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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

2013 BBT One Restaurant & Bar @Bandar Bukit Tinggi Klang

Always a Surprise on the Menu
Restaurant out to wow diners with clever combination of flavours and ingredients

2013 BBT Restaurant & Bar is the place to head to if you fancy unique Asian fusion cuisines in a classy bistro. Located in Bandar Bukit Tinggi, Klang, this classy eatery provides good food and entertainment.

2013 BBT Restaurant & Bar offers food lovers fresh dining concepts with a variety of Asian and Western fusion dishes. Diners are spoilt for choice with cuisines ranging from local to Western, Chinese, Indian and Japanese. Danny, their outlet manager was the driving force behind the vast menu and catered it to match the local taste buds.  

The spacious restaurant can seat 150 people with its indoor and outdoor alfresco seating capacity with ample parking space in front. Dim yellow lights, dark brown flooring and dark wooden tables and chairs add a cosy touch and nice ambience to the restaurant and bar. 
Focal Point: Impressive Looking Bar Counter 

This place doubles up as pub grub offering a fantastic mix of alcohol available from the bar. 

Wine Cabinet

Spacious & Comfortable Alfresco Dining 

Belacan Chicken Wings ( 6 pairs )
RM 26+

We started off the meal with appetisers of golden fried Belacan Chicken Wings. Serves in a set of 3 pairs for RM 13, these all-time-favourite wings was fried to perfection. Juicy and tender, not dry but stay crispy, long even after our 'Camera-eat session', I found these chicken wings very appetising and delicious with a hint of mild belacan taste.

The bite-size portions were easy to eat and the crunchy batter complemented the savoury juices on the inside.  For those who like add a little spiciness, can eat the wings with the sambal belacan or the chillie sauce that comes with this dish. 
In house made Sambal Belacan Sauce & Chilli Sauce

Potato Croquette ~ RM 14.80+  

Another entree was the Potato Croquette - a potato ball coated with bread crumbs before being deep fried in high heat just to get the crust crispy on the outside but yet soft on the inside. Cheesy cheese, onions, carrots and potatoes are the some of the ingredients that goes into making of this awesome potatoes croquette.

Garnished with ice berg lettuce and served with some tangy lemon cream sauce for taste. With melt-in-the-mouth sensation, these croquette is a sure winner for many. 

2013 Salad ~ RM 18+ 

Kicking off our feast that night, we have Caesar Salad with a twist as it was loaded with extra fried prawns and crispy fried smoked bacon. Well-marinated and flavoursome, it goes well and complemented the usual lettuce, boiled eggs, cheese tossed in Japanese sesame seed and thousand island dressing. 

I believe the 2013 Special Salad will go well with those non-salad lovers as this salad comes with an extra dose of sinful but tasty smoked bacon and succulent fried prawns! 
Oven Baked Crab ~ RM 18+

Moving on to the mains, we sampled one of their stuffed crab dish, Oven Baked Crab. With fillings made out of minced pork, mushrooms and crab meat and stuffed into the crabs shell before being baked with layer of  cheese toppings to bring out the cheesiness in the dish. 

Best eaten when warm that is straight from the oven. Served as an hors d'oeuvre with coleslaw and home made chillie sauce for an exquisite but surprisingly light meal. A real treat for the taste-buds, there were chewy bits of melted cheese in the dish that lent a buttery flavour.     

Grilled Salmon with White Mushroom Cream Sauce ~ RM 29+

The healthy salmon ~ fresh cut, prepared grilled, is another offering that sits in well with the fish aficionados. This dish comes with coleslaw, mashed potatoes and a deep fried crispy salmon skin with mushroom cream sauce as gravy for this presentation. 


I enjoyed eating the salmon skin, it was crunchy and tasty especially eaten together with the mashed potatoes as I used it to scoop up the creamy mash potatoes into my mouth!

