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Friday 27 March 2015

Caffeinated @ IOI Boulevard, Bandar Puchong Jaya, Puchong ~ Coffee Infused Cafe

Stimulated By Caffeine
View from Entrance

Satisfy your craving for coffee and everything else with coffee at CAFFEiNATED located at IOI Boulevard Puchong.  Cafe owner, Tarick Tan ~ a barista himself came up with the idea of opening a cafe because of his interest in coffee. He takes great pride in coming out with the cafe's menu including some coffee infused dishes as well as the beverages too.    

Tucked within the newly opened IOI Boulevard in the bustling Puchong township, CAFFEiNATED is located at the inner section of the mall, taking up the corner lot of the building. It's a small little cafe with simple decor, nothing fancy or fun and perfect place to chill or hang-out over good food, coffee  and tea. 

CAFFEiNATED boasts of a rather expansive menu of beverages, commits to its namesake by offering its customers premium collections of teas imported from Holland ~ The Art of Tea Collection sophisticated flavours of chocolate drinks from Zuma UKBaileys Irish Cream and KahLua, a coffee-flavoured rum liquor from Mexico.

Tarick said CAFFEiNATED's strength lies with its coffees as it features house blend medium roast, comprising four blends - Coffee from Brazil, Columbia, Sumatra and Mexico.  

Tarick, proud owner of his baby ~ Conti X-One TCI Espresso Machine. There are only two of its kind in Malaysia and is fully imported from Italy. A high tech coffee making machine to meet the demands of the modern day barista like Tarick, himself and serious coffee drinkers too, making it a serious proposition for any professional coffee bar! 

Espresso Martini
RM 18

To start off, we tried several coffee infused signature drinks personally recommended by Tarick. CAFFEiNATED's Espresso Martini is an ice-shake combo of KahLua, Vodka, Espresso.

Bailey's Tiramisu
RM 17

Coming up next was ~ An exquisite Tarick's personal creation of  Bailey's Tiramisu. Simply a concoction of mascarpone cheese, fresh milk, Espresso with Bailey's Irish Cream. Loved the unique smooth and rich flavour from a mix of cream, milk, finest Irish spirit and coffee, blends so well together like marriage made in heaven. Well, I always believe a little indulgence can make your life a little sweeter, so go ahead and give this a try!

Lemon Grass Heineken 
RM 11

This is a combo beverage of Lemon Grass with Heineken. It gives off a nice grassy scent and fit well with the beer. If you are looking for a cool, crisp and refreshing beer to go with your food, this could be a good choice!   

 MOFO Deluxe Chocolate
RM 15

For non-coffee drinkers,  CAFFEiNATED offers premium grade chocolate drink ~ MOFO Deluxe. This dark hot chocolate drink is made using 100% Belgium Chocolate.  This sweet and smooth MOFO Deluxe Chocolate is bound to please chocoholics with its high cocoa content and rich. indulgent chocolate taste. Specially caters to those looking for more sophisticated flavours in their hot chocolate beverages.

To complement the beverages, Tarick had a menu of Western food with a little bit of fusion twist with some Espresso-based dishes too. The menu includes pastas, pizzas, wraps, subs (baguette), breakfast sets, desserts and many more. 

Carbonara with Mushroom 
RM 15

Those enjoy pasta and mushroom will be delighted to savour Carbonara with Mushroom. The flavours were rich, creamy and thick in sauce. It was practically loaded with three types of mushroom - shimeiji, shitake and button, the Carbonara pasta is a Must-Try dish for pasta lovers!

 Mushroom Pizza
RM 20

Another crowd favourite is the Mushroom Pizza with a barbecue base sauce topped with shiitake, white button, mozzarella cheese and black olives. Vega pizza is simple yet at its best with its 10" thin crust making it a light and great snacking food.

Breakfast ~ Mushroom with White Sauce
RM 15

If you are looking for a warm and comforting dish to keep your day going, this is the perfect breakfast dish. Their Mushroom with White Sauce was ordinary and unpretentious, cooked with Shitake, Shimeji, white button. onion, garlic together with heavy cream for the richness and finishing off with some dried parsley for the added flavour. You will loved the richness and smooth taste of the broth and it goes so well with the crunchy muesli toast that comes with it.

A dish that simply screamed simplicity at its best and comes generously with lots of sliced mushrooms. Truly a creamy bowl of hearty goodness you can have it any time of the day!

Coffee Pomodoro with Smoked Duck
RM 16

Coffee enthusiasts might want to try this, but honestly speaking, this special coffee-infused pasta dish requires an acquire taste. The combination of coffee and tomato based pasta, creates a unique feel and taste on the tougue - bitterish aftertaste just like eating the chicken and bitter gourd stew with fermented black beans. Coffee and tomato was just not a good match after all I guess.  

Cooked with minced chicken in tomato based sauce, onion, garlic, white wine, dried parsley served topped with alfalfa sprouts and served with sides of smoked duck. Anyhow, hat-offs to Tarick for coming out with such a challenging dish for its customers to try. So, if you are an adventurous diner, you might want to give it a try and let me have your verdict on this!

Sharing Platter ~ Under The Sea
RM 80 nett
 (For 2-3 pax) 

Seafood lovers can take delight in CAFFEiNATED ~ Sharing Platter of 'Under The Sea'. A scrumptious platter with juicy seafood of Dory fish, squid and prawns together with Foot-long, German sausage and Spicy French sausage, Aglio Olio spaghetti, fries, grilled sweet corn, tomato, sesame dressing salad and crispy nachos for extra bites.

Enjoy it all with selection of dips ~ mayo, lemon butter and wasabi mayo.  All platter comes complimentary with 1 liter of Apple Lemonade or you can top RM 10 to Lemon Grass Heineken. Please note that there is a minimum waiting time of 20 minutes for this platter.

German Sausage Baguette
RM 18

For Subs - Baguette menu, diners can choose between German Sausage, Lamb Leg, Turkey Ham or Smoked Chicken. We opted for the all-time-favourite German Sausage. The whole meal baguette came stuffed with Thuringer German sausage, green coral, red coral, cucumber, beef tomatoes, cheddar cheese,  mayo, sesame dressing and savoury lattice with wasabi mayo dressing.    

Affogato with Kapiti Ice Cream
RM 14

Dark Chocolate Float
RM 15

Dessert came in the form of the heavenly Affogato and Dark Chocolate Float. I took a scoop of the everything in one mouthful and the combination of the rich yet not too sweet Affogato was absolutely wonderful. Tarick choose a sweet, honey sense of the Kapiti ice cream ~ Ponulukawa Honey flavour to pair for his Affogato.

My Happy Eats Picture
Posing with Nice Back drop @CAFFEiNATED

C-GF-43, Ground Floor,
IOI Boulevard,
Jalan Kenari 5,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47170 Puchong,
Tel: 03 - 8080 5882

Opening Hours : Sun - Thu: 9 am - 11 pm
                              Fri - Sat: 9 am - 12 am

FaceBook: Caffeinated.Puchong 

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  1. Satisfy your craving for coffee and everything else with coffee at CAFFEiNATED located at IOI Boulevard Puchong.


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