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Monday, 14 November 2016

JALAN JALAN JAPAN Preloved Shopping Experience At Sky Park One City Mall USJ Subang Jaya

Amazing Preloved Shopping Experience At
JALAN JALAN JAPAN Preloved Shopping Experience
JALAN JALAN JAPAN Preloved Shopping Experience

Selamat Datang! いらっしゃいませ!Irasshaimase ! Welcome to Jalan Jalan Japan! Last Saturday, I had an amazing shopping experience at Jalan Jalan Japan, the biggest pre-loved store to be opened in Malaysia on 18th Nov, 2016 at Sky Park in One City Mall, USJ in Subang Jaya. My media friends and I were given an exclusive preview to a pre-opening shopping experience checking out their latest preloved items all imported from Japan, the Land Of The Rising Sun.

Happy Me Posing With My Preloved Goodies

In Malaysia, Jalan Jalan Japan features mainly ‘Preloved’ items consisting of fashionable clothes, handbags, shoes, household goods, toys, sports goods, musical instruments and even baby strollers.  With the introduction of Jalan Jalan Japan, Malaysian can get a taste of contemporary shopping excitement. Jalan Jalan Japan holds immense shopping excitement and fantastic savings for homemakers. They promise that no matter what’s your budget, you will always get more at Jalan Jalan Japan.

 The Management Team Of Jalan Jalan Japan

Japan is a rich nation where its people are able to earn a high income. Due to the lack of personal storage space, it causes them to sell fairly new stuff at 'Preloved' stores. While most Japanese people put a premium on quality, they have great respect for things they own and would use them respectfully.

Hence the ‘Preloved’ concept has become an integral part of Japanese culture. From books to cars, Japanese ‘Preloved’ goods tend to be in good condition, and some are like new.

Selamat Datang! いらっしゃいませ!Irasshaimase ! Welcome to Jalan Jalan Japan!

Well, as the saying goes 'One Man's Trash is another Man's Treasure', this word holds true especially for those on a tight budget and to those wanting to save a few bucks when shopping for items. I truly support the idea of buying pre-loved items as in that way we live our life to be practical, not to be wasteful and be green recycling items to give them a new lease of life too.

Hence, we are promoting the 5Rs of environmental protection - refuse, reduce, reuse, repair and recycle - to extend the lifespan of the goods.

Super Spacious Shopping Store

Much has been said about Jalan Jalan Japan, come let's follow me on an exciting shopping for a quick tour, for a look-see experience taking a stroll with me through one of the most popular store concepts in Japan. 

Selamat Datang! いらっしゃいませ!Irasshaimase ! Welcome to Jalan Jalan Japan!

Greetings from their team of polite and friendly staff upon entering the entrance at Level 1A. Jalan Jalan Japan comprises 2 storey of spacious shopping area, distinguished by their large surface area, cleanliness, and bright illumination.

Ladies Clothing Section

Pretty Pastel Sweet Blue Lace Blouse RM 10 only

Spoilt For Choice ~ Women's Clothing Section

I can guarantee you that you'll be spoilt for choice, browsing through the rows and rows of dresses, tops, skirts, jackets, coats, pants, or even kimono. Be prepared to spend at least 3 to 4 hours of solid shopping hours if you intend to go through each section. Their selection is vast, price tags are simply amazing from as low as RM 5.  

Almost New Beautiful Wedding & Evening Gowns With Pretty Children Gowns

Happy Me With My 1st Buy
Double-Breasted Wool Coat Grey Jacket
RM 20

The Winter Clothes Section, you can find a wide selection of winter wears for your travel needs. They have a full range of winter down jacket, woolen winter coat, sweaters, cardigans and much more with prices starting from as low as RM10 and above. OMG, what a great bargain!

I bought 2 fashionable woolen long coat winter wear for my overseas vacation next year at an unbelievable price of RM 10 for the woolen red long sleeve coat and RM 20 for the double-breasted wool coat grey jacket. Check my photo above, do I look good and ready for my winter vacation?

Men's Clothing Section

Branded Goods Section 
Louis Vuitton, Gucci & G-Shock Products

Pots & Pans Kitchenware Section

Auntie Lilly is the happiest shopping at this section. Being a full-time housewife, I was in awe with so many selections of high-quality kitchenware all the way from Japan. Remember to check out the oh-so-pretty copper pots and there is also a wide range of traditional pretty black and red lacquer bowls and plate on sale too. 

