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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Heritage Village ~ The Flavours of Penang Nyonya @Jaya Shopping Centre Section 14 Petaling Jaya

The Heritage Village has a story to tell with family heritage secret that has spanned over 3 generations. Its family's founder, Madam Molly Khoo began serving her special nasi lemak from a food stall in a coffee shop way back in 1998. Madam Molly's time-honoured recipes has since been passed onto her children and till today, her family's legacy lives on in the dishes served to customers at this restaurant. 

They specialises in serving Peranakan Penang Nyonya delicacies. Dishes to look out for include Chicken Pong Tay (Chicken stewed in shallot gravy), Jiu Hu Char (Cuttle-fish salad), Fish Head Curry, Asam Pedas Fish, Chicken Curry Kapitan, Lo Bak, Otak-otak and many more. 

Upon entering Heritage Village, you will be greeted with an interesting interior decor filled with local antiques. Diners gets to see bakul sia or auspicious basket (lacquered tiffins carriers used by Nyonyas) and old fashioned flasks of all kinds on the shelf mounting on the cement textured wall. 

Adorning the walls are framed pictures taken of the old Penang. The simple yet unique design of bird cage pendant lightings provide the rustic charm, pleasant and calming ambience for you, family and friends to dine in.

The flooring was beautifully decorated with colourful pattern of nyonya ceramic tiles, ones can basically soaked into the Peranakan culture while enjoying the local fare of Penang flavours.
 A snap shot of me with an attractive tree decor adorning the wall while waiting for the food.
The team of friendly and camera-loving restaurant's workers were ever ready to post for me at the cashier counter.    

 Savoury Jiu Hui Char
RM 12.90 

For starters, we were served Jiu Hui Char, a traditional dish enjoyed by Nyonyas. This popular stir-fried dish made from shredded turnips, carrots, dried squids and mushrooms. Usually eaten wrapped with chinese lettuce which makes it a wonderful healthy dish especially for those on diet.  

Nyonya Delights: Lor Bak Platter 
RM 12.90

Another must-have for Penang Nyonya street snacks is the Lor Bak, deep fried meat roll in beancurd sheets together with century eggs and fried crispy tofu. Best eaten with dipping chillie and 5 spice powder sauce. The platter is great for sharing too.

Moving on to the rice selections, Heritage Village offers a wide range of Nyonya cuisines blends with Chinese and Malay cooking styles. These age-old traditional recipes are the very same recipes used and passed on by the founder's family during her childhood. 
Heritage Nyonya Plate ~ 
RM 19.90
Ayam Inche Kabin with Acar Awak & Sambal Udang

 ~ Heritage Otak Fried Rice ~ 
RM 15.90
Otak-otak based fried rice served with fried chicken, egg and pie tee on the side

 ~ Heritage Nasi Lemak King Combo ~
RM 18.90
Nasi Lemak with Sambal Sotong, Chicken Rendang and Acar Awak 

The restaurant has 5 signature Nyonya dishes for diners to go with white rice, namely Chicken Pong Tay, Black Stew Chicken, Chicken Curry Kapitan, Assam Pedas Fish and new on the menu, the latest Curry Fish Head. The dishes are made to order and comes served with rice.  

~ Curry Fish Head ~
RM 49.90 
A traditional Signature Peranakan Fish Head Curry cooked with tomatoes, brinjals & ladies fingers
  ~ Asam Pedas Fish ~
RM 13.90
A classic Nyonya style sour & spicy stew fish with Catch of the Day

Aside from the rice offerings, noodles lovers can take their pick from a wide range of mouth-watering traditional Penang local fares, like Duck Egg Char Koay Teow, Curry Chicken Chee Cheong Fun, Asam Laksa, Curry Mee, Koay Teow Soup, Lam Mee and Har Mee.
 ~ Heritage Duck Egg Char Koay Teow ~
RM 14.90
Flat rice noodles fried with cockles, prawns, fish cakes, bean sprouts & special salted duck egg

~ Heritage Asam Laksa ~
RM 11.90
Thick Rice Noodles served with aromatic fish based tamarind broth topped with shredded pineapples, cucumbers, mint leaves,, lemongrass, onion, lettuce & ginger flower

 ~ Lam Mee ~
RM 11.90
Thick clear chicken broth served with yellow noodles topped with prawns, fish cakes, chicken & omelette slices

~ Har Mee ~
RM 11.90
Yellow noodles & vermicelli served in prawn broth with fresh prawns, boiled egg, bean sprouts & kangkong

An array of hot & spicy dishes to whet your appetite 

Ending a good meal with mouth-watering desserts makes a complete dining experience. Diners can choose from choice of hot and cold desserts, namely durian bubur cha-cha, barley fujuk with gingko nuts to durian ABC with ice cream, cendol and honey dew sago.
Chilled Delights of Durian ABC with Ice cream with Durian Cendol and hot dessert of Durian Bubur Cha-cha
~ Star of the Night: Heritage Durian Cendol ~
RM 9.90

Wrapping up the meal is none other than Cendol, a dessert synonymous with Penang cuisine. My favourite of the night was without a doubt the Heritage Durian Cendol. A must try for durian lovers as it's simply heavenly. An unforgettable dessert of cendol with shaved ice topped with dreamy durian drizzle with sweet savoury gula melaka.

You can watch our Video Review on Heritage Village on YouTube

Heritage Village 
Jaya Shopping Centre
L3-13 Level 3 
Jalan Semangat
46100 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 7931 8601

Facebook : HeritageVillage

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  1. My favourite of the night was without a doubt the Heritage Durian Cendol. A must try for durian lovers for it's simply heavenly. An unforgettable dessert of cendol with shaved ice topped with dreamy durian drizzle with sweet savoury gula melaka.


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