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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

The Pork Place @ IOI Boulevard Bandar Puchong Jaya Puchong Selangor ~ Gourmet Pork Cuisine

The Pork Place
Whetting Pork Lovers' Appetite
Those who enjoy savouring premium pork meat prepared by skilled hands might find something to their liking on The Pork Place's menu. The neighbourhood restaurant cum butchery which has been around for the past 4 years in IOI Boulevard Bandar Puchong Jaya, is popular with guests who enjoy their porky dishes.

With a strictly all-pork menu to choose from while offering a wide array of porki-licious dishes from snacks, appetisers to salads, soups to the mains and pasta together with pork dogs (sausages) and pork burgers to whet your appetite!

The Pork Place proudly introduces yet another gourmet alternative to discerning diners in Klang Valley, their farm-bred "Black Pig" or "Hei-Zhu". Meat products sold are totally chemical-free, offering its diners only the best-marbled meats, from their grain-fed pigs at Landyork Farms in Johor.

Butchery Section

The Pork Place which also houses Malaysia's first and only Butchery boasts of offering their own specially fed and bred, quality assured 'Pig-To-Pork-Table' ~ "Hei-Zhu" products. You may have heard of "Kurobuta" pork from Japan, "Iberico" from Spain or "Berkshire" from UK, and now Sanbanto introduces 'Hei-Zhu" from our homeland Malaysia which means "Black Pig". 

Modern & Chic Decor

The Pork Place is an excellent place to chill and unwind while dining on some of the finest in quality pork meat direct from its own farm. Step into this restaurant and you’ll be met with warm tones of tasteful dark wood tables and chairs with beautiful posters of little cute pigs portraits against attractive red masonry bricks wall.

This posh, yet warm and inviting place, with accents of timber, leather and red masonry bricks in its interior, is certainly classy. The bar counter is made from a unique design of sliced wooden logs which helps to create a focal point on the bar top. A contemporary dining space,  that is both cosy and welcoming to its patrons. 

Private Dining Area

The restaurant offers a comfortable private dining area on their mezzanine floor with a spacious dining space, perfect for a small gathering or celebrations of any events. 

We kicked off our dining experience of all-pork cuisines with two of their signature salads which are the Pork Belly Salad and Pork Bacon Salad.

Pork Bacon Salad
RM 21

Looking at the Pork Bacon Salad with cherry tomatoes, onions rings, crisp romaine lettuce, black olive, cheddar cheese topped with pan-fried bacon bits, served with their special house-made orange dressing; it is precisely the perfect combination of a delicious salad. 

The saltiness of the bacon was balanced off by the crisp and fresh-tasting greens in the salad. I wish there were more of the bacon bits topping as sometimes it's natural that hungry diners will go for the bacon first, leaving behind the greens for the last to eat if you are sharing this.

Pork Belly Salad
RM 18.90

Next was the Pork Belly Salad. The other starter comes with deep-fried pork belly with fresh seasonal local and imported greens, tossed in French dressing with sweet lychees. Looking very flavourful with a crunchiness provided by the crackling skin of the pork belly, everyone at the dining table demolished every piece on the salad bowl and with nothing left for me. Luckily, my foodie blogger friend, Ruth Wong who was ever so kind to share her last piece with me. How nice and thoughtful of her, sweet gal Miss Perut Besi!

Twirls Of Landrace-Duroc
RM 22.80

Our mains started off with a dish named after the pig breed ~ Twirls Of Landrace-Duroc. It's a single piece of pork meat, better known as 'Pig-In-Blanket', with meaty pork wrapped in bacon served on a bed of salad of mixed greens. This was another dish I actually miss-out tasting as the single serving was not enough for eight of us.

Crispy Skin Pork Knuckle
RM 69 (Whole Leg)
RM 40 (Halves) 

One of The Pork Place's Weekend Specials at  IOI Boulevard was the Crispy Skin Pork Knuckle. Oven-roasted pork knuckle with moist and juicy meat on the inside with crispy-crunchy skin on the outside.  The price starts at RM 69 for the whole leg and RM 40 for half the leg.

