising with choice of either rice, noodles and even a mini single hotpot for diners to indulge on.

Location Of COCA RESTAURANT In Bangsar
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