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Saturday 30 March 2024

Celebrities Drive Authentic Connections On Shopee Live

Celebrities Drive Authentic Connections On Shopee Live
Lan Solo and Zoey Rahman Share Their Livestream Experiences

KUALA LUMPUR, 29 March 2024 – Responding to the shifting e-commerce trend towards a more humanized online shopping experience* local celebrities Zoey Rahman and Lan Solo are actively stepping into the digital spotlight, curating and presenting products on Shopee’s own livestream channel, Shopee Mamak. Whether it's Zoey Rahman's insightful product reviews or Lan Solo's captivating demonstrations, these celebrities go beyond traditional endorsements. This shift towards interactive and personalized content is a win-win for all users, creating a humanized online shopping experience.

Celebrities Advocates Authenticity to Build Brand Trust in E-commerce
A human-centric online shopping experience prioritizes genuine product sharing and builds connections through shared experience. Lan Solo, a member of the Shopee Celebrity Squad and a popular Malaysian singer known for his engaging Shopee Mamak content, emphasized this shift: "It isn’t just about showcasing or selling products. Live streaming is all about two-way conversations. We encourage questions, respond to comments in real-time, and create a sense of community.” Lan Solo’s Shopee Mamak streams consistently pull in an average viewership of over 50K Malaysians.

Fellow Shopee Celebrity Squad member and founder of Mikaseries, Zoey Rahman, echoed this sentiment. "People connect with authenticity. On Shopee Live, I can share genuine product recommendations, offering viewers valuable insights beyond just a celebrity endorsement." One of Zoey’s recent Shopee Mamak sessions drew a record number of over 60K viewers, showcasing the power of expert advice delivered in a relatable and engaging format.

Celebrities Champions Personalised E-commerce Content That Connects
Many businesses see the potential of live streaming by connecting directly with customers through Shopee Live. But for some, the world of live commerce can feel like uncharted territory. New sellers are eager to jump on the bandwagon, but questions like "Where do I even begin?" or "What kind of content should I create?" cloud their minds.

Zoey gave his expert take on maximizing e-commerce efforts through Shopee Live. "Live streaming might seem casual, but a well-defined content strategy is key." He stressed audience research, “It's important to know what your audience is interested in before you start your live stream. What kind of content that’s both interesting and informative to them?” Zoey also emphasized the importance of authenticity, advocating for live sellers to provide genuine recommendations. 

His commitment to authenticity went beyond mere recommendations. Before showcasing products on Shopee Live, he personally tested products such as health supplements like Redoxon Cal-D Effervescent Tablets and KITSUI Whitie Snow Probiotic. This firsthand experience allowed him to identify key benefits and present them from a user's perspective, not just a salesperson's. By prioritizing transparency, Zoey built trust with his viewers, avoiding hard sells in favour of genuine recommendations.

When asked about his content strategy to succeed in Shopee Live, Lan shared a similar view. “Storytelling is a great way to engage viewers and reduce drop-offs. Think of it as hanging out with friends and discussing something you're passionate about – your products!” Instead of bombarding viewers with sales tactics like pushing them to purchase, Lan suggested weaving stories around the products. “Imagine sharing funny anecdotes about a particular item or offering your own experiences that resonate with your audience. This approach keeps them engaged and interested in learning more.” Lan Solo, a parent himself, put this advice into action, leveraging his experience to recommend the Anakku Disney Baby Bath. His relatable stories resonated with parent viewers who trusted his firsthand knowledge and advice. Zoey Rahman and Lan Solo's sharing aligns perfectly with the growing trend of live commerce.

Shopee Live Empowers Sellers with Its Useful Live Streaming Features
Zoey highlighted the advantages of using Shopee Live as a platform for live streaming: "It's a built-in feature on Shopee, ready for you to engage your audience directly.” Emphasizing the convenience, Zoey added, “It's so convenient that sellers can ditch the brick-and-mortar overhead. They can live stream directly from their phones – anytime, anywhere!" Shopee Live allows sellers to launch live streams easily through a phone – a convenient and cost-effective way to connect with audiences.

"Shopee Live is like having your own mini broadcast, but without the production hassle," said Lan Solo, echoing the platform's user-friendliness. Unlike traditional live streaming, Shopee Live empowers sellers to go live easily. Its easy-to-use features, such as live chat functionality and exclusive deals, empower brands and sellers to connect with audiences in an interactive way, ultimately leading to increased brand awareness and brand loyalty.”

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