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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Pepper Lunch - Hot Plate Wonders @Pavilion Bukit Bintang KL by FollowMeToEatLa

Pepper Lunch is the place to go to if you fancy grilling or cooking your own food on a hot plate. Located at Level 1 @ Lot 1.54 on Food Court level in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, this halal eatery provides good food and spacious seating for the shopping mall patrons. Strategically located along the bustling food floor filled with endless shoppers and tourists walking up and down with happy and hungry faces.
Pick your main course from a  wide selection with over 20 types of variation to choose from, one is spoilt for choice with meat items ranging from chicken, beef and salmon. There are 6 categories consisting of Pepper Rice, Premium Steak, Teppan Pasta, Sizzling Japanese Curry Rice, Combo Deluxe to Chicken Deluxe.

Condiments consisting of Brown sauce, Garlic soya sauce and not forgetting, the freshly grind Black pepper to season and enhance the flavours of the dishes. Besides that, they only use the freshest black pepper from Sarawak and are replaced on a daily basis to maintain the quality and freshness.  

Salmon & Chicken Combo Deluxe - RM 28.80

Chicken Steak & BBQ Beef Yakiniku - RM21.80

Burger Steak & BBQ Beef Yakiniku - RM21.80

Rib Eye Steak - RM36.80

Teriyaki Double Salmon - RM32.80

Japanese Curry Rice with Double Steak Burger - RM23.80

Teriyaki Chicken with Egg - RM20.80

For this review, I opted for the chicken set since I'm not a fan of red meat. 

The chicken thigh pieces were tender and juicy with the combination of the sweetened soy sauce. It came lightly seasoned with black pepper and was easy to grill on the hot plate. The sauce was pretty good. There was a honeyed sweetness with a bit of a fruity tang. Wasn't too sweet or tangy and hit the nice balance this time.

Paired with some shredded chinese cabbage, french beans, corn and a sunny side egg, you get a fairly healthy meal to go with hot steaming Japanese white rice. Overall, this dish is nice choice if you're in the mood for teriyaki.     

 Teriyaki Chicken with Egg Set comes with a bowl of rice and the Teriyaki sauce

Auntie Lilly is always happy while enjoying a meal of Pepper Lunch with my choice of Teriyaki Chicken with Egg!
Delight yourself with the current promotion *Combo Bonanza* with 3 awesome choices of Pepper Lunch. With this deal, you get to enjoy their Combo Dishes featuring : 
  • Salmon & Chicken
  • Beef Burger Steak & BBQ Beef Yakiniku (Japanese style marinated sliced beef)
  • Chicken & BBQ Beef Yakiniku (Japanese style marinated sliced beef)
These sets includes a main, a bowl of rice, a cup of Nestea of your choice, and a complimentary tumbler too! Hurry while stock lasts. 

Promotion runs from May 2014 onwards and available at Pepper Lunch Restaurant @Pavilion Kuala Lumpur & Sunway Pyramid only. 

Nestea Tumbler which comes handy for anyone; especially for those seeking to quench their thirst on  a hot sunny day

Sides consists of miso soup, salad and mashed potatoes. Lettuce, julienned carrots and cubed chicken made up the salad which is a great appetizer to the meaty dishes. On the contrary, the mashed potatoes was a let down as it was too soft, just like eating some blended baby food.

Good ones should have the waxy texture if made from fresh boiled potatoes. But I believe this version was made from the instant mashed potatoes which came in form of flakes or granules, so you would probably give this a miss as it was not up to mark at all. 
Mango Ice Cream - RM4.80 

Last but not least, I ended my meal with Mango Ice-cream as dessert for the day. The vanilla ice cream was neither smooth nor creamy either. Unfortunately it had this kind of grainy, sandy textured to it. Also lacking was the dairy flavour notes in the ice cream, so I was quite disappointed with the desserts offerings.

All in all, although there were some misses along with the hits, Pepper Lunch Restaurant is a place I will definitely try out again. There were a few other dishes on the menu that sounded promising - Salmon & Chicken and Chicken & BBQ Beef Yakiniku, both Combo Deluxe which are definitely valued for money with the ongoing promotion now.

Picture credits to www.CarmenHong.com

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