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Friday 4 November 2022

Tiger Street Food Festival 2022

Tiger Street Food Festival 2022
The Ultimate Tiger Street Food Festival is Back! 
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Celebration of bold street food flavours is happening at the two-weekend-long festival with all things street food, hidden rooms, entertainment, and ice-cold Tiger Crystal
Guests enjoying themselves at Tiger Street Food Festival 2022_10
Street Food Hunt: The Tiger Street Food Festival has returned after a two years absence, this time featuring maze-like alleyways and crafted events for fans to enjoy an enhanced street food experience.

Second from L_ Salima Bekoeva, Supply Chain Director, Joyce Lim, Marketing Manager of Tiger Beer, Victoria Ang, Head of People Function and Renuka Indrarajah, Head of Corporate Affairs and Legal
Tiger Beer has gone all out in the run-up to the festival to deliver an authentic but novel experience, commencing with the unveiling of the Hottest Hunt website in September. With over 1,000 pins dropped so far, fans got together to nominate the hottest street food venues and contributed to creating a directory of distinctive street food recipes to try.

Activities at Tiger Street Food Festival 2022_06

Some of the directory's local favourites will be featured at this year's Tiger Street Food Festival, which begins on 28th October and runs for two weekends which is October 28th to 30th and November 4th to 6th - from 4pm to 12am at Lot 102, Jalan Professor Khoo Kay Kim, Seksyen 19, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Guests can explore four distinct locations - Wai Sek Kai, Lucky Lok Lane, Spicy Alley, and The Basement - each with distinctive street food vibe characters and activities.

Tiger Street Food Festival 2022
Tiger Street Food Festival 2022
Tiger Street Food Festival 2022

Wai Sek Kai will provide a selection of classic street cuisine dishes with a modern twist. Fans in the Wai Sek Kai neighbourhood can also participate in dancing competitions for a chance to win ice-cold Tiger Crystal. 

Tiger Street Food Festival 2022
Tiger Hottest Street Food Festival - Watering Hole
The legendary Tiger Crystal Fire Truck and other merchants will be positioned in Lucky Lok Lane. Fans will not only be able to enjoy lok lok, but they will also be able to use coupons to sing their hearts out in a private karaoke area.

Tiger Hottest Street Food Festival - Wai Sek Kai

The venue's Spicy Alley will have the hottest street cuisine for guests to experience, and they can even put their tongues on fire by taking on the Spicy Wheel Challenge. At the Spicy Alley, fans may also savour Tiger with a classic pouring ritual presented in bowls. Finally, the Basement will have a distinct atmosphere with open mic singing and stand-up comedy, all while fans enjoy Tiger Crystal Somaek.

Tiger Hottest Street Food Festival - Moo Ping
Fans may raise their social media game by visiting the different Instaworthy sites during the event to capture their street food experience in style. They will also be able to purchase exclusive street food-inspired apparel from local designers at Wai Sek Kai's Tiger Merchandise Store.

Joyce Lim, Marketing Manager of Tiger Beer Malaysia officiating Tiger Stripes
“After all our fans’ hard work of dropping pins to the hottest street food spots, we are excited to kickstart the long-awaited Street Food Festival with even more culinary adventures and curated experiences. Tiger has continually elevated the street food experience, and this year is particularly special because fans had a big role to play in recommending and trying dishes suggested by fellow foodies,” said Joyce Lim, Marketing Manager of Tiger Beer Malaysia.

Tiger Hottest Street Food Festival - Tiger Stripes

At the festival's launch, the brand announced Tiger Stripes, a long-term concept that would recognize worthy street food sellers for their bold street food flavours. Throughout the Tiger Stripes initiative, the company encourages followers to continue dropping pins on the webpage. The top 100 pins chosen by fans from the Hottest Hunt directory will then be sampled and evaluated by a judging team of restaurateurs, chefs, and culinary celebrities.

Tiger Hottest Street Food Festival - Hot Pot Kichen

Tiger Hottest Street Food Festival - Hot Pot Kichen Signature Mala Set

“We are excited to take the local street food scene to the next level with the launch of Tiger Stripes. This platform aims to be the hallmark of street food excellence by recognizing the best local street food. This could not have been done without the help of our fans and the directory created by them. This process and the announcement of judges will begin in January 2023, so fans can stay tuned for more exciting updates,” Lim continued.

Tiger Hottest Street Food Festival - Stinky Tau  Foo

Tiger Hottest Street Food Festival - Pork Belly Ramen With Gyoza

Fans can continue to drop pins to endorse their favourite street food venues, bringing their favorite street food seller one step closer to receiving Tiger Stripes. Fans who wish to participate in the festival may register at https://hottesthunt.tigerstreetfood.my. The website also includes a complete list of vendors who will be participating in the festival.

Tiger Hottest Street Food Festival - Grilled Dish

Tiger Hottest Street Food Festival - Portuguese Baked Sting Ray

Tiger Beer, Tiger Crystal, the Tiger Street Food Festival, and all of the brand’s activities and promotions are open to non-Muslims aged 21 and above only. For more information about Tiger Beer and Tiger Crystal, visit www.facebook.com/TigerBeerMY or follow www.instagram.com/tigerbeermy on Instagram. Fans are urged to enjoy themselves responsibly, and not drink and drive.

Tiger Hottest Street Food Festival - Watering Hole
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