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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Udon-Ya San Restaurant @Pandan Indah Kuala Lumpur


Udon-Ya San Restaurant promises to bring the real taste of Udon to the people of Malaysia

Craving for a hearty udon with some crispy tempura but do not want to burn a hole in your pocket? Or how about the taste of savoury home made Kake udon noodles and scent of freshly deep fired Chicken Kaarage to help you unwind after a day of hard work?

If your answer is 'Yes', then head over to a nice, comfy and affordable place called Udon-Ya San Restaurant located at the Pandah Indah, right in the heart of Klang Valley.

Sometimes, the best eating places can be found in the most unexpected places. One such place is the Udon-Ya San Restaurant which opened for business 3 months ago at No.65 Jalan Pandan Indah 4/3A, Pandah Indah, 55100 Kuala Lumpur. 

 Classic Setting

 Spacious & Comfortable Seating 
Japanese Wall Hangings

Conveniently-located near Klang Valley, its' décor is reminiscent to the simple classic and minimalist interior. The traditional  interior is comfortable and cozy at the same time, decorated with white paper lanterns and Japanese hanging scrolls creating a different kind of ambience.

Irrasshaimase! The workers honorifically address you as you step into this little Japanese restaurant. Settings with a touch of Zen with its dark hardwood furniture, wood wall panels, simple wooden stools and traditional calligraphy wall decor, greets customers as they enter Udon-Ya San Restaurant.

Japanese Calligraphy Ornaments 
Adorning the walls are the Japanese wooden calligraphy ornaments and the beautiful hanging scrolls.

To start off with, they are seven extraordinary varieties of Udon in the menu to choose from at Udon-Ya San Restaurant. Chef Anson Leong, their Head chef emphasises that, "the noodles and broth are distinctive and this is the pivotal difference among the other regular Udon outlets."

At Udon-Ya San Restaurant, these hand made soba noodles are prepared fresh in the kitchen daily. They are also not machine cut but instead are cut manually hence you will notice the uneven size when served. Once cooked, udon needs to be consumed within minutes or else it loses that special texture. Served soup-style or dry, and either hot or cold, udon is the focal point of the menu here.

 Tsukimi Udon Soup - The "Moon Viewing Udon"
RM 7

For the taste of what Udon-Ya San Restaurant has to offer, we were served the house special, which is a simple Kake soup udon that comes with seaweed (wakame), chopped spring onion, tempura batter (tenkasu) and featuring a raw egg on top of the udon noodles. 

Tsukimi Udon  has a soft-boiled egg on top of which is meant to resemble the moon is also known as "Moon Viewing Udon" in Japan. The bonito flakes soup was a tasty treat for me as I enjoyed drinking the simple and clear soup especially towards the end of the meal. You just mixed the gooey egg altogether with the soup and you have this milky-like taste, simply delicious the soup was good to the last drop.        

Mentaiko Udon 
RM 14

If you have a yen for cod fish roe, this Mentaiko Udon is bound to win you over, with its detectable fresh and premium quality cod fish roe, finely cut cucumber and dried seaweed served with this dry udon in a special creamy fish roe sauce. 

Mentaiko Udon was my favourite for the day. The slurp-worthy udon was gloriously topped with a generous serving of cod fish roe (mentaiko) on which I thoroughly enjoyed the creamy flavourful sauce with the chewy texture of the hand made udon. This is one dish I will definitely come back for more! 

Salad Udon
RM 8 

The next udon is the Salad Udon. It may look unassuming without any egg, fish roe or tempura toppings but was in fact a very refreshing and healthy dish for those watching their weight. It is literally a plate of thick cold udon, serves chilled with lettuce, cherry tomatoes and shredded dried seaweed with savoury home made sesame dressing for flavour. Considering that this version is the lightest to the appetite, low in calorie ~ great dish to eat for those seeking a light meal.

  Tsukimi Udon Dry
RM 7

Next, comes the dry version of the Tsukimi Udon. This variation contains a bowl of freshly prepared udon noodles flavoured with mirin and soy sauce, and garnished with tempura batter (tenkasu), seaweed (wakame), chopped spring onion with a half boiled egg (onsen) on the top.  

Literally translated, tsukimi means "viewing the moon". The egg (onsen) in this dish represents the "full moon" surrounded by "clouds" of noodles.  

A flavourful of low calorie udon serving with mineral-rich seaweed that lends a subtly sweet flavour to the dry udon. Mix it all together and have this carbonara-like texture minus the egg-y taste. The free range half boiled egg and seaweed gives this noodles a savoury taste that complements it well. 

 Carbonara Udon
RM 9

Pork lovers can opt for  Carbonara Udon served in a home made cheesy and creamy carbonara sauce with pan fried cured pork slices (pancetta)  and a light sprinkle of dried oregano for added flavouring. Udon-Ya San Restaurant do not compromise on the ingredients used to cook their dishes. Specially imported premium grade cream and cheese are used to achieve the acquire taste and flavours. 

I was told that Chef Anson made everything from scratch especially for this particular dish from curing the pork to cooking the carbonara sauce. He puts lots of emphasis on the authenticity of the dishes he served to give his diners an unforgettable dining experience in Udon-Ya San Restaurant.

I think my young son would enjoy eating this western infused super rich and creamy udon dish. Highly recommended for cheese lovers too! 