Everyone dig into the juicy signature pork knuckle after it was cut into chunky bites for sharing. This pork-tastic dish scored high with us while the serving portion was rather good with every one of us having a good and satisfying share of it. These precious pork knuckles were tender and ridiculously delicious in every bite!

Barbecue Ribs
RM 48

Another dish that stood out was the House Specialties of Barbecue Ribs ~ Special cut pork ribs with belly marinated and cooked in house-made BBQ sauce. A limited portion is available daily and diners must allow up to 20 minutes of preparation time for this delectable pork ribs dish.

Close-Shot Drooling Food Picture
Succulent Piece of Perfectly BBQ Pork Ribs

Paying homage to pork fans, one simply must order the Barbecue Ribs. The BBQ ribs turn out to be soft and good to munch - a result of rich marination, coated with a thin layer of delectable sauce. Served on a bed of mash with salad on the side, each sumptuous piece of pork ribs was a medley of flavours. I would have loved to hog this whole plate to myself, truly a good crowd-pleaser! 

Loin Steak
RM 50

Thin succulent pork steak slices grilled to perfection, neatly arranged in-between grilled onions served with house-made sauce. Comes with sides of mash and some fruity salad of pineapple cubes with olives and cherry tomatoes.

While appreciating the rest of the finest pork cuts and versatile cooking techniques, this dish did not fare well on my list. I did not enjoy it as much as the rest of the dishes as I found the grilled pork loin to be too dry, overcooked and rather tough too. Unless you really like to chew on meat, then you should give it a miss when ordering.

Collar Steaks
RM 68

The Pork Place's ~ Collar Steaks definitely catered for a wider general pool of hog lovers. Meaty, rich and well-marbled, making it a great cut of meat for slow cooking and slow roasting in the oven. A cut above the rest, perfect for this special stew dish.

The beautiful collar steak sits in a brown savoury pool of rich bone stock with dauphinoise potatoes and salad on the side. Carefully selected cuts to ensure that every slice has the essential requirement of equal layers of pork fat and lean meat only added another perfectionist note on the dish. Drool-worthy and a dish guaranteed to please foodies of all ages!

Best Of Bellies
RM 65

Finishing off the satisfying meal was the last dish of the day ~ Best Of Bellies. Presented with juicy chunks of belly pork sitting on a bed of mash on a pool of savoury brown sauce with a generous serving of brown shimeji mushroom and cherry tomatoes on the sides.
This absolutely 'Fat-tastic' dish ~ Best Of Bellies, with some much fat in the cut makes it a little too overwhelming for us to savour. Despite that, we did finish up the rest of the sides of mushroom, cherry tomatoes and the creamy house-made mash potatoes. My foodie friends and I were just not cut for that sinful chunky piece of pork fat sitting on the plate that day!

Overall, The Pork Place got us covered with sumptuous and delicious gourmet pork dishes. Almost everything on their menu is worth trying but if you have limited stomach space, they've got some of the best pork knuckle and barbecue ribs around! 

So, are you ready for a Porking Good Experience? Then it's about time you get your pork on as you head over to The Pork Place for a wonderful pork-tastic feast! BON-APPETITE !

The Pork Place
Lot 31, IOI Boulevard
Jalan Kenari 7
Bandar Puchong Jaya

Tel: 03-8076 9608 

Opening hours : Tuesday - Sunday
Lunch : 11.30am - 3.00pm
Dinner : 6pm - 10pm
Fresh Meat : 10am - 8pm

Website: www.sanbanto.com.my

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  1. I miss this place so much!! It's been more than 2 years since I've been there. I love the BBQ Ribs & the Pork Loin so so much... Thx for sharing, will visit this place again, glad to know it's still there hehe

  2. No wayyyyy all that pork!! Especially the pork knuckle and bacon salad! My fav =D

  3. I love PORK! All the dish looks awesome and delicious <3
    Always my favorite!


  4. Hi Aunty Lilly! Wah the food here actually look amazing! So many porky dishes haha. The Pork Bacon salad is a must order for me if I happen to dine there :D


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