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Monday, 20 July 2015

My Oak Bakery & Cafe @Ara Damansara The Oak Suites Petaling Jaya

Beyond Breads and Pastry
My Oak Bakery & Cafe 
@Ara Damansara The Oak Suites 

An invite from My Oak Bakery & Cafe's owner, Mr Jerrell has brought us to his newly opened cafe at Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya. The bakery cum cafe is located at The Oak Suites, just opposite the Kelana LRT depot and tucked in a somewhat hidden corner of the new condominium.
Stepping into this cafe and you will be met with some of the tastiest and comforting sight of a variety of freshly baked pastries, buns, soft breads, cakes and desserts for you to choose from.  

Be ready to be spoilt for choice with the some healthy and tasty offerings of buns such as sweet pumpkin buns, spring onion buns, cheese sticks to sweet potatoes buns, cranberry cheese buns, mushroom turkey ham cheese buns to tomato ham cheese buns. Price ranging from as low as RM 3 to RM5 for all their buns selections. Pretty affordable and value for money too!

Nice Treats
~ Tasty, Freshly Baked Buns ~

An Assorted of Soft Euro Breads
RM 5.90 per loaf

Not forgetting also are their special soft-baked Euro breads, with a soft outer and inner texture, something which is absolutely different from the common or run-of-the-mill types of European hard crusted bread which I totally disliked. Choose your pick from the nutrient-packed soft euro breads such as mixed nuts, walnuts to cranberry and raisins breads too!

Dessert and Cakes Counter

Raspberry Macaroon
RM 16

Come check out this larger-size Raspberry Macaroon, which caught my eye during the review. Sorry as I am not a super fan of the sweet macaroon, so I didn't asked to try out this cute pink macaroon that night!

Premium Black Forest
RM 22

Another pleasing-to-the-eye dessert was this  Premium Black Forest. Made from a total of 10 layers of ingredients starting with dark pitted cherries, almond hazelnut, Belgium chocolate, premium chantilly bavarious, pistachios nuts and many more.
RM 18

For the review, we started off with a simple home-made mushroom soup served with a slice of buttered baguette.

Mushroom Soup
RM 10.80

A good start to our meal, a simple and tummy warming creamy mushroom soup with fragrant and flavourful soup made from freshly minced mushroom.

Crispy Buttered Baguette

Spicy Seafood Spaghetti

For the main course, we sampled some of their signature pasta dishes. First out of the kitchen was Spicy Seafood Spaghetti. Generous mixed of seafood such as prawns, fish fillet, clams, squid and mussels were plated on a bed of ala-dente spaghetti soaking on a pool of 'vongole' (clam stock). 

Fresh ingredients coupled with the goodness of the clam stock, all freshly made from scratch, we slurped away into the delicious goodness of the wonderful briny flavour of the sea with this great-tasting dish!

The word 'spicy' being added to the name as some chilli flakes were added for flavour, please note that it isn't all that spicy at all. But Jerrell noted that diners can choose to hike up the level of spiciness when ordering to your liking.

Squid Ink Pasta
RM 18.80

Goodness me, this one of the most unattractive pasta dish I was ever served. Looking pretty blackish and very un-photogenic with the shocking colour, so to say for my food blog pictures. We were taken by surprise upon first bite, it was different from others with an extra dimension of flavour; the squid ink adds salty, ocean-y notes to freshly house made pasta. 

Silky Black Hue ~ Squid Ink Pasta

Messy dish to eat with your mouth and teeth getting all blackish from the squid ink, but it was totally a satisfying experience tasting a really well cooked with firm texture, an al dente spaghetti. An incredibly delicious gourmet dish with a subtle hint of brininess, cooked perfectly aglio-olio style with tiny little squids. 

Prawn Pink Fusilli

A spin-off of the conventional bolognese pasta dish, Jerrell's version was a fusion dish of his own creation. The robust rich gravy was superb and simply addictive, made from a simple concoction of tomato sauce and cooking cream, resulting into an appetising and delicious-looking pinky-orangey sauce. 

The generous servings of the crunchy and fresh prawns topped with cheese flakes completes this awesome tasty pasta dish! Highly recommended for any seafood or prawns lovers.... celebrating the unique flavours of the sea.

