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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Wang Zi ~ Prince Mix Rice Restaurant @Subang Jaya USJ10 Taipan Business Centre

(Prince) Wang Zi Mix Rice Restaurant

Chap fan or nasi campur or mixed rice is a popular food for many seeking to have a quick and fast meal to fill a hungry stomach when eating out. Office workers, young couples, busy working mothers and college students looking for a fulfilling meal of rice will always patronise these chap fan shops. At times, even ‘worn out’ full time housewives may need a breather away from cooking@home will eat with their family at their regular mix rice shop.

I was invited to review a mix rice or economy rice place located at the bustling Subang Jaya Taipan. It’s quite easy to locate the place as it located a stone throw away from the Starbuck Cafe and you can never miss the eye catching and attractive large signboard at the top of the shop called 'Wang Zi Mix Rice Restaurant' (Wang Zi meant Prince in Chinese)

No Frills Shop - Clean & Practical

The concept of the shop is different from the usual coffee shop chap fan stall. They placed great importance on the cleanliness and an orderly manner on how it should be run. This no-frills shop’s interior offers a pleasant, clean and comfortable dining space for its customers to dine for a quick meal. Simple tables and stools are placed strategically on the right side of the shop while the food dishes are located the left. 

Spoilt for Choice -  Wide Spread of Tasty Dishes

Wang Zi Mix Rice shop boasts of more than 80 varieties of dishes on a daily basis, serving a wide selection of poultry, pork, fish, eggs, tau foo and vegetables of any sort to its patronizing customers. The selection of dishes here is quite decent as they cooked and served all types: fried, stewed, steamed, stir fry, braised and many others style of cooking to caters to the taste of its regular customers, young or old alike.

I was pretty amazed with the wide choices of dishes available that night. We had curry pork, sambal petai, braised chicken with eggs, sweet & sour pork, braised pork ears, sesame chicken, braised straw mushroom, eggs tau foo and 5 different types of egg dishes among others.

 Petai Lovers bound to salivate just by looking at this picture!
 Best Seller - Sambal Petai with Minced Pork

Sambal petai with minced pork was their best sellers here. I was told that they served an average of 4 trays of these tasty and appetising dish on a daily basis for lunch and dinner. I had my many servings of this favourite dish of mine, loved the petai. Something different as they are usually cooked with ikan bilis or prawns but here it’s substituted with minced pork. Anyhow, it was delicious and not too spicy just right for many and really goes well with rice again. 

 Healthy Greens of Po Choi ~ Chinese Spinach
 Sawi ~ Chinese Mustard 
Bayam ~Spinach 

As for me being a vegetable lovers, I had the pleasure of choosing for my favourite greens like sawi (chinese mustard green), po choi (chinese spinach), bayam (spinach), ladies finger, brinjal, cauliflower, taugeh (bean sprout) among others.

Savoury Dish - Sesame Chicken

I was spoiled for choice when it comes to meat dishes too. My favourite chicken dish was the special sesame chicken. Well marinated the meaty chicken pieces was drenched in special sauce and topped with toasted sesame seeds.

Sweet & Sour Pork

I enjoyed eating sweet & sour pork, it was tasty with flavourful sweet sour sauce, comes with lots of onions, tomatoes and cucumber too. Many chap fan shops that I tried before can’t get it right, either too watery or bland or at the worst was just tomato ketchup dish.

Something Different - Curry Meatballs

Another dish that caught my eye was the curry meatballs, the curry was full of flavour; not the type cooked with curry powder alone. I can taste that fresh herbs and spices are used and the curry gravy was good to go with a plate of steaming hot rice. I actually had many spoonful of the curry gravy on it own! The meatball used was of the better grade too as it was firm, tender and meaty too. I don't fancy the soft and mushy types.

Popular Braised Chicken with Eggs

The unusual dish that night was the braised chicken with eggs. Most shops serves the pork version of this dish but Wang Zi did the other wise. Well, chicken was okay and I like eating the egg as it was quite aromatic with the spices used.

 Scrambled Eggs with Chives & Carrots
 Steamed Eggs with Chives & Carrots
Egg Omelettes 

Eggs lovers can go crazy here as there are so many choices to choose from, from the usual ‘hor pau tan’ (fired egg) to steam eggs with minced pork, ‘fu yung tan’ omelettes slices to scrambled eggs and salted eggs too. I like the steam eggs the most.

Healthy Choice of Brown Rice  

Oh, another special feature here in Wang Zi is that they have a heart for the health freak or health conscious customers like me. Brown rice are served too along side with the usual white rice. Good choice for many especially for those watching their diet and on calories counting diet too. Brown rice is healthy and nutritious, high in vitamin and fibre. The only places I can find offering brown rice are in the vegetarian or the organic shops only. One only need to pay RM1.50 for brown rice as compared to RM1.00 for white rice.

Clean Filter Water For Everyone
FOC Chinese Tea/Water & Soup

All the meals come with Soup of the Day and free refillable Chinese tea (hot or cold) or plain water for its customers. I think this is a good practice and reflected on the boss generosity as he’s willing to offers free Chinese tea: forgoing the usual charge of 50 cents. Many food shop owners makes the most dollars & cents from the drinks business as it’s a known fact that the drinks are down right cheap makes the most in profit margins.

Besides that, for those yearning for a sweet drinks to go with the tasty meal, Wang Zi also served soya bean drink, chrysanthemum and winter melon tea for a special discounted price of RM1 for a cup only!

 Sinful but Tasty Braised Pork Ears
 Hot Pick Asam Tenggiri
Kids Choice - Mini Lion Head ~ Minced Meatballs
 Deep Fried Chicken DrumStick
 Vegetarian Offering of Abalone Mushrooms

Cost wise, it’s pretty reasonable as usual plate of mix rice with 2-3 dishes of meat and vegetable dishes will cost around RM5.00 to RM7.00 – it also depends on the portion that taken. Vegetables portion starts from RM1 - RM1.50 or RM 2.00, meanwhile the meat portion usually starts from RM2.00 – RM2.50 or RM3.00. The more portion and dishes you choose, the more it will cost. My advice to those on a tight budget is to stick to 1 meat dish with 1 vegetable dish for an economy meal.

Open for Lunch & Dinner

Well overall, Wang Zi is a decent and affordable place to eat for many. Food choices are aplenty and menu are changed daily so you would not be seeing the same dish every day. Tasty wise was alright, the cooks ‘fine tune’ it to suit everybody taste. Not too salty or neither too bland as some chap fan shops around does serves tasteless food.

According to the owner, David the shop is still quite new and been around for only 2 months or so. But looking at the score of customers patronising the shop that night was the proof of a good place offering tasty dishes at decent prices. My standard rule to choosing the right place to eat is  “Go Where The Crowd Is”, the more people the merrier!

Wang Zi Mix Rice Restaurant
36 Jalan USJ 10/1B
Taipan Business Centre
Subang Jaya USJ
47620 Selangor
Tel: 017-216 6462
Opening Hours: 10am to 9pm

FaceBook: .WangZiMixRice

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  1. Wang Xi is a decent and affordable place to eat for many. Food choices are aplenty and menu are changed daily so you would not be seeing the same dish every day.

  2. the cook must be a cooking maniac. no cook one day cannot. how he or she cook so many dishes in one day and everyday different? I see until eyes blur liao... too many to choose.

    1. Haha ... not a cooking maniac but they have a few cooks to prepare vege dishes & meat dishes all day. They cooked at schedule times for morning session & afternoon session to make sure dishes are freshly cooked at all time. Leftovers at the end of day are thrown away too, wastage but no choice according to the boss.

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