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Monday, 16 May 2016

Ramadan Buffet 2016 ~Bazaar Ramadan at SWEZ BRASSERIE Eastin Hotel @ Section 16 Petaling Jaya

Ramadan Brings Out The Best Flavours Of Malaysia
Discover Ramadan traditions through a whole new authentic experience at Swez Brasserie at Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur. A lavish and spectacular Ramadan Buffet spread themed "Bazaar Ramadan" awaits the most discerning diners with their mouth-watering specialities of Briyani Kambing, Gulai Nangka Tulang Rusuk Kambing, Ayam Pansuh (Chicken Cooked in Bamboo), Burung Puyuh Goreng Cili Padi, Sambal Udang Berlada, Ketam Goreng Daun Kari and many more just to name a few.

Senior Sous Chef Mohd Fuad With His Whole Roast Lamb

Heading the team for the Ramadan buffet, Senior Sous Chef Mohd Fuad wants diners to savour the traditional and authentic flavours to honour the holy month of Ramadan with their family and friends. Get in touch with Chef Mohd Fuad and his team of chefs as he presents you his very own traditional favourites and hearty Malay delight spread themed "Bazaar Ramadan".

Whole Roast Lamb

Nasi Briyani with Roasted Eggs
Among Chef Mohd Fuad's specialities is the Nasi Briyani with Roasted Eggs. A must eat as this is seriously one of the best tasting nasi briyani I have tasted so far from the 8 Ramadan media preview (food-tasting) sessions I went to. Thumbs up for that!

You will love the fragrant and flavour of the fresh spices and herbs used in the nasi briyani. So good that you can eat it on its own without the roast lamb or even roasted eggs too! Highly recommended to eat the dish at Swez Brasserie...

Mint Tomato Yoghurt Sauce To Go with Roast Lamb

Acar Timun

Mains Selections
Gulai Kepala Jenahak

Fried Chicken, Tandoori Chicken and Sugar Cane Chicken

Gulai Nangka Tulang Rusuk Kambing

 Sotong Bermadu Peranakan

Sup Daging Rawan Indonesia

Special Dishes From Sarawak
Sambal Udang Serai Bersantan

Pansuh Manok
(Chicken Cooked in Bamboo) 

Beef In Bamboo 

Aneka Ikan Sumbat Bakar Nyonya Sambal

Fresh Fish Head with Herbs & Spices At The Live Cooking Station 

Traditional Delicacies
Lovely Platter Of Traditional Lemang & Lemang Pulut 

Choices Of Serunding Daging, Ayam & Kari Ayam 

Singapore Kerabu Ong Lai

Vietnamese Chicken Salad

Thai Som Tam

Kerabu Pucuk Paku

Sambal Nyiur Platter

Indonesia Pecal Bersama Sambal Jawa

A special note to all durian lovers, Eastin Hotel will be also serving fresh durian fruits along side with mouth-watering desserts made from King Of Fruits. Enjoy various choices of durian delicacies from cakes to cream puffs that will add a sweet ending to your taste buds too.

Desserts With King of The Fruits
Pastry Chef Loh Cheong Long with his Durian Cake 

Delighful Durian Cake

It this a cake or a durian? Well, it's both! I was truly amazed by Chef Loh's 3D durian cake. All eyes and cameras are on the cake when it makes an appearance at the Ramadan media preview. 

Chef Loh's creative skill is evident in decorating the cake. Most people must be fooled by its intricate details down to the actual shades of a ripening durian. Its look realistic and is almost indistinguishable from the real fruit. Well, for me it looks too good to be cut and eaten too!

When it’s properly cut with each layer defined and eaten chilled, the cake is light and delicious. You will ask for seconds. Chef Loh also takes in order for this amazing durian cake for takeaway. 

So if you are looking for something super tasty and unique like this durian cake for a birthday or special celebration, do get in contact through Pastry Chef Loh at this telephone no: 03 - 7628 7394 (Direct line)

Baked Durian Puff Tarts

Another must eat desserts - if you are a durian lovers. Hahaha... who else is not! The Baked Durian Puff Tarts are light and flaky on the outside with fragrant and melt-in-mouth texture for the fillings. Best eaten hot fresh from the oven!

Marriage In Heaven - Durian & Desserts

Durian Cheese Cake

Next Durian Cheese Cake is another heart-breaker that is bound to make you want more. Make sure you make space in your tummy to savour and slowly relish this delicious durian cheese cake. I'm still craving for it till now (sobs)....

 Roti Jala Hujan Panas With Kuah Durian

More dreamy dessert on durian. Chef Mohd Fuad's creative innovation of serving a colourful roti jala with natural colours adopted from saffron, pandan and rose if I'm not wrong. 

No artificial colouring is used here as chef turns to using only natural ingredients to serve us his crispy and sweet roti jala. Best served and eaten with his special house made sweet kuah durian or durian sauce!   

Colourful as Ever -  Roti Jala Hujan Panas With Kuah Durian

Praline Fudge Cake

Assorted Malay Kiuh Miuh 

Coconut Dodol

Rojak Jawa

Fruit Stall

Fruit stalls are also present with local fruits such as longan, watermelon, dragon fruit, banana, rambutan, mangosteen, langsat and many more.

For Early Bird Vouchers - On sale now until 1st June 2016 for only RM 69 Nett per person. The Early Bird promotion is valid from 7th to 12th June 2016.

The Special Prices for the Buffet are 7th to 12th June 2016 & 27th June to 3rd July 2016 are priced at RM 95 Nett per adult and RM 48 Nett per child 

From 13th to 17th June & 20th to 24th June 2016 it is at RM 138 per adult and RM 69 per child.

Don't miss out on the Early Bird discount to book your voucher today. For more information, please call Swez Brasserie at 03-7665 1111 ext 183.

Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur
13 Jalan 16/11
Pusat Dagangan Seksyen 16
46350 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03 - 7665 1111 
Website: www.eastin.com

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  1. I'm simply impressed with their nasi briyani, so flavoursome & fragrant with the spices & herbs. One of the best so far I tasted so far from the 8 Ramadan food tasting I had recently for 2016!


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