Mutton Curry with Toasted Bread ~ RM 29+

For those who prefer spicier tasting food, there is the Mutton Curry, a mutton dish made with tender cubes of mutton, fresh herbs and spices using a secret recipe from a well-known northern Indian restaurant. The dish was redolent with the taste of spices and coconut milk but was not overwhelming. It was perfectly seasoned and went well with a piece of toast.     

Lamb Pasta Mamak-style ~ RM  23+

An interesting fusion dish here is the Lamb Pasta cooked Mamak-style with lamb, squids and prawns with an in-house special sauce to enhance the flavour. Most locals find the original pasta dishes bland in taste. However, at 2013 BBT Restaurant & Bar, one of the pasta dishes is prepared with mildly spicy special lamb sauce.

This mamak pasta was certainly a crowd pleaser and ended up as everyone's favourites that night. The sauce was excellent, lamb meat was tender and juicy while the pasta was a la dente. Tasted so good minus the taste of the alkaline, baking soda usually present in the original mee mamak's yellow noodles. For that, it gets a thumbs up from me!  
Pork Chop 
(New dish ~ yet to be named)    

A generous cut of fried pork chop was served with fries and coleslaw and mushroom cream sauce served on the side. The juicy and moist pork chop was given a twist for a 'Wow' factor. Danny explained that he wanted to explore and play around with seasonal ingredients, with local flavours and by including a little bit of Nyonya influences with this porky dish. 

He added that they brought in fresh imported mutton every 2 days to maintain the quality. He revealed that the pork was marinated with serai among other seasoning, and left to marinate for at least 3 days before cooking, for the flavour to seeps into the meat.  

Lamb Pizza ~ RM 32+

As for the main star of the menu, Signature Lamb Pizza was serves to us as the last dish for the night. One of their best seller, the thin crisp tomato-based pizza was very satisfying with lamb and capsicum. It also has tomatoes, onions, pineapple and of course, lots of cheese.

Cheesy Lamb Pizza in Action 

As you can see from the picture, the pizza was so cheesy that you could see the long strands of cheese being pull away as we are attempting a challenging feat with the cheesiest pizza of the night!

Green Passion Mocktail ~ RM 25+ 

2013 BBT Restaurant & Bar also has its very own mixture of beverages such as Green Passion. Made from a blend apple sauce, orange juice with zesty lemon comes together in a perfect soda mix, bringing you a Green Passion mocktail, superb for cleansing your palate after an awesome meal at this restaurant. 

~ Matai Cocktail ~ 
(Yet to be Launch)

We were serenaded by live performance of the great Duet, ALPHABeat after our mouth watering dinner that night. Danny added that there are live band performances only on Fridays and Saturdays for its diners to unwind and relax after a hard day's work.

Besides that, 2013 BBT Restaurant & Bar does caters for any social or corporate events, birthdays parties or any other special celebrations. With a good team of professional staff, state-of-the-art audio and HD visual equipment plus stage, they are well-equipped to make your event a perfect, successful and memorable one. 

Overall, I believe 2013 BBT Restaurant & Bar has succeeded in providing its diners a proper culinary journey, not just to fill up their stomach, but an experience of good service and good food and go home with great memories. From the potato croquette to the lamb pasta and then to the lamb pizza, everything was above average. I would recommend the lamb pizza, lamb pasta and potato croquette. Yummy! 

2013 BBT One Restaurant & Bar
Unit No. B-G-2 BBT One Boulevard
Lebuh Batu Nilam 2
Bandar Bukit Tinggi
41200 Klang Selangor
Tel: 03- 3323 2920 / 016 - 5533 869

Opening Hours: 4pm - 1am

FaceBook: 2013-BBT-One-Restaurant-And-Bar

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  1. 2013 BBT Restaurant & Bar is the place to head to if you fancy unique Asian fusion cuisines in a classy bistro. Located in Bandar Bukit Tinggi, Klang, this classy eatery provides good food and entertainment.

  2. 2013 BBT Restaurant & Bar has succeeded in providing its diners a proper culinary journey, not just to fill up their stomach, but an experience of good service and good food and go home with great memories.


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