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Monday, 16 February 2015

OKONOMI Japanese Sushi Restaurant @Publika Solaris Mont Kiara ~ Malaysia 1st Custom Made Sushi Roll

~ Get High On Sushi Roll ~
OKONOMI Japanese Dining 

The name 'OKONOMI' comes from the same Japanese word meaning 'as you like'. To truly understand the meaning 'OKONOMI', its best to experience it first hand and redefine everything how people think they know about sushi.

Indulge in your creativity to find the perfect sushi roll that's just right for you using the unique ingredients such as fresh fruits,vegetables, seafood, meats, premium fillings, soy wraps and many more. OKONOMI prepare all their cuisines using urban Japanese cooking methods and techniques, bringing out the essence of the freshest, wildest and seasonal flavours.

Located in a busy and vibrant shopping mall of Publika, OKONOMI is a gem in the making. The exciting and colourful OKONOMI could very well be the pioneer of DIY SUSHI ~ 1st of its kind in Malaysia, standing out from the DIY food market such as wraps, salads, yogurt, sandwiches just to name a few.

Tucked within the affluent neighbourhood of Mont Kiara, OKONOMI is a newly established restaurant that is to stay. Lovely atmosphere with minimalist interior, the decor is modern and cozy at the same time, filled with unique accessories eg. modern white lamps creating a different kind of ambience.

OKONOMI practices Open kitchen concept, where you get to view the food preparation of your Custom Made Sushi. So many choices of fillings and made fresh right in front of your eyes.  

OKONOMI offer a myriad of ingredients to make your dream sushi, but the process is simple: pick up one of the many ordering forms available, select your choice ingredients which includes strawberries, mangoes, baby octopus, Hokkaido Lobster, Smoked duck, salmon etc…how about putting cheddar mayo, mentai mayo, Yukke sauce and top it up with ebiko, birds eye chilli, tobiko ~ all into your sushi? The combination is limited by your creativity.

If you like, you can sit at the front row seats and watch your  maki roll come together under the skillful hands of  Executive Chef Alex. All you need to do is follow the step-by-step guide in the "Do-It-Yourself " menu provided. Firstly, choose either white or healthy brown rice with seaweed or soy wrap, then select your choice of  fillings, sauces, dressings and toppings. Voila, you would be awarded with your own maki-rolls !

Salmon Salad
RM 18.90 

Kicking off the night was an entree of Salmon Salad. Fresh sliced salmon topped with crunchy cucumbers, carrots and mesclun greens with Wafu Goma dressing and tobiko. The very fresh salmon was perfect and it was delicious - the texture and flavour of the fish harmonised really well with everything.

Chef Alex Creation
 RM 31.90

We simply loved Chef Alex's creation for us that night. Healthy brown rice with special soy wrap and asparagus filled with exclusive premium fillings of  Hokkaido crab meat, breaded Tiger Prawns and Marinated Lobster. Nothing can get any better than these special seafood fillings.

Bound to win you over with its detectable morsels of fresh crab meat, prawns, lobster and ebiko all nestled inside fresh Japanese rice with a blanket of soya wrap. The clean, distinct flavours and perfect texture of rice make this a simple yet absolutely delicious dish. 

CNY Orange Chicken Roll
RM 16.90

Well if you can't decide what to make, Chef Alex have some new creation for coming Chinese New Year.  The CNY Maki roll offers a lovely twist on a Chinese favourite ~ with sweet mandarin oranges, chicken karaage, crispy coral lettuce, carrots in soy wrap and topped with orange sauce.  

Crab Korokke 
RM 9.90

OKONOMI's appetisers are a delight in their own right, with the sheer creativity poured into them. Chef Alex's Crab Korokke, for instance, features crispy crab meat mixed with  breadcrumbs, deep fried to perfection and served with Chef's in house made tartar sauce. Mayonnaise, seaweed, pickled cucumber, egg together with some sugar and lemon goes into making of this wonderful and appetising tartar sauce. 