Premium Gold Plated Tea Set

Beautiful & Exquisitely Designed Wedgwood Teacup & Saucers 

Japanese Porcelain Sake Bottles

Kitchenware & Household Section

If you are looking for really good quality of preloved Japanese kitchenware such as pots and pans, tea sets, dining ware, cutlery, do check out the Household Section. Pricing for a stainless steel teapot is only RM10, and I saw some pretty cute bento boxes for RM5 to RM10. 

Kitchenware Section

Vintage Japanese Dolls Section 

Moving on to Level 1A, I found myself at the amazing collection section ~ Japanese Antique and Vintage Kimono Fashion Dolls Section. 

Japanese Antique and Vintage Kimono Fashion Dolls Section
Japanese Antique and Vintage Kimono Fashion Dolls Section

At this section, you find various types of Japanese dolls, some representing children, some the imperial court, samurai warriors and heroes, some Kabuki and Geisha and much more. So if you are a collector of these Japanese traditional dolls or known by name of "ningyo' in Japan, better come fast while it still here!

 Japanese Comics - Manga Section

Volumes Of The SLAM DUNK Collection 
RM 450

Fans of Slam Dunk, the Japnese sport-themed manga series, you can purchase the Full 31 Volumes of Slam Dunk right here for an amazing price of RM 450 only.  
 Manga Series Of  Doraemon 

Boudoir Bradley Pose Doll 
Toys & Dolls Section

Here's the Toys & Dolls Section and guess what I found - oh my God, it's a unique Japanese Vintage Big Eye Boudoir Bradley Pose Doll in Victorian Dress. Truly a collector item, come grab it fast before it's sold!   

Toys & Dolls Section

In the Toys Section, this is definitely the young children's heaven. Your kiddos bound to find his or her favourite toys to play with and may never want to part with it. But no worries, mommy and daddy, all the preloved toys here are sold at a small fraction of the original prices as low as RM 2 to RM 3 and the highest will probably be RM 10. 

Japanese Cartoon Characters Toys
RM 10

Super Heroes Toys
RM 10

Buying toys at Jalan Jalan Japan would not burn a hole in your pocket and it's also one of the most practical things to do for any wise parents as children do outgrow their toys very soon and it's not worth to spend a large amount of money buying expensive imported toys for them. So mark your calendar mom and dad, bring your beloved children for an awesome shopping spree when Jalan Jalan Japan opens on the 18th Nov 2016! 
Wide Selection of Baby Educational Toys

Soft Toys Section

Anyone will be overwhelmed with excitement once they step into this Soft Toys Section. This is also the largest section of the store as far as your eyes can see, the whole area is filled with endless soft and cuddly soft toys of any designs, big or small in size and all priced from RM 5 onwards.
Auntie Lilly With Soft Fluffy Big Bear

More Teddy Bear

Super Cute 'Stitch' Soft Toy Up For Grabs 

Children Bicycles & Scooter Section

Parents looking to purchase tricycle or scooter for their little toddlers should come by to the Children Bicycles & Scooter Section. There are so many models and designs to choose from for their little ones. And again, it's always best to buy from preloved as the child will outgrow the scooter or bicycle in a year or two.

Baby Car Seats
Prams & Baby Strollers

A Very Cute Minnie Mouse Baby Chair
RM 25 Only

I spotted a very cute bright pink Minnie Mouse baby chair looking new without any scratch. 

Bags Section

At the Bags Section, most of my ladies friends were all going excited with some of the branded handbags and sport bags too. Most of them ended up buying a few bags as the prices is simply irresistible from RM 5 to RM10 only. I'll definitely come back again with my daughter, Carmen and get her to help me choose a few handbags. 

Do You Like This Eye-Catching Bag?

Saw this striking metal-studded blink-blink bag which I think will sure draw lots of attention when carried around. Let's hope this beauty is still around when you come back for it on their grand opening day on 18th Nov, 2016!   

Shoes Section

Attractive Branded Shoes On Display

A Pair Of MIGRANT Boots For Fishing

Electric Guitar

Musical Instruments Section

Golfs Bags & Clubs

Sports Section

Fishing Rods, Surf Broads & Rackets

Sports enthusiasts can find a lot of good quality sports gear and equipment at Jalan Jalan Japan. There is a wide choice of sports gear including badminton rackets, squash rackets, fishing rods, golf clubs and surfboards to choose from. 

