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Friday 30 November 2018



Auntie Lilly was introduced to this KICK-ASS Nasi Lemak Kukus In Bamboo which gets top marks from Follow Me To Eat La - Malaysian Food Blog! During one of my gastronomic food journey, we stumble upon a gem, a newly opened eatery in Kepong, serving one of Malaysian's all-time-favourite cuisine.

Relatively unknown to KL & PJ folks, this eatery has garnered a faithful following from afar. Nasi lemak ~ Malaysia national dish is touted to be the perfect dish for any Malaysian, anytime and any day. 

The aromatic coconut milk rice, the spicy addictive sweet savoury sambal flavouring the rice and eaten together with crunchy ikan bilis, peanuts and some sliced cucumber. This makes for a hearty, delicious and most of all, comforting dish of all time for any Malaysians.

G1, Plaza Manjalara
No.1 Jalan Menjalara Idaman
Bandar Menjalara
52200 Kepong
Kuala Lumpur
Operation Hour: 6pm to 11pm
Tel: 019-444 6441
Available Only From Monday To Saturday

Azfar Maju Corner is nestled in the busy hub right in the middle of the bustling steamboats and hotpots businesses at Bandar Manjalara in Kepong. Every corners and turn in the road will be met with at least 1 or 2 steamboats restaurants.



RM 12.90

We came, we saw, we chiak, sapu all - giving our double thumbs up for it. Here's a sneak peek into our plates, wipe clean to the last drop! 

What makes it unique for this nasi lemak was that Chef Seema cooked her rice or nasi lemak in these specially made bamboos containers lined with banana leaves to infuse it with the aromatic flavour of the leaves, right into the rice.  

A tedious process that requiring long hours of preparation from steaming the nasi lemak for 40 minutes in the bamboo containers to the cooking of the chicken rendang or Rendang Ayam Kampung in slow fire for 3 to 4 hours.

Loved the fragrant pandan juice infused nasi lemak kukus in the bamboo cooked in banana leaf with pure coconut milk and ginger giving it the natural green hue. Sambal was just right - more spicy than sweet but the icing on the cake was the mouth-watering Rendang Ayam Kampung.

Crispy Ikan Bilis, Peanuts & Cucumber Added In Last Prior To Serving

Totally sold on the flavoursome chicken rendang cooked for 3-4 hours infusing it with a daily made fresh paste of herbs and spices resulting in a juicy and fork-tender Rendang Ayam Kampung with the smoky flavour of the housemade Kerisik!

Come and indulge to satisfy your cravings at AZFAR MAJU CORNER for some of the most unique NASI LEMAK BAMBOO in town now. Available Only From Monday To Saturday, you can get to try this special and lovingly cooked NASI LEMAK BAMBOO at AZFAR MAJU CORNER! 


Oh yes, please give Puan Seema, the owner cum chef a call for a reservation if you are coming in a big group. She usually prepared around 20 to 35 portions a day in order not to waste food.  

Location Map To Azfar Maju Corner

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  1. Looks good! Send me some aunty!

  2. Yup, this unique nasi lemak is yummy. Love the pandan flavoured rice (nasi lemak) and rendang chicken!


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