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Friday 27 July 2018

GALEEVEURS Group Announced The First Integrated F&B INCUBATOR ECOSYSTEM In Malaysia

GALEEVEURS Group Announced The First Integrated F&B INCUBATOR ECOSYSTEM In Malaysia 
Preserving traditions for generation to come while embarking on partnership for F&B hub, marking beginning of expansion plan
Championing the longevity of cultural and local food, Galeeveurs Group has officially announced itself as Malaysia's first integrated F&B Incubator Ecosystem on 24 July 2018. Offering specialised services for the vibrant Malaysian F&B industry, they are all set to safeguard the soul of local food culture for future generations to come.

Congratulations To Galeeveurs Group 
Posing With Victor Bong Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer Of Galeeveurs Group

No 27 Jalan Budiman
Budiman Business Park
Kajang Selangor
Tel 03-8730 8622 / 012-3718 001

The idea of an Integrated F&B Incubator Ecosystem came after witnessing a plaguing problem of longstanding hawkers closing their stalls for good due to the unavailability of successors to continue the legacy.

As everyone knows the fact that food is not about taste only but instead its also about memory, the much cherished moments when you savour one of the best dishes in your hometown or places you frequent regularly with your loved ones, family and friends.    

I believe basically most Malaysian grew up eating their favourite food such as nasi lemak, Char Kuey Teow, chicken rice, prawn mee, curry noodles, nasi kandar,  nasi dagang, Hokkien mee and wantan noodles just to mention a few. 

Having said that, have you ever imagine in many decades to come, there will be no more of our heritage food - no more of the local delicacy. Imagine that the next generation to come not having an opportunity to taste some of the 'once' famous and delicious local food which you and I grew up eating.   

Galeeveurs Group touted as Malaysia's First Integrated F&B Incubator Ecosystem  

Dato's Henry Lee
Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Galeeveurs Group

Dato's Henry Lee, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Galeeveurs Group said that they aim to provide the right pathway in building the next generation of F&B using the concept of an Integrated F&B Incubator Ecosystem. 

With known F&B brands such as Kim Lian Kee, Ten Years and Sunny Cha under the group, Galeeveurs comprised of a dynamic team from varied expertise offering six services to hawkers and F&B owners, which include brand strategy and marketing, management services, a centralised production factory, F&B education, IT development and financial assistant.

 First Integrated F&B Incubator Ecosystem

Dato' Henry Lee pointed out that "Positioning ourselves as the First Integrated F&B Incubator Ecosystem, we hope that F&B legacies will be sustained using this ecosystem. As the fourth-generation successor of a heritage brand, I believe local Malaysian food holds a special way of uniting people, bringing fond childhood memories and has good potential to be introduced on a global level. Thus, it would be devastating if one day it is not accessible by the public" 

Mr Victor Bong
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer Of Galeeveurs Group

According to Mr Victor Bong, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer Of Galeeveurs Group, local food will always be a fond favourite among Malaysians and demand for it will never dwindle. There's a continuous demand for local food, especially the exceptional ones. However, we see a plaguing problem of longstanding hawkers closing their stalls due to old age and unavailability to find successors to continue the business"

Partnership Signing

The services offered bt them acts a stepping stone for them to excel, where Galeeveurs steps in with a solution to mitigate the problem by not only providing strategic counselling but assisting in implementing the business. This will benefit those without successors, young successors who want to continue the legacy or for business newcomers interested to be in the F&B industry.

During the announcement, Galeeveurs unveiled their partnership with various establishments including Golden Pencil, Marks Food Solution, Andamiro, Big Hub Education, and Culturology that will play a significant role in building, supporting and sustaining the incubator ecosystem. Additionally, these partnerships will strengthen their expansion in targeting for more F&B brands to join them onboard by end of 2019. 

"With the partnership of these fine establishments, we are confident that Galeeveurs will flourish tremendously; that will see ourselves playing a momentous role in ensuring traditional and local food will remain within the hearts of Malaysians," said Dato' Henry.

Great To Meet Victor Bong Again

 Posing With The Proud Owner Of Kim Lian Kee, Mr Lee Heng Chuan & wife,  Madam Ng Bee Hong

Galeeveurs encourages more F&B start-ups and business owners to find out more about the incubator hubs along with its services by contacting the team at joinus@galeeveurs.com

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