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Friday, 2 January 2015

GRab Cafe ~ Gourmet Ribs and Burgers Cafe @Damansara Jaya Petaling Jaya

GRab Cafe 

~ Gourmet Ribs and Burgers Cafe ~

GRab Cafe is the place to head to if you fancy gourmet burgers, beef ribs, specialty coffee and cakes in a quaint little cafe. Situated on Damansara Jaya, this is a lovely place to stop over for a cup of coffee and cake or even a delicious gourmet burger.
 Selections of Diners Favourites at GRab Cafe

I have a pleasant dining experience at GRab Cafe tasting their Top 5 Gourmet Burgers. GRab Cafe has all the burgers to please all taste buds ranging from beef, chicken, vegan, lamb to their special Beef ribs burgers.

Their chef churns out ground beef, lamb and chicken burgers patties by hand for its cafe using only premium meat for their gourmet burgers. Even the charcoal buns and artisan bread used for their burgers and dishes are also made and baked fresh by the in house baker. 

Choosing what to eat from GRab Cafe is an easy task as the menu features only 5 types of Gourmet burgers, 11 choices of All-Day Western and Local breakfast to guilt-free and tummy filling salads to choose from.  

Bull Going Nuts

We started off with a delicious and juicy beef burger on the menu, aptly named 'Bull Going Nuts', it uses so many ingredients that the burger is just barely manageable by a single diner. The gourmet burger, which an a la carte price of RM 16, has both a beef patty and beef bacon with a slice of cheddar cheese, caramelized onion, blueberry jelly and peanut butter, butter head lettuce and fresh tomatoes. 

I had to say that although I'm never a great fan of beef burger, due the pungent smell. But here I'm truly enjoyed eating this beefy goodness with at least half a dozen other ingredients in this burger that is wider than a human jaw.

Guess it's awesome because the usual beef of lower quality may have a pungent smell, thus this GRab Cafe gourmet beef burger clearly doesn't have that smell at all. A well executed beef burger! 

Tokyo Drift Chicken 

Next comes a chicken burger at the GRab Cafe that have this funky name called 'Tokyo Drift Chicken'. For this, it has a Chicken patty with a slice of grilled pineapple, cheese, caramelized onion, teriyaki sauce, butterhead lettuce and fresh tomatoes. I believe this hand made gourmet chicken patty burger would be popular among the chicken and pineapple lovers.

Hashtag Vegan

This multi-layered Vegetarian burger is a Must-Try for those looking for calorie low and guilt free meal and yet a delicious burger meal at GRab Cafe. Vegan would simply loves this Hashtag Vegan Burger that has fried Portobello mushroom, hash brown, cheese, home made Grab sauce, butter head lettuce and fresh tomatoes. And it is also one of the of the healthiest burger at GRab Cafe if you are looking for a meatless day.

Lamb Bizkit 
 RM 16.00

Next on the list ~ is this juicy and tender, really meaty lamb burger called Lamb Bizkit. Sandwiched between two thick black charcoal buns is a mouthwatering handmade Lamb patty, hash brown, cheese, gherkin, minted mayo, butterhead lettuce and fresh tomatoes.

One of my hubby's personal favourites, this super lamb burger doesn't smell gamey which is wider than human jaw, the ingredients blend together very well and taste fantastic. Priced at RM 16 it's definitely a steal!

Spice-Up Burger 
 RM 23.00

Another interesting creation at the GRab Cafe is the Spice-Up Burger. GRab Cafe Signature Burger is probably 1st of its kind in Malaysia having beef rib sandwiched by charcoal buns. Diners get to savour fork tender beef ribs with grilled pineapple, caramelized onion, Indonesian sambal, butterhead lettuce and fresh tomatoes. 

Aviator Salad
RM 15.00

Next comes this funny name salad called Aviator Salad. A healthy combination of crisp mesclun salad, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, poached egg coated in corn flakes and seaweed with vinaigrette dressing. Topped with choice of smoked salmon or smoked chicken breast, this makes a great tummy filling salad with the protein add-ons.

Take great care when eating this Aviator Salad with an interesting poached egg creatively coated with crispy cornflakes.

Beef Stroganoff Rice
RM 18.00

Another beef dish at GRab Cafe worth mentioning is the Beef Stroganoff Rice. A Russian dish of fillet Mignon quick seared for flavour cooked in heavy cream with mixture of gherkin, bell peppers, button mushroom and onion served with rice.

An easy, classic and delicious family meal of sauteed pieces of beef served in thick sauce with smetana, goes well for many for its flavoursome and creamy white sauce. 

RM 23.00

Last but not least, featuring GRab Cafe - All Day Big Breakfast of Fricassee. A lovely combination of  heart shaped of 2 sunny side fried eggs, braised shorts ribs, sautéed potatoes, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese, tomato relish with toast and comes with a choice of white or whole meal bread.

If you are looking to have some real solid beef ribs with your big breakfast instead of the usual sausages, bacon or mushrooms, this is an excellent choice to go for!

Serving portion is good. I enjoyed eating the fork tender beef ribs in the breakfast set as it tasted more flavourful topped with melted cheese and the sambal sauce, and I wish they have topped it up with more beefy sauce as apart from the melted cheese, it was a bit too dry for me too.     

Hearty serving of Two Pretty Sunny Side up Eggs 

GRab Café
No.7 Jalan SS 22/11
Damansara Jaya
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03 - 7733 8996
Business Hours: Tue- Sun 9am -7pm  (4.30 pm kitchen close) 
                               Closed on Monday

FaceBook: www.facebook.com/grabcafe

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