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Friday 2 February 2024

Madam Lee Nyonya Private Dining At Palm Garden Hotel, Putrajaya, a Tribute Portfolio

Unveiling The Rich Heritage Of Nyonya Cuisine At
Madam Lee Nyonya Private Dining, Palm Garden Hotel Putrajaya
Following the opening of Palm Garden Hotel, Putrajaya, a Tribute Portfolio last November, is the much-awaited opening of Madam Lee Nyonya Private Dining. Uncle Hong and I were delighted to be part of the official opening celebration, and Auntie Lilly's Nyonya cuisine cravings found their perfect fix in this unique dining experience. 

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Madam Lee Nyonya Private Dining
Palm Garden Hotel Putrajaya
A Tribute Portfolio Hotel
IOI Resort City
62502 Putrajaya
Tel: 603-8943 2233
Whatsapp: 012 871 4101
Opening Hours (Closed On Monday)
Lunch 12noon To 2pm | Dinner 6.30pm - 10pm

Madam Lee Nyonya Private Dining was created to pay tribute to the owners of IOI Resort City, the Lee family, who also love Nyonya cuisine. Discover the delights of one of Southeast Asia’s best cuisines, the Baba-Nyonya or Peranakan cuisine, presented in the Private Dining Way at IOI Resort City. With Madam Lee Nyonya Private Dining, you no longer have to venture far to Malacca or Penang for an authentic taste of Baba-Nyonya or Peranakan cuisine. 

Nyonya Happiness Platter

About Nyonya Cuisine 
Nyonya cuisine or Baba Nyonya Cuisine is also known as Peranakan Cuisine. Peranakans are an ethnic group defined by their genealogical descent from intermarriages between the first waves of Southern Chinese settlers in Southeast Asia. Dominant Peranakan cultures in Malaysia are mainly in Penang or Malacca. Nyonya cuisine was born from this centuries-long history of transculturation, interracial marriage, and blending of their cuisine.

Private Dining Concept 
Why is it called Private Dining? The Private Dining concept offers a specialized menu on selected days to enjoy the intricacies of the food's preparation at its best. 

The delicious cuisine will be served with a semi-fine dining and experiential experience where you can enjoy the cuisine with your select few family and friends. Or you can book the exclusive private dining rooms that seat 10 persons or 20 persons respectively. Pre-reservations are preferable for a great private dining experience. However, you may also walk in and order from the daily menu.

Acar Awak

Lo Bak

Pie Tee


The Menu
At Madam Lee Nyonya, enjoy a range of popular Nyonya Cuisine. For Appetizers, they have Otak-Otak, Pie Tee, and Loh Bak, to name a few. Sip into hearty soups such as Itik Tim (Salted Vegetable and Duck Soup), Chicken Tauchu Soup, Prawn Ball, and Fish Maw Soup.

Salted Vegetable Duck Soup - Itik Itim 

Tamarind Prawns

Nyonya Nasi Ulam

Chuan Chuan Fried Fish 

Ayam Kapitan

Homemade Beancurd

Chap Chye

Nyonya Kuih-Miuh - Pulut Tai Tai

Bubur Cha Cha

For main dishes, enjoy a variety such as Rendang Ayam Peranakan, Inchi Kabin Fried Chicken, Sambal Petai Prawn, Tamarind Prawns, Kapitan Sotong, Jiu Hu (Cuttlefish) Char, Nyonya Curry Lamb and so much more. 

Madam Lee Nyonya will also have live fish and seafood on seasonal pricing, such as Tiger Grouper, Boston Lobster, Red Snapper, and Seabass. This is available only during dinner and can be steamed or fried with Nyonya, Assam Pedas, or Superior Soya Sauce.

Award-Winning Chef de Cuisine Wong Chak Loong. Chef Wong 

The Chef
The man behind the delicious cuisine served to you is Award-Winning Chef de cuisine Wong Chak Loong. Chef Wong won the Gold Award at the 3rd Selangor International Culinary Festive 2021 for Display in Peranakan Cuisine Platter and the Gold Award during the Malaysia Culinary World Cup 2023 for Traditional Nyonya Cuisine. 

Now, Chef Wong and his team will serve out their specialties on the daily menus. Pastes are homemade in their kitchens using the freshest ingredients, thus ensuring the original Nyonya flavors are similarly tangy, aromatic, spicy, and herbal. Chef Wong found a passion for Nyonya cuisine from his early years due to the uniqueness and complexity of each dish, which has its own story. His personal favorites are the Kapitan Chicken, Nasi Ulam, Ayam Buah Keluak, and Curry Mee, to name a few.

The Outlet 
Madam Lee Nyonya Private Dining boasts a building adjacent to the Rafflesia Ballroom. The outlet has 3 floors and one private dining room. The top floor features the reception area leading to the private dining room. The reception is a relaxing area where you can wait or enjoy a Nyonya snack and drinks amidst elegant shelving with various Nyonya paraphernalia and antiques on display. 

There is also a photo booth corner where you can dress up as a true Nyonya or Baba for a fun photo opportunity. The private dining room offers a private area for one table of ten persons or another room with 2 tables for ten persons each. The middle floor is the main dining hall with colorful décor that can seat up to 62 persons.

Both top and middle floors are air-conditioned, featuring tall windows letting in natural sunlight and robust resort surroundings. Baba Bar takes up the bottom floor and terrace part of Madam Lee Nyonya with an aesthetic al fresco bar set up. Enjoy drinks and snacks in a breezy atmosphere overlooking the beautiful swimming pools and IOI Resort City. Baba bar seats up to 56 persons. While all floors are connected with a series of stately staircases, they are also conveniently connected with a wheelchair lift, an exclusive elevator, and a rollway ramp for easy access.

Opening Promotion
To celebrate the opening of Madam Lee Nyonya Private Dining, diners can enjoy a 20% Discount on food and non-alcoholic beverages from now until 25 February 2024.

Operation Hours
Madam Lee Nyonya Private Dining and Baba Bar will be open daily for lunch and dinner but will be closed on Mondays. Lunch hours are between 12.00 noon and 2.30pm and dinner from 6.30pm until 10.00pm. Baba Bar will be open from 11.00am to 12.00 midnight and closed on Mondays. For reservations, please call 603 89432233 or 012 871 4101.

Buy Out
If you are planning a more significant event, you may Buy Out the whole Madam Lee Nyonya Private Dining for an Anniversary, Birthday Celebration, Family Gathering, etc. Please contact their Sales Team at 603 89432233 or email - kulpt.sales@marriott.com for more information.

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