Hubby Loves The Rocking Chair
RM 40

Uncle Hong who has no interest in the clothes, shoes, handbags nor kitchenware section found himself a lovely preloved solid wood rocking chair going for a song at RM 40 only! At one point in time, he was so bored and tired that he slept and took a short nap on this chair while waiting for me to finishing my shopping trip.

Furniture Section

My Pretty Daughter, Clarrisha Hong Wearing The Winter Wear Woolen Double-Breast Red Jacket 
RM 10

With a budget of RM 100 only, my shopping trip was very well-spent and satisfying. I bought 2 winter jackets, a luggage bag, a cute teapot and a rattan chair for my son. The winter wear was of good quality and well cleaned.

I would recommend anyone planning a trip overseas looking for winter wear should drop by to Jalan Jalan Japan for some budget buys. Many people travelling abroad for winter holidays usually spend a bomb purchasing expensive winter wears leaving a big hole in their pocket even before touring.

 Lovely Stainless Steel Teapot 
RM 10

Next, I really like this brand new little stainless steel teapot I 'discovered' among the others preloved teapots at the household section. Bought at only RM 10, it's really a bargain as any pots of the similar quality would easily cost me RM 60 to RM 80 in Malaysia. 

 Handmade Rattan Chair
RM 40

This is very sturdy-looking rattan chair caught my hubby's eye and he thought it is a good buy for my young son as it will definitely last a long time for any handmade rattan product.

 Hand Held Luggage Bag
RM 40

I'm also very pleased with my purchase of the handheld luggage bag which I bought for a song of RM 40. Looking almost new with the plastic covering still intact on the logo, I can see that the rollers are still sturdy and hardly used at all.

A Satisfying Shopping Experience At Jalan Jalan Japan

All in all, it was really a memorable 'treasure-hunting' experience shopping at preloved store, as you never know what you will find. Always take your time to choose and find the items you are looking for, check them thoroughly, test the products to make sure they are in good working condition before purchasing. Oh yes, another advice is that once you find something you like, put it in your basket as there's only one item of a particular product. 

It's certainly worth taking a little more time to pore through the vast array of the preloved items. The quality of the secondhand goods is second to none, with Japanese taking pride in keeping their purchases in good order with the view to selling or trading them for newer styles later. Thumbs up to Jalan Jalan Japan for bringing in all the goodies for Malaysian. 

Last but not least, enjoy the fun at the Coolest Preloved Store in Malaysia as you go about on a treasure hunting expedition when you go shopping at Jalan Jalan Japan!   

Thumbs Up To Jalan Jalan Japan For Bringing In All The Goodies For Malaysian 

Brace Yourself For Their GRAND OPENING at 10am on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2016, Their 1st Flagship Store of JALAN JALAN JAPAN In Malaysia At The Ever Happening Skypark One City Mall In Town Now!

Good News ~ First 100 Shoppers Receive a 10% Discount Voucher Valid For The Same Day.


Jalan Jalan Japan @One City Mall
Level 1A (Block A) Sky Park @ One City, 
Jalan USJ 25/1A 
47650 Subang Jaya
Tel: 03-8601 5852 / 012-322 2106
Business Hours: 10am to 10pm

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  1. Attention All Bargain Seekers & Budget Buyers! <3 <3
    Come & Shop At The COOLEST PRELOVED STORE in MALAYSIA at Jalan Jalan Japan. Brace Yourself For Their GRAND OPENING on this FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2016 to go on a treasure-hunting expedition with more than 10,000 Preloved Items from Japan at very affordable prices as low as RM2. Happy Shopping & the first 100 Shoppers receive 10% discount voucher! Read About My RM100 Shopping Experience here:

  2. Last Saturday, I had an amazing shopping experience at Jalan Jalan Japan, the Biggest Preloved Store due to being opened in Malaysia on 18th Nov 2016.
    With a BUDGET OF RM100 ONLY, my shopping trip was very well-spent and satisfying. I bought 2 Winter Jackets, a Luggage Bag, a Cute Stainless Steel Teapot and a Rattan Chair for my son. Read About My Preloved Shopping Trip Here>

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    1. You mean they upped the price? You should post your comment on their Facebook Page.

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