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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Fish & Co - Seafood in a Pan @Mines Shopping Mall by FollowMeToEatLa

My hubby and I was totally thrilled to be invited to the official opening of Fish & Co brand new outlet opening at The Mines recently. This family restaurant chain also took the opportunity to launch a new menu with some new mouth-watering food and drinks too.

Fish & Co.'s catchy tagline - "Seafood in a Pan" has always set them apart from the regular 'run of the mill' fish & chips restaurants in & around the Klang Valley. Serving a wide selection of fresh seafood, appetizers, pizza and of course not forgetting, the fish & chips with various homemade dipping sauces either through grilling, baking or frying. Diners can take their pick from available platter set, which come in form of standard sets (1 type of seafood) or premium sets (mix of everything).

Following are the highlights of the New Menu items:  

Fisherman's Platter 

As the name suggest, it's a great tasting platter of grilled calamari, mussels, fish fillet, baked prawns and juicy, tender grilled chicken served together with mashed potatoes and paella rice. Great combination, definitely a good dish for any seafood lovers any time of the day!

Fry King's Platter

Next is a pan-ful platter of fried to perfection, golden brown calamari, prawn fritters, white fish (dory) , crispy crunchy fried chicken and curry butter clams. All served with mashed potatoes and paella rice  which of course make it a truly hearty meal for any fried food lovers out there. 

Fried Chicken with Peri-Peri Prawns

Here's Fish & Co's interpretation of Surf n' Turf that comes with a generous serving of crispy juicy chicken thigh, succulent Peri-peri prawns with coleslaw served on a bed of paella rice.    

Clams With Sambal Sauce

Enjoy this lip-smacking seafood goodness of fresh clams cooked with savoury sweet sambal sauce and warm bread. 

Grilled Parmesan White Fish 

Creamy and cheesy grilled fish fillet stuffed with parmesan cheese and served with Fish & Co's very special signature lemon butter sauce. 

  Baked White Fish with Mozza Cheese

Another rich and creamy cheesy creation from the kitchen, spiced baked fish fillet topped with mozzarella cheese - a combination that almost never fails! 

Passion Fruit Mojito

The perfect thirst-quencher cocktail with a hint of zest - lime, mint leaves & passion fruit for the perfect summer companion, light and refreshing drink that brings relief from the heat of the sun.  
Candy Crush 

As the name goes - Candy Crush (not Candy Rush) this is a unique concoction of lychee and strawberries which definitely goes well for the ultimate sugary sweet liking person. 
Peach Rainbow

Last but not least, this fusion drink is a mix concoction of cranberry and peach with soda water. Light and refreshing too , pleasant drink that goes well with many people.  

The Tasting Platter

My tasting platter for that day consists a mix of the different dishes from the new menu. Clams with Sambal sauce, Grilled Parmesan White Fish, Baked White Fish with Mozza Cheese, Baked Prawns from Fisherman's Platter, Fried Chicken from the Fry King's Platter, fries and Paella Rice.

I have to admit that this was one of the best sambal clams I ever tasted in a Western restaurant apart from the 'tai chow' stalls I frequently eat. 

The succulent clams were drenched in the Chef's special sauce, bursting with delicious savoury sweet and slightly spicy flavours. Plentiful portions too, it must have been the rich taste of the sambal, but the combination of it all was nothing less than addictive. I couldn't stop from ordering another platter, just to get a second helping of the delicious clams!        

Next on my favourites list is the cheesy and creamy fish fillet. Baked, grilled or stuffed, this wonderful white fish were superbly cooked with generous amount of sinful cheese. The flavours were rich and topped with fresh herbs, the fish dish sure hit the right spots. It is bound to leave any cheese lover wanting more.

I also particularly enjoyed eating the paella rice. Spanish rice to be precise, cooked with spices, onions, garlic, grated tomatoes, paprika and saffron, it was fragrant and so tasty that I can eat it on its own. Tiny pieces of squid and sweet raisins were added for texture. Prawn was delicious too, juicy and succulent with the right flavour. 

On the other hand, the fried chicken was a little off the mark. Although it was well seasoned, it came off a little too dry and 'chewy'. Could be the wrong choice of meat use or overly fried till too dry. The meat must have shrank as I didn't get to taste the meat of the chicken too. They would have got it right if they have used a chunkier or juicier part of meat to cook this.

Nevertheless, Fish & Co. wins my heart with their best choices of seafood goodness. Freshest of the fresh, high quality ingredients - they placed lot of emphasis on the quality and taste of its food. Price pretty decent, won't burn a hole in your pocket. 

Well, do yourself a favour, make a trip to the Mines and give it a try!

Oh, as a reward to the loyal customers, everyone is treated to "The Best Fish & Chips" in town for only RM1 for the 1st 50 pax at 12pm and 6pm - Saturday & Sunday from 1st to 15th June 2014. 

Please visit : www.fish-co.com.my for more details.

Fish & Co
The Mines Shopping Mall
Level 1, L1-100*102 
1 Jalan Dulang
Mines Resort City 
43300 Seri Kembangan

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