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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Kurata Japanese Fine Dining Restaurant @Parkroyal Kuala Lumpur

 ~Washoku ~ 
Traditional Japanese Cuisine 
 Kurata Japanese Fine Dining Restaurant

Kurata Japanese Fine Dining has recently opened its door to customers in November 2014 serving selections of Japanese dishes with a comprehensive menu, offering authentic Edomae style sushi, Seafood Shabu-Shabu, Tempura or Sukiyaki. Located at PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur, Kurata invites you to indulge in lovely delights of the Japanese kind.

This brilliant fine dining place was conceived and developed by Cassandra Lynn Kurata with 3 Japanese Chefs namely ~ Director Chef Doi, Executive Chef Fujiwara and Head Sushi Chef Saito, with a sole aim to serves only authentic Japanese cuisines as how it is traditionally served in Japan.  Their aim is to spread an accurate food culture of Japan with uncompromising pursuit of perfection. They has a passion and dream to spread true Japanese in Malaysia, targeting high end consumers who will appreciate simple and healthy Japanese food, just like how the Japanese does it.  

When Cassandra came to Malaysia in July 2014 she discovered that there were no restaurants that served authentic edomae style sushi, shabu-shabu, tempura or even the sukiyaki just like the ones she had at her homeland. Her goal was a personal one when she started Kurata, it was just simply because she's a picky eater. She dream of having a restaurant in Malaysia where she could go eat everyday while enjoying varieties of Japanese food, the way she love in Japan. She added that her favourite authentic food got to be Sushi ~ delicately handcrafted by Chef Saito. their signature at Kurata.

With Head Sushi Chef Makoto Saito (Sam) and Dining Service Manager Ms Ayaka Fukuda

What set them apart from other Japanese establishments was due to several distinctive factors such as having a wholly-owned Japanese company with 3 Japanese Chefs and a Japanese Manager ~ Ms Ayaka Fukuda. Everyone had a hand in running and overseeing the daily operation of the business. Another point is that they do not use additives, preserved ingredients or lard in the cooking, ensuring authenticity in their cuisine in using natural flavouring derived from the fresh ingredients only. 

Posing with Miss Cassandra Lynn Kurata and her Japanese Chefs

Lastly, they have a passion and dream to spread true Japanese in Malaysia. All of their soup stocks are original and handmade from scratch. Their seafood items are carefully selected and imported from the first-rate fish markets from Kyushu, Hokkaido and Tsukiji. Once you try their food, one will notice a difference.

Relaxing & Stylish Ambience

Traverse into the air-conditioned dining spaces of Kurata, decorated with beautiful fresh purple orchids to extend greetings and warm ambience. An impressive Zen garden at the entrance welcome its patrons to an exquisite Japanese dining experience which has been brought much closer to you!

 Japanese-inspired Zen Garden

A contemporary Japanese restaurant that exude a sense of calm with dusky-coloured floor tiles and modern cushioned chairs contrasts with dark wooded tables set to welcome patrons. It consists of a 6-seater sushi bar, an open-window concept kitchen as well as 4 private rooms. The largest private room accommodate up to 20 guests These rooms can be converted into a mini hall to host or cater for any social or corporate events, birthdays parties or any other special celebrations.

Collections of Japanese Wine Bottles in Display Cabinets

Touch of the Exotic Purple Orchids at Kurata

Good Match ~ Prints of my blouse with the interior

A la carte Sushi “Suzu”
Fatty Tuna (Otoro), Flounder(Hirame), Botan Shrimp (Botan Ebi)  

The secret of Japanese cuisine's popularity lies in the quality and fresh ingredients used in their dishes. The A la carte Sushi 8 Pieces “Suzu” is an unpretentious yet intricate platter of sushi. Perfected in taste and textures presented, with each ingredients complementing and contrasting the next and presented on beautiful handmade sushi plates. Priced at RM 110, you can choose from an ala carte selection of 8 types of sushi to taste from.

During our review, we had Omakase Sushi Set. This dining-style essentially offers the chef the choice of what to serve you based on what he feels best represents his skills, while using the freshest fish that is available on that day. Expect the chef to be innovative and surprising in the selection of dishes. The meal can be likened to an artistic performance by the chef.

For edomae novice or sushi lovers, they recommend patrons to visit on Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday when the freshest seafood are delivered to the restaurant. 

1st Sushi Set
Fatty Tuna (Otoro), Flounder(Hirame), Botan Shrimp (Botan Ebi)
( From top to bottom )

Fatty Tuna (Otoro)


Botan Shrimp (Botan Ebi)

Botan Ebi is the authentic style with the tail folded over towards the shrimp meat.

