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Sunday 28 September 2014

Two Pesos Steamboat Restaurant ~ A Melting Pot Of Flavours @SS2 Petaling Jaya

Now, Malaysian no longer needs to travel all the way to Taiwan to enjoy the popular and authentic Two Pesos Mini Steamboat. Take a trip down to SS2 Petaling Jaya for an escapade to Taipei without having to fly .......

Steamboat lover, look no further as you can have your choice of steamboat food items all stewing in multiple choices of soup with different types of pots at Two Pesos along Jalan SS2. Having steamboat in a pot is not unusual but eating from various kinds of fancy shapes and designs of pot is a novelty here in Two Pesos. 

Two Pesos is the first and only one in Malaysia, opened in SS2, Petaling Jaya, in August this year. With more 50 existing outlets across Taiwan under the Two Pesos brand, the Two Pesos Malaysia's flagship outlet has a exquisite facade.

At Two Pesos, patrons can enjoy steamboat with a twist. Patrons can take their pick from selections of 12 different sets of mini steamboat with variety of soup flavour to excite your taste buds. Bringing to KL/PJ folks the 5th Generation of Taiwanese mini steamboat, Two Pesos philosophy is committed to serving nutritious, healthy and yet affordable meal for everyone to enjoy.  

You can never miss this shop as it has this bright and attractive colours of red and orange signage which is practically so visible that no one can missed it.

 Colourful Poster adorns the Wall

Vibrant, Modern & Minimalist Interior

Step into this colourful restaurant and you'll be met with an adrenaline rush of happiness and cheerfulness of the vibrant and refreshing colours that's automatically sets you in the mood for some delicious dining. Two Pesos offers a clean, comfortable and casual environment for you and your friends to dine in.   

This restaurant opened its doors to customers in August 2014 barely a month ago and have been enjoying brisk business ever since. During my review, I notice that it's always filled to the brim with hungry patrons, young and old alike. Families and young adult groups seems to be enjoying this simple, wholesome and nutritious cooking.

The restaurant is also fitted with several ventilation fans having patrons in mind to eat in a comfortable and  enjoyable dining environment.  

Mini Steamboat Menu

Delight yourself with variety of 12 mini steamboat sets ranging from Classic Original, Taiwanese Sacha, Korean Kimchi to Signature Two Pesos Stone, Japanese Sukiyaki, Milky Seafood, Tajine Seafood, Mongolian Herbs, Basu Spicy among others.

Menu for Add-Ons & Steamboat Delights

Patrons can choose to add-ons from a selection of fresh meat, seafood, vegetables, eggs, noodles, tofu, meat balls and of great quality healthy broths to go with the steamboat set. Prices ranging from as low as RM 1.20 for noodles/rice to RM 6.00 for seafood/meat items.

Food freshness and hygiene is kept to optimum in these display chiller freezer. Each individual pots filled with fresh meat and vegetables are kept in the chiller before it is serve to patrons.

Cooling Properties ~ Kochabi Winter Melon Tea RM 2.50

Refreshing ~ Passion fruit Ice RM 2.50

Two Pesos has a limited choice of beverages probably they wanted to keep the menu simple and focus on the main offerings instead. I would recommend the Kochabi Winter Melon Tea for the older folks for its health values and the  Passion fruit Ice for the younger ones. However, if both is not your cup of tea, you can choose to have mineral water instead to go with your meal.

Individual Gas Stove

Help yourself to free soup refill from the counter. No worries as soups are all MSG & preservatives free and cooked with freshest ingredients with chicken as the base for the broth.   

Unique & Pretty Collection of Hot Pots 

The steamboat pot is designed to contain one kind of soup, with different pot for different cooking ingredients. Each pot is utilize to cook a particular soup to fully maximize the cooking process and deliver the ultimate results with the use of the right pot. There are a total of 5 types of pots with each delivering optimum tastes and flavours for an exciting steamboat experience.

According to Bill, the restaurant manager, much research and studies have been done to match the right pot to the type of soup and coming out with the wide range of soups to cater to everyone taste and preference. He added that each broth was researched extensively for its taste and health benefits.  

There are 4 main sauces such as sweet base bean paste, spicy chilli sauce, pungent garlic mash and special Taiwan Sacha sauce. Basically, one can mix-match to your own preference to get the right taste as a yummy dipping sauce to go with your meal. 

I had a great time experimenting, trying to come out with the ultimate dipping sauce for myself that day. In the end, I settle for bean, garlic and chilli concoction, something sweet and spicy....          

All-Time-Favourite Mee hoon & Yee Mee

During my review, I was given the opportunity to review 5 different mini steamboat set altogether which are namely Two Pesos Stone Pot, Tajine Seafood Pot, Japanese Sukiyaki Pot, Milky Seafood Pot and last but not least the Basu Spicy Pot.

I shall be ranking them from the top favourite to the least favourite based on my personal preference. 

Two Pesos Stone Pot ~ RM 13.50

Top on my list is this Two Pesos Stone Pot which is also one of the Best-seller for them too. I was told by Bill, the manager that the secret lies on how this special soup is cooked before hand.

Firstly, the special cast iron stone pot is heated up with sesame oil to saute together with chopped garlic, scallions, sliced onions and sesame seeds till fragrant. Next, pork slices are added to be fried or sauteed lightly till partially cooked. Chicken broth will be added last and boil to bring out the flavours. 

"This method of cooking makes for a more flavourful base, and the soup only gets tastier as the ingredients for the steamboat are boiled in it," Bill said.    