Spicy Seafood Pasta 
RM 16.90

For the main courses, it is worth trying this super hot Spicy Seafood Pasta. For those that prefer some spicy-kicking dishes to get your day by, this is the dish to try. This seafood loaded pasta dish has a Vietnamese touch to it as Vietnamese chillies is added to dish for extra spiciness. Angel hair pasta pan-fried with prawns, salmon, baby scallops and crab stick, together with loads of minced garlic for added flavour. A Must-Try with a modern twist to traditional dishes.

Soft Shell Crab Pasta 
RM 16.90

 Perfectly Fried ~ Soft Shell Crab

OKONOMI also serves Soft Shell Crab Pasta which  I liked as the soft shell crab were crunchy and tasty. On the other hand, while delicious, it lacks the imagination that is so apparent in other dishes. The rich sesame dressing is too overwhelming for me as it was too strong in flavour with so much richness.  

And no dinner should end without a round of melt-in-mouth OKONOMI's Signature dessert of Green Tea Lava Cake and heavenly Chocolate Lava Cake. An important point to note is that Chef Alex made all his ice cream in house, from scratch using fresh ingredients of vanilla powder, vanilla essence, milk (100% full cream milk) and eggs.

The azuki beans are boiled for 7 hours with sweetness coming from rock sugar only. As for the cute-looking chcoclate or matcha bamboo sticks, Chef Alex uses a special bamboo design to mould the double-boiled chocolate into its shape.    

Chocolate Lava Cake 
RM 14.90

Chocolate cake filled with sweet chocolate molten lava served with in house made vanilla ice cream and powdered sugar.

Matcha Lava Cake 
RM 16.90

Matcha cake filled with creamy matcha lava served with vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberry drizzled with powdered sugar.

As the menu stated ~ Something smooth, sweet and sinful for the perfect ending. So rounding off our wonderful dining experience are a selection of rich and creamy melt-in- your-heart drinks, including Macha Latte with Soft Serve Ice Cream, Macha Float, Macha Lovers Parfait and Azuki with Soft Serve.

Azuki with Soft Serve Latte
RM 12.90

Macha Latte with Soft Serve Ice Cream
RM 12.90

 Macha Float
RM 12.90

Macha Lovers Parfait
RM 18.90

A twist of the Azuki Shiratama Parfait for the Macha lovers with the addition of soft serve Matcha ice cream, toppings of corn-flakes, delightful rice mochi, Azuki paste and Matcha bamboo stick.


All in all, what I enjoyed most dining at OKONOMI would be the fun part of making your own sushi or maki roll. Let your imagination run wild and palate goes crazy with the various wraps, fillings, toppings and sauces to pick from. But if you are not in the mood for some adventurous dining, feel free to choose from the house rolls specially created by Chef Alex that is bound to win your heart and please your palate.

Prices are pretty reasonable with a 6-piece ~ Small roll at RM 13.90 of 3 regular fillings + 1 topping & 1 sauce, meanwhile a Medium roll costs RM 16.90 and Large roll costs RM 19.90 comes with 4 to 5 fillings. With an addition of RM 5, you can opt to have premium fillings such as Hokkaido crab meat, soft shell crab, tiger prawns, smoked salmon and scallops among others.

Matcha and Azuki lovers are in for a lovely surprise as OKONOMI boasts of a large selections in the beverage menu. Be really to be spoilt with the delicious and natural taste of the in-house made ice cream which Chef Alex made from scratch. Go ahead and indulge your self crazy with their ultimate Macha Lovers Parfait !

A4-G2-02 Solaris Dutamas
No.1 Jalan Dutamas
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 - 6206 3233
Daily: 10 AM - 11 PM 

Face Book: Okonomi

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  1. What I enjoyed most dining at OKONOMI would be the fun part of making your own sushi or maki roll. Let your imagination run wild and palate goes crazy with the various wraps, fillings, toppings and sauces

  2. Matcha and Azuki lovers are in for a lovely surprise as OKONOMI boasts of a large selections in the beverage menu


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