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Thursday, 25 October 2018

TOM YAM KING AT BENTONG PAHANG | Food Trails ~ Food Tripping

The Thai Flavours From Bentong
Bentong might be known for its durian, ice cream parlour, tofu puffs or Nangka Madu, but do you know that there's a popular Thai eatery called Tom Yam King that serves up some really delicious and affordable Thai cuisine in Bentong too?   

No: 4 Jalan Ulu Perting 1
Kampung Ulu Perting
28700 Bentong
Tel: 012-966 3798

The Frontage Of Tom Yam King With No Sign Board

A tasty secret in Kampung Ulu Perting, Bentong, Tom Yam King is a hidden gem that's a hit with among the local villagers. The restaurant owner, who's married to a Thai, is no stranger to the F&B industry as he started off as a cook when young.

Video Via Go Bentong 

He learns Chinese cooking in his teenage years before picking up Thai cuisine from his Thai wife and opened Tom Yam King 12 years ago in 2006. Working hand-in-hand with his wife, they introduce a variety of Thai delights offering a la carte and steamboat dishes in their menu.

Road Map To Tom Yam King

If you are coming from Bentong town, you look out for the Kampung Perting signboard before turning in. Drive along till you see an old Balai Polis or Police Station on your right. 

Chinese School To Look Out For

Turn left after it and go straight till you come to a Chinese school. Take the road on your left and drive on, soon you will find Tom Yam King along the main road.  

 Spacious Simple With No-Frills Decor

There was already a big crowd when we arrived on a Sunday evening. The menu was written in Chinese only - my hubby and I were at lost with what to order as we don't read Chinese at all.

Ample Parking Space

I noticed that many diners ordered the Tom Yam steamboat set, deep-fried mushroom and stir-fry clam dish. Since there were only two of us that day, we opted out of having the steamboat and ordered some dishes to go with rice instead.  

Nice View From Our Seating Area
Since it was just two of us, we ordered 3 dishes for dinner. There was the signature Tom Yam Soup In Claypot, Stir-Fry Clams and a vegetable dish of stir-fry Kai Lan.     

While the place serves a variety of stir-fried seafood, rice and noodles dishes, its the Tom Yam Soup In Claypot is its star offering. For the claypot Tom Yam, diners can choose and pick their favourite choice of seafood such as prawns, squid, fish and clams while for meat, there are chicken and pork too.

Mixed Seafood & Meat Tom Yam In Clay Pot
RM 13 

A big pot of Tom Yam Kung arrives at our table filled with a generous portion of seafood of big juicy prawns, squid, chicken and meatballs. Together with all these yummy ingredients, there were oyster mushrooms, scallion and loads of fresh herb of lime leaves, lemongrass and galangal, all combine to create a delicious broth to excite our taste buds that night.  

Striking a balance between the spiciness and sourness of the soup, I have to say that this is one of the best dishes you must order while dining here. It is a simple but satisfying dish indeed and truly a value-for-money for RM 13 for such a big pot of Tom Yam Kung. 

Glass Noodles
RM 1.50

Oh yes, besides having rice to go with your tom yam soup, you can choose to add-on some glass noodles to go with it. We both enjoyed the glass noodles or soo hoon as it was something different that we have not tried before.  
White Rice
RM 1.50 

Stir Fry Clam With Ginger, Onions & Scallion
RM 25

For seafood lovers especially lala or clams, this dish which comes in a huge portion is a sinful indulgence. Served with big chunky clams with juicy and succulent meat, it was lightly stir-fried with scallions, ginger and onion to retain its natural flavours.    

Another must-have dish - the Clams cooked in any style while dining here.

Stir Fry Kailan 
RM 10

The only vegetable dish for the night was this big plate of stir fry Kailan or Chinese Kale. RM 10 only for this delicious flavourful and full of Wok-hei dish.    

The 'Kampung' Dog At Tom Yam King

This handsome adorable doggie was a pleasant companion by our table with us throughout dinner begging for food scraps.

Total Bill RM 52

It was indeed a satisfying meal dining at Tom Yam King. Their prices were really affordable and very reasonable indeed. We had mixed seafood Tom Yam soup, clams and vegetable dish with rice and noodles to which the bill came up to RM 52 only (2 Chinese Tea included too).

Tom Yam King Menu 

I would recommend that diners come in groups with family and friends to try out their steamboat set and the scrumptious range of Thai cuisine. As for me, I will definitely come back again for more treats with my family of five the next time.      

Location Map To Tom Yam King


  1. Wah Pandai cari makan , aunty LILY, Will try this when we next go to Bentong... Thanks for intro...

    1. As you said "Wah, pandai cari makan".... My hobby as a food blogger goes looking for hidden gems in small villages like this to introduce good-tasting yet affordable food for my readers.

  2. Replies
    1. Haha.... the dog is very smart as he begs food from table to another with it's pityful face.

  3. Aunty why never bring me? Those clams!!!


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