Chicken Ham And Cheese Penne

Rich and creamy, that how I would describe this Chicken Ham And Cheese Penne dish. So, pasta lovers can get their fill of carbohydrates with this super cheesy carbonara-style pasta. Green olives were added for the slight sweetness and sourish flavour and you will like the lighter and refreshing flavour its gives.   

Also note that diners can choose their preferred types of pasta, be it the spaghetti, penne or fusilli to go with their orders.

Matcha Chicken Burger

Next, was this Matcha Chicken Burger. Sandwiched between two buttery green tea matcha-flavoured bun was a flavourful thick chicken burger topped with mayo and heaped with lettuce, zuchini and tomatoes slices. Served with salad and crispy helping of fries on the side. Considerably fancier, with slightly different ingredients compared to the common soft butter burger buns.

No meal is complete in a bakery cafe without tasting their wide array of their daily freshly baked pastry and buns. So we went on to choose our personal favourite from the buns to the danish pastries. As I was filled to the brim with those delicious pasta dishes, I opted out from ordering any hot drinks to go with my desserts.

At My Oak Bakery & Cafe, there were four types of danishes to pick from, starting from dark pitted cherries danish, mixed nuts danish to chestnut danish and lastly, the mixed fruits danish. 

Our Tasty Danishes Pick of the Day

 Mixed Fruits Danish  
RM 7.80

Mixed Fruits Danish was a good choice as I loved the taste of the fresh strawberries, blue berries and black berries eaten together with the flaky soft well-layered danish pastry. 

Mixed Nuts Danish
RM 5.90

 As for the Mixed Nuts Danish, candied almond and walnuts were topped on a light and tasty danish that provided the added flavour and crunch to the pastry.

Premium Butter Croissant
RM 7.90

Don't miss-out trying their Premium Butter Croissant, its a must-try if you loves buttery, light and flaky texture of this simple-looking croissant. Best eaten warm with a good cup of your favourite coffee ~ latte, espresso or cappuccino!
Tasty Treat of Buns

Spring Onions Bun
RM 4.50

Spring Onions Bun was my first choice under the buns selection as I was attracted to the extra large in size and mouth-watering piece of bun on the rack. Real value for money as it cost only RM4.50 for this tasty-looking bun. Melt-in-the-mouth texture, soft and fragrant with the spring onions, this sweet-savoury bun get a thumbs up for that!
Ham & Cheese Bun
RM 3.80

Dreamy Dessert ~ Almond Bavarois
RM 16

Highly recommended as a must-try dessert when dining at My Oak Bakery & Cafe. Almond Bavarois, it was a classic among us; a gorgeous almond pastry cream dessert decorated with fresh berries of black berries, raspberries and almond crisp cookies. Smooth and velvety, I have to say that I rather enjoyed the unexpected little tiny bits of the cracked almonds cooked in the caramel.

Hanjuku Cheese Cake
RM 12

Bite into the irresistible Japanese souffle cheesecakeHanjuku Cheese Cake, with its silky richness of premium cream cheese. Made from the freshest ingredients, velvety, creamy and light, it's great for melt-in-your-mouth moments. Moist and rich half-baked souffle cheesecake makes a sweet finish to any meal!

Uncle Hong's Choice Drink
Caramel Macchiato 
RM 11.90

La Cimbali Coffee Machine

Special Ice Tea
Summer Rainbow
RM 9.90

Lemongrass & Ginger Tea
RM 6.90

Do check out My Oak Bakery & Cafe if you happen to be in the Ara Damansara vicinity. Bet you will pleased with their delicious options of seafood pasta, pastries, breads and buns selection. Satisfy your craving too with their impressive premium desserts that will bound to please all the senses!   

Here's me, a naturally happy smile after a happy and satifying meal at My Oak Bakery & Cafe

My Oak Bakery & Cafe
The Oak Suites
J-1-6, Level 1
Block J Pacific Place
Jalan PJU1A/4
Ara Damansara
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 016-229 1121

FaceBook: My-Oak-Bakery-Cafe 

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  1. Everything looks soo appetizing!

    1. Oh yes, Diana - not only its looks good, these tasty bites taste great too! You gotta come to see & eat for yourself to find out, my dear !

  2. Great food photography! made me salivate.

  3. yea! I just work in Oasis square nearby here! In fact I pass through this place every working day! Will go try, your pic make me drooling~~

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