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Friday 22 March 2024

The Exchange TRX Pays Homage To The Beauty And Splendour of Raya Season With The ‘Magnificence of Raya.’

The Exchange TRX Pays Homage To The Beauty And Splendour of Raya Season With The ‘Magnificence of Raya.’
‘Magnificence of Raya’ is slated to be a visual and experiential spectacle inspired by Malaysian batik that celebrates the culture and tradition of the local Malay community.
The Magnificence of Raya At The Central Exchange 
A Grand Kampung House

Kuala Lumpur, 21 March 2024—The Exchange TRX pays homage to the beauty and splendour of this Raya season with the ‘Magnificence of Raya,’ a visual and experiential spectacle showcasing Malay culture, tradition, and art. Guests are invited to explore and be enthralled by the elegance and beauty of batik, seamlessly intermingled into the stunning displays and performances that will run from today until 21 April 2024.

“The richness and allure of Malay culture is undeniable, and it has embedded itself into many facets of Malaysian Ife, transcending different communities and ethnicities. As the social heart of the country's International Financial Centre, the 'Magnificence of Raya’ celebrates the splendour of traditional Malay culture and highlights its role in shaping the architecture, design, and art of contemporary Malaysia,” says Mitch Wilson, Project rector of The Exchange TRX ‘and Head of Retail at Lendlease Malaysia.

“Our goal is to create opportunities for mutual cultural understanding and appreciation ‘between local communities at The Exchange TRX. Besides the elaborate displays that adorn Central Exchange, our entrances, and various public spaces, including TRX City Park, we have ‘also made it a point to incorporate cultural performances to create a more immersive cultural experience for all our guests,” adds Mr Wison.

Guests will be greeted by decorative elements at the entrances and throughout the interior of The Exchange TRX. A giant installation at TRX City Park will be inspired by a dish most synonymous with Hari Raya: the humble Ketupat. The Magnificence of Raya will take over Central Exchange and feature a grand kampung house—a stunning manifestation of traditional Malay architecture, design, and motifs. 

The Grand Staircase

TRX City Park

The campaign's star element is Malaysian Batik, featuring designs heavily inspired by Malaysia's natural beauty and intricately imbued with floral motifs. The campaign is headlined by the nationally venerated Bunga Raya.

The Caklempong Troupe

Wayang Kulit Performance

Central Exchange will also be the epicenter of cultural experiences for guests. Guests intending to take a break from their Raya preparations can enjoy traditional Silat and Wayang Kulit performances of musical acts from the Caklempong and Kompang troupe. The decorations also feature giant mechanical flowers that mimic the gentle wind sway ~ an ode to Malaysia's natural landscape. Guests are invited to post a photo of themselves with their favourite Raya décor to win exciting prizes from The Exchange TRX. More details of the contest will be announced on @theexchangetrx (Instagram)

The Kampung House

“There is much to look forward to The Exchange TRX during the Ramadan-Raya season with local brands such as Ariani, Bonia, Celaaisya, Carlo Rino, Habib, Minimalist Lab, Wanderlust+Co, and plenty more doling out their festive promotions and offers. 

Meriah By Serai Group
Citarasa Ramadhan Set Menu
RM 120++ For @ Pax

Nasi Serai, Nasi Kuning DiRaja, Mix Grill Charcoal Satay, Sambal Kentang, Oxtail Asam Pedas, Tiger Prawn In Sweet Tamarind Sauce, Ulam-Ulam & Sambal Belacan    

Guests who are looking forward to a buka puasa meal with friends and family can also explore the wide range of gastronomical options, which include Meriah by Serai Group ~ featuring the best of Southeast Asian cuisine ~ and G'rai ~ a gourmet sampling of authentic favours and delicacies inspired by the traditional Malay market.

To brighten and lift the community's spirits, The Exchange TRX is also inviting the children and caretakers of Rumah Bak Syaheera for a fun day out. The day includes a batik painting session featuring hand-drawn Malaysian-inspired elements, goodie bags by the local fashion house, Mimpikita, a movie screening session at Aurum Theatre, and an 8-sumptuous buka puasa dinner at G'rai.

Redemption Counter

During this campaign, guests and UOB or Citi-branded cardmembers can expect to be rewarded with exclusive gifts from The Exchange TRX. Those spending a minimum of RM 1,500 (RM 1,200 for UOB or Citi-branded cards) within two (2) receipts will receive a Lovely Lace Reed Diffuser (200ml). 

Lovely Lace Reed Diffuser (200ml)

Those spending a minimum of RM 200 (RM 150 with UOB of Citi-branded cards within one (1) receipt will receive a beautifully designed set of Raya packets; UOB or Cit-branded credit card holders may also receive an additional RM 20 worth of Seibu cash vouchers with a minimum of RM 150 in a single (1) receipt or get RM 180 worth of Seibu cash vouchers with a minimum spend of RM1,200 in two (2) receipts.

For more information, visit https://www.theexchange.my/ or follow The Exchange TRX on Facebook and Instagram

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