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Monday, 15 February 2016

Create Your Culinary Moments With TEFAL's Innovative Kitchen Utensils With TEFAL'S Ingenio Kitchen Series


Tefal Introduces Utensils You Can’t Live Without with Ingenio Kitchen Series

Tefal, the world’s leading cookware and small home appliances maker, introduces latest line of designer kitchen utensils – the Ingenio Series to the Malaysian household. The all-new Tefal Ingenio series is a range of utensils consisting of Turner, Pasta Spoon, Ladle, Cooking Tong, Salad Tong and the Can Opener.

Made with Nylon 66 and reinforced with 15% glass fibre material, the Tefal Ingenio kitchenware series is designed to be capable of enduring high heat temperature levels. Every Tefal Ingenio kitchenware design comes with a safety silicone ring for better handling and protection to prevent it from slipping while a meal is being prepared. Invented to be phthalates and BPA-free (bisphenol A), Tefal Ingenio utensils are able to retain and preserve the original food flavour and smell while cooking.

Coupled with stylish designs to complement modern home cooks, the Tefal Ingenio kitchen tools and gadgets are created with durability in mind, making it a good fit for any food preparation and cooking activities. To make cooking experience enjoyable and convenient, the Ingenio series is engineered with high stain resistance feature that makes removing the toughest stains as simple as possible.

RM 32.90 

An ideal companion for any kitchen warrior, the Tefal Ingenio Turner comes with a sleek rugged handle with inset stainless steel to ensure it is easy to use yet able to withstand even the highest loads. Ready to turn and serve preparations, the utensil is capable of resisting cooking heat up to 230°C. Together with a frying pan, it makes a perfect combination for the local cooking style. The Tefal Ingenio Turner is priced at RM 32.90 inclusive of GST.

RM 32.90

Suitable for any types of pasta, the Tefal Ingenio Pasta Spoon is designed to function as a spaghetti fork or a pasta scoop at the same time. Be it penne or spaghetti, consumers will be able to use the Pasta Spoon and twirl them effortlessly to the serving plates. It is available in the market for the price of RM 32.90.
RM 32.90

It is an open secret that the kitchen tools play an important part in making cooking a success. Designed with a bevelled edge to ensure a perfect pour, the Tefal Ingenio Ladle provides a balanced portion for each serving without compromising the savoury flavours, making it the best companion for any Asian households. Available to purchase at the price at RM 32.90, the Tefal Ingenio Ladle is an essential kitchen utensil to keep the gravy portion consistent.

RM 56.90

Designed with non-slip silicone tips, the Tefal Ingenio Cooking Tong is simple and practical for users as food will not slip out from their grips. Besides allowing consumers to transfer cooked food from pots and pans, consumers can also take advantage of its high heat resistance feature to stir dishes while it is still cooking. Cooking enthusiasts may purchase the product at the price of RM 56.90.
RM 32.90

With its unique two-piece design built for compact storage, the multi-purpose Tefal Ingenio Salad Tong is ideal for consumers to toss salads and serve all kinds of food in between meals, such as: meats, vegetables and pasta. The utensil is priced at RM 32.90, available to be purchased at any retail stores.
RM 66.90

The Tefal Ingenio Can Opener is a life saviour for every cooking enthusiasts who love to get things done fast! By using the utensil itself, the integrated jar popper is able to release jar vacuum, makes opening cans an effortless task. With its multifunctional features, the Tefal Ingenio Can Opener helps users to easily open cans, bottles and jars of all sizes, bringing them one step closer to effective meal prep. The Tefal Ingenio Turner is priced at RM 66.90 inclusive of GST.

For more information on Tefal’s products, please visit www.tefal.com or contact customer service: 03-7802 3000.

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