It's a hearty, clear soup and not too overpowering. The generous serving of cabbage is great especially for the signature clear soup. Healthy and good to drink, the soup tasted awesome bringing out a hint of sweetness of the cabbage to end my satisfying meal. Tasted truly hearty and home made, good to the last drop.  Yee mee is best eaten with this too!
Tajine Seafood Pot ~ RM 16

Fresh & Tasty ~ Tajine Seafood Pot

In awe with the lavish spread of treasure from the sea as the freshness of the seafood is top-notch with prawns, clams and fish fillet served among the meat balls, mushrooms, tofu, vermicelli  and fresh vegetables. 

My 2nd best is simply this awesome fresh and tasty Tajine Seafood Pot. For me, seafood is always best cooked in its simplest form by steam or poach. In this way, all the seafood essence of 'sweetness' is contain within the dish itself. 

Using a unique ceramic pot called the Moroccan Pot, the pot is designed in such a way that it uses steam and vapour as part of the cooking process. The narrow top cover of the pot has the ability to contained and locked while maintaining heat and steam during the cooking process. 

Basically, cooking start-off on high heat for about 6-7 minutes. Wait till water bubbles start coming at sides of pot, and at that point of time, remember to turn to low heat to boil for at least another 3 minutes to complete this self-cooking 'masak-masak' session. 

Voila, the taste of the broth is superb,  filled with essence and sweetness briny flavour of the seafood all in this wonder Moroccan pot. If cooked just right (according to the method above), with the ceramic pot being excellent vehicle to bring all those seafood flavours together. As fresh prawns and clams are infused with the goodness of mushrooms, corn, pumpkin, broccoli among other vegetables in the broth, do not let the soup go to waste as after the seafood is cooked, the soup is thoroughly flavoured by the seafood items.

Steaming Pot of Heart-warming Seafood Soup

There's just something about their hearty goodness that make them satisfying and is sure to please any seafood lovers. And I believe eating this dish is one of the best way to entice even an non-seafood to love it too. By the way, this is best eaten with rice or mee hoon. 

Japanese Sukiyaki Pot ~ RM 14

Running 3rd in my list is the Japanese Sukiyaki Pot. Cast iron pot is usually used to optimize  the soup flavour in Japanese cooking style. To be frank, sukiyaki never appeal to me due to the strong sweet  and salty flavour of the soup. But this Taiwanese version is quite different and came in a milder or lighter version of the original. Anyway, my perception is changed now and in fact I did actually enjoy this Sukiyaki soup. 

Generous serving of green sprouts, really goes well with sukiyaki soup.

At Two Pesos, customer's needs well attended to and they care enough to provide a bottle of an extra lighter sukiyaki soup base to add in to dilute the strong flavour of the soup. Delicious from the start to finish, this soup goes well with rice and additional add-ons of mushrooms. 

Milky Seafood Pot ~ RM14

Next, is the Milky Seafood Pot served with a bright and attractive ceramic pot. Comes with selection of fresh seafood - fish, prawn, lamb slices, tofu, meatball, variants of mushrooms, foo chok, tomatoes and lots of vegetables. 

The milky white soup gets it colour and flavour from cooking cream imported specially from Germany. It's a milder and not as rich as the usual fish head noodles that uses the evaporated milk. 

But the flavour do gets better after slow cooking the steamboat ingredients after a while. Best eaten with mee hoon as the noodles can fully absorb the milky flavour right into it!  

Basu Spicy Pot ~ RM14

Last but not least, Basu Spicy Pot is a pungent and spicy soup with strong influence of the authentic Sichuan flavours. This 'Ma Lat' soup which "Numbing Spicy" in Chinese lives up to its name which gives a complex tingling sensation resulted from the peppercorns imported from Taiwan. 

Aromatic & Spicy Sichuan Peppercorns

Served on a awkward-looking brass pot, this spicy and pungent soup will appeal to those that like their extra hot and spicy. Highly recommended for spicy food lovers!  

Take Away Counter

Convenient Takeaway Cups

Living up to the tagline of "Everyday is a good day for Hot pot", they caters for takeaway too. Fast and convenient for those on the move but looking for a quick healthy meal. The big cup is for the soup while the small cup is for the ingredients, simply great fast food any time!  

To find out more on their latest promotions, feel free to follow them on facebook, Instagram or update yourself while dining there with 'foursquare' too!

Opening Hours

Please do take note of the opening hours as they are closed from 3pm to 6pm mainly to give their hard working staff force a short break from the long working hours. Such a kind and caring establishment, hard to find nowadays.  

Sumptuous Spread of Mini Steamboat

Thumbs Up from Foodies Bloggers

Happy Smiles with Happy Tummies

Overall, Two Pesos caters for those health-conscious people looking for decent, enjoyable and nice environment to eat healthy food. Price-wise is very affordable; fresh ingredients with tasty fresh MSG free soup, you can't get any better than this!  

Two Pesos Restaurant
No. 7 Ground Floor
Jalan SS 2/ 67
 47300 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 7865 2072

FaceBook: 2pesosmalaysia      


  1. This is unique, I shall be trying out soon. Thanks for the review :)

    1. Be ready to crowd around.. evening worst. Small eater can actually share the same pot with add-ons

  2. Bringing to KL/PJ folks the 5th Generation of Taiwanese mini steamboat, Two Pesos philosophy is committed to serving nutritious, healthy and yet affordable meal for everyone to enjoy.

  3. "Everyday is a good day for Hot pot" ... Families and young adult groups seems to be enjoying this simple, wholesome and nutritious cooking.

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  5. I finally tried this awesome steamboat place!


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