 Gizzard Shad (Kohada), Salmon Roe (Ikura), Scallop (Hotate)

2nd Sushi Set
Gizzard Shad (Kohada), Salmon Roe (Ikura), Scallop (Hotate)
( From right to left )

 3rd Sushi Set
Minced Fatty Tuna (Negitoro- maki), Egg (Tamago)
( From left to right )

Minced Fatty Tuna (Negitoro- maki)

Egg (Tamago)

Kurata's Egg (Tamago) is homemade, using the copper saucepan. Before cooking, the saucepan is heated for 1 hour with pure 100% canola oil. Creating the soft texture. I loves the soft and smooth texture of the Tamago in the mouth. This is a Must-try dish in the menu for those Egg-lovers! 

Dipping Sauces to go with your Japanese dishes ~ Wasabi, Shoyu & Sesame Sauce

Ala carte Seafood Shabu Shabu 
RM 155 for 2 person

Plate of Premium offering ~ Angle Shrimp, King Crab, Snow Crab

Seafood Shabu- Shabu is also created by Chef Fujiwara, which has been served in Japan for 15 years. Shabu-Shabu literally means dipping the fresh ingredients inside the soup stock. Guests can enjoy and watch the trained waiters prepare the seafood shabu-shabu right at the table for best timing to eat. Their food and serving style are traditional Japanese ways.

A lovely seafood epicurean of traditional Japanese cuisine that utilises the freshest produce air-flown from Japan. "Our crabs are imported from Hokkaido on Tuesday or Friday," explained Cassandra, owner of Kurata. She is stringent about the quality of food served and she makes sure the seafood and vegetables are fresh. She added that customers' satisfaction was his top priority.

All of the Shabu-Shabu set comes served together with an companioning set of fresh shitake mushrooms, chinese cabbage, scallions, garland Chrysanthemum (Tong Ho) and soft tofu.

Kurata's Seafood shabu-shabu soup stock called Dashi is made out of a combination of natural dashi with fresh crab and shrimps imported from Hokkaido. They do not practice the use of  dried skipjack tuna (katsuoboshi) for their soup stock as mixing too many fishes will complicate the taste. The taste of fresh ingredients: Angle Shrimp, King Crab and Snow Crab are enough ingredients to create a delicious mildly  flavoured soup stock. 

Fresh seafood are poached in the  delicious stock for more natural goodness. Soup is light but with strong crab aroma, especially when it's tasted. It also has this tummy-warming factor for I would gladly slurp up 3 bowls on one single sitting. Watch out, Crustacean lovers ~ you do not want to miss this dish when dining at Kurata.  

Dessert followed next - it was Cheesecake with Brown sugar, Cinnamon crust & Yuzu ice cream, Matcha Ice cream and Earl Grey Tea Crème Brulee. 

Cheesecake with Brown sugar, Cinnamon crust & Yuzu ice cream
RM 24

Cheesecake with Brown sugar & Cinnamon crust 

Matcha Ice cream 
RM 12

Real Treat for dessert lovers : Green tea (Matcha) ice cream

Earl Grey Tea Crème Brulee
RM 24

Earl Grey Tea Crème Brulee was a pleasant surprise for me. Moving away from the traditional custard based Creme Brulee, Kurata given a twist to it with a natural flavour of earl grey tea. The tea brought out the sweetness and flavour of the Creme Brulee without being overpowering.   

An ideal place to host private parties or corporate functions with a sense of class and style, Kurata would be a good choice to consider. To top it all off, a tailor made menu is available to cater to every occasion. Special dinner courses start from RM 180 RM 220 RM 270 RM 330. On top of grand private rooms, they have spacious dining hall to assist banquet events for up to 78 pax. 

For special banquet events they provide buffet style for more reasonable pricing at RM 210 per person starting reservation from 40 pax. To reserve dinner banquet dinner courses 4 days advance reservations are necessary.

For inquires concerning menu and price, Visit their homepage at www.kuratajapanesedining.com

Kurata Japanese Fine Dining 
B1 Restaurant Lot
Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2110 0226

Lunch ~ Monday to Sunday 12pm to 2pm
Dinner ~ Monday to Sunday 6pm to 11pm

FaceBook: JapaneseFineDiningKurata

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  1. What set them apart from other Japanese establishments was due to several distinctive factors such as having a wholly-owned Japanese company with 3 Japanese Chefs and a Japanese Manager ~ Ms Ayaka Fukuda. Everyone had a hand in running and overseeing the daily operation of the business.

  2. Chef Doi, Executive Chef Fujiwara and Head Sushi Chef Saito, with a sole aim to serves only authentic Japanese cuisines as how it is traditionally served in Japan.


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