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Sunday 7 July 2024

90% of Shopee Fashion Sellers Prioritise Muslimah And Inclusive Clothing

90% of Shopee Fashion Sellers Prioritise 
Muslimah & Inclusive Clothing
Demand for modest clothing increases, 
& local sellers meet evolving consumer needs

KUALA LUMPUR, 5 July 2024—Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, continues to strengthen its commitment as a thriving hub for Muslimah and inclusive fashion. Shopee’s Gaya Lagi Lit Inclusive Fashion Study revealed that 9 in 10 fashion sellers now offer Muslim-friendly clothing for all sizes on the platform, with 60% of these sellers dedicating three-quarters of their inventory to catering to this growing category.

When surveyed, fashion sellers revealed a surge in demand for Muslimah and inclusive fashion. A significant 80% of respondents reported increased customer interest in the platform's modest, stylish, and inclusive clothing options. This data underlines the growing importance of this category within the Malaysian fashion landscape and Shopee's position as a critical player in catering to this evolving customer preference.

“Shopee is actively driving the Muslimah and inclusive fashion movement. We recognize this shift and are committed to fostering inclusivity on our platform. This is evident by 70% of sellers incorporating more size ranges and featuring diverse models. We empower sellers to cater to a wider range of body types, creating a truly representative shopping experience for all Malaysians on the platform," said Ming Kit Tan, Head of Marketing and Business Intelligence at Shopee Malaysia.

The study unveils Shopee sellers' data-driven approach to Muslimah and inclusive fashion content. Seventy percent prioritize customer feedback and order insights for inspiration, ensuring content aligns with evolving customer needs. The remaining 30% utilize external sources like peer analysis, social media trends, fashion blogs, and local influencers for inspiration.

This focus on data complements the strategies of brands like Zoe Arissa. Esther, Director at Zoe Arissa, exemplifies this by stating, "We use customer reviews to improve our products and services while utilizing Shopee Live to engage and interact with our audience in real-time. As a local fashion brand, we design a wide range of Muslim-friendly styles to ensure our products resonate with Malaysians."

Further study reveals that price, quality, and variety are top customer priorities for Muslimah and inclusive fashion. Approximately 80% of respondents identified offering high-quality products in diverse colours and sizes at affordable prices as the key driver of customer attraction. The remaining 20% prioritize differentiation through unique, authentic designs with frequent collection refreshes.

ZUCCA, a modest Malaysian fashion brand, exemplifies this focus. “We design our garments to respect cultural and religious values while allowing personal expression. By providing a diverse range of contemporary and traditional styles, we ensure every woman can find something that fits her unique taste. Additionally, we are committed to affordability, making it possible for all our customers to enjoy high-quality, modest fashion without compromising on style or budget," commented Nurul Syamira, Co-Founder of ZUCCA.

Shopee's commitment to inclusivity is shaping the Malaysian e-commerce landscape. The platform offers a diverse and representative shopping experience by empowering sellers and fostering a data-driven approach. This caters to evolving preferences and positions Shopee as a leader in Muslimah and inclusive fashion. As users embrace a more comprehensive range of styles, Shopee will remain at the forefront, ensuring everyone finds their perfect Gaya Lagi Lit look.

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