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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Read To Your Children With McDonald’s Happy Meal Book Program

Read To Your Children With
McDonald’s Happy Meal Book Program
Read to your Children with McDonald’s Happy Meal Book Program
4th Instalment of Popular Reading Campaign Features a collaboration with author and artist Yusof Gajah

McDonald’s Malaysia has today announced the return of its popular Happy Meal Book Program; hot on the heels of its ongoing nationwide storytelling contest. Starting 3 November, McDonald’s customers will get a brand new children’s story book from renowned Malaysian children’s book illustrator and author Yusof Gajah with every purchase of a Happy Meal.

“McDonald’s is proud to launch its 4th annual Happy Meal Book Program, an initiative aimed at bringing families closer together over a shared love for reading and telling stories. Just like our on-going storytelling contest, this year’s program shine a light on local talents; particularly through our partnership with artist and author Yusof Gajah,” said Azmir Jaafar, Managing Director McDonald’s Malaysia.

“As a family restaurant, we have always been committed to serving our customers simple, easy and enjoyable moments, not just through our food, but also the overall McDonald’s experience. With the exciting line-up of activities targeting Malaysian families to be held at our restaurants under our annual Happy Meal Book Program, we hope to be able to do our part in building stronger families within our communities,” added Azmir.

McDonald’s customers will get to choose between either a book from Yusof Gajah (including children's’ favourites ‘Dill Anak Gajah’ and ‘Mari Kita Membina Sebuah Rumah’) or one from DK Publishing each week with every purchase of a Happy Meal.

For more information on the Happy Meal Book Program, visit McDonald’s website at: www.mcdonalds.com.my
Happy Meal Books Programme


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