 Curry Udon
RM 8 

There was also the Curry Udon or better known as Kare Udon, an appetising udon noodles mixed with Japanese curry sauce cooked with loads of onion and carrots. A typical Japanese curry, thicker in texture and tastes sweeter but less spicy than its Indian counterpart. If you likes a slightly sweet, less spice with a thick. almost clingy curry sauce, this Kare Udon makes a hearty, tummy warming noodles perfect for you. 

For me, it was just average but better than many Japanese curry I had tried as Udon-Ya San Restaurant version were much more rich in flavour. A good choice, worth a try if you're looking for Kare Udon to eat.

Fried items (Tempura) are a must-have, along with udon noodles vendors in Japan. Here in Udon-Ya San Restaurant, we were offered several varieties of vegetables and meats  choice to go along with our meal.

RM 3

Kakiage, a Japanese tempura made from onions, long beans and carrots dipped in batter and fried till perfection. Delightful crispy and light, this generous servings goes well with the various udon noodles.   

Assorted Vegetables Tempura
RM 4

There is also another type of vegetable choice tempura available ~ Mixed vegetables tempura of lotus, ladies fingers, green chillies and brinjals. Excellent choice for vegetarians alike.

Chicken Katsu
RM 5

Those wanting something more filling, can opt for Chicken Katsu - made of good grade chicken thigh meat lightly marinated and 'bathe' with Japanese breadcrumbs (Panko) and deep fried to perfection.

My thumbs up for the Chicken Katsu, it was moist, tender and juicy. The panko coating does wonders to the chicken and goes extremely well with the home made sweet mustard based dipping sauce. Another in house sauce, special concoction of Chef Anson to tempt our taste buds!  

Chicken Karage
RM 4

Chicken Karage, another crunchy chicken offering from Udon-Ya San Restaurant. Simply deep-fried marinated chicken thigh pieces makes an excellent starter. Golden brown chicken pieces should not be mistaken as another typical fast food items as the chicken used are of premium grade.    

These golden brown crispy chicken are served hot, fried fresh upon order, complemented with some home made mild wasabi based and mayonnaise sauce to give a creamy flavour. Flavourful and well-marinated, the meat of the chicken was succulent while its skin was crispy. Very addictive and not meant for sharing...

RM 6

One thing Udon-Ya San Restaurant patrons should not miss out on is the Tonkatsu, where pork's meat remained tender and moist after seasoning and deep fried. Japanese breadcrumbs or Panko used to coat the pork are fresh, specially imported from Japan and not to be mistaken from the store bought type (dried bread crumbs). 

Special imported fresh Panko supposedly makes Udon-Ya San Restaurant's tonkatsu crisper as the breadcrumbs are in larger flakes. It was absolutely tasty and I like it more than the Chicken Katsu. A word of advice: It's best to enjoy your tonkatsu as soon as it arrives at your table. get your chopsticks ready!    

RM 2

One of my favourite aspects when visiting Japanese restaurants is always the ajitama, seasoned soft boiled eggs. I love that those eggs packed a decent amount of flavour and overall, really enhance the udon. Udon-Ya San Restaurant's ajitama white and yolks are cooked to perfection with a glistering perfect boiled egg and had the melt-in-your-mouth texture.

Prior to serving, Chef Anson drizzled some home made fragrant oil and topped with chopped springs onions and sesame seeds. Wondering why the ajitama are smaller eggs, to this Chef Anson explained that they only uses free range eggs that are usually comes in small size than the regular eggs bought at the hypermarket.  

Sesame Sauce Salad
RM 5

Leading us off the fried food trail for a bit, Chef Anson has also prepared Sesame Sauce Salad for us to try. This is a Japanese version of coleslaw with shredded cabbage and carrots in sesame sauce dressing. Light, moist and crunchy, this makes a good break away after the tempura dishes. Generous serving good for sharing too.

From left - Cucumber Lime, Lemongrass Lemon, Passion Plum  

Rounding off our Japanese meal are a selection of eclectic drinks, including like passion cucumber, passion plum, lemon grass lemon, cucumber lemon and cucumber lime where all are reasonably priced below RM5.   

Food Menu

Drinks Menu

Opening Hours

Wide Array of Appetising Udon Noodles 

With prices ranging from RM 6 to RM 14 for their udon noodles and sides dishes pricing from as low as RM 2,  Udon-Ya San Restaurant has position itself as an affordable and decent place to eat if one is looking for some nice udon shop in the Cheras or Ampang. Great place to eat and gather for family and friends, without burning a hole in your pockets. Do yourself a favour, make a trip to Pandan Indah and give it a try!

Udon-Ya San Restaurant
65 Jalan Pandan Indah 4/3A
Pandan Indah
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 011-1310 4182

Business Hour: 11am-3pm & 6pm-10pm

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  1. With prices ranging from RM 6 to RM 14 for their udon noodles and sides dishes pricing from as low as RM 2, Udon-Ya San Restaurant has position itself as an affordable and decent place to eat if one is looking for some nice udon shop in the Cheras or Ampang.

  2. Really an amazing restaurant. I love to have Japanese food occasionally. Seems really comfortable seating area and spacious too. I love the sitting area of San Francisco restaurants too. I feel so comfortable there. I just loved Carbonara Udon, and it looks so cheesy.


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