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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Tai Lei Loi Kei's Best of Macau @Subang Jaya Taipan USJ10 by FollowMeToEatLa

Tai Lei Loi Kei’s Pork Chop from Macau has arrived in Malaysia. With over 17 outlets around Klang valley and plans to expand to the Northern and Southern of Malaysia, this famous Macau bun has now reached our shores, and one of it can be found right here in Taipan USJ10.

Now, Malaysian no longer needs to travel all the way to Macau to enjoy this authentic and juicy Pork Chop Bun. Take a trip down to Taipan USJ for an escapade to Macau without having to fly.
Comfortable & casual outdoor dining place
Step into this restaurant and you’ll be met with indoor dining spaces touched with earthen tones of brown bricks for the all way. Chinese calligraphy adores the wall resembling typical Chinese outlet design. Simple and pleasant dΓ©cor provides a casual place for the friendly and familiar food gathering.
This restaurant also comes with Value Meal for Breakfast & Teatime which only costs Rm8.90. You can choose your choice of buns with either Polo Bun or Signature Bun, the filling with either ham or luncheon meat to go with egg & cheese. I think this is really value for money as this set even comes with drink of your choice too. For small eaters, this set is good enough for an early lunch or dinner.
Tai Lei Loi Kei also serves a variety of dishes besides the Pork Chop Bun. They offer a wide selection of noodles – soup, dried version, curry, rice dishes with side orders of curry fish balls and chicken wings too. Customers can choose either chicken chop, pork chop or fish balls to go with the two types of noodles. I like the menu as it gives you the flexibility to mix and match the dishes with rice or noodles, instead of buns only.
Pork-licious Signature Pork Chop Bun
Macanese Tai Lei Loi Kei Pork Chop Bun originated from Macau. It first makes it mark in Hong Kong before landing in its third city in Malaysia. Pork lovers would be overwhelmed with many choices of savouring the pork chop with buns, noodles or rice too.

I was pretty amazed with the generous serving of the pork chop. It was huge and chunky measuring around 1 to 1.5cm thick. The ribs tasted even better than it looked. Wonderfully juicy, with the well marinated seasoning waking up our taste buds. The meat was superbly tender too. Very well executed. One thing I was not fond of is the texture of the bun. It was buttered and toasted before serving, and causes it to be thick with chewy crust and coarse interior.

Delicious looking : Polo Pork Chop Bun
The pineapple bun or more fondly known as Polo Bun is kind of sweet bun predominately popular in Hong Kong and Macau. I really enjoyed this prefect combination of the pork chop with sweet soft bun. The finest pork ribs are richly seasoned with selected spices, fried to mouth watering. It’s comes across as savoury and with a hint of sweetness to it. 

Polo Pork Chop Bun with Ham,Cheese and Egg  
This is my personal favourite combination of the Polo Pork Chop Bun. It was perfectly paired with fried egg, ham and cheese; went well with the savoury soft polo bun. I’m salivating just by looking at this picture while writing about this now! Somehow, the whole combination was really tasty and totally agreed with my taste buds.

Hot Pick : Signature Pork Chop Bun with Ham, Cheese and Egg 
This is another combination for those who fancy the crusty signature bun. For me. I still prefer my Polo Bun which is soft and moist with the right flavour within.

Pork Chop Bouncing Noodles
Okay, they must have named it ‘Bouncing Noodles’ for a good reason. The noodle does not bounce up and down but it was definitely springy and very fine in strands. Love the texture. I was told by the chef that it was in house made special noodles with duck eggs. Cost wise it was higher compared to chicken eggs as duck eggs does not come cheap nowadays. Duck eggs give it a right texture and do not turn soft or soggy if soaked in soup for long. Due to this, I realised that the bosses does not compromise in quality.

Noodles are well seasoned with special lard oil and soya sauce for the added flavours. This pork chop noodle set comes with adds on of fried egg, ham and luncheon. Can’t complain much as it was seriously loaded with many toppings

Hearty Pork Chop Soup Noodles
One of my favourite too as I loves noodle in any form specially the egg noodles or ‘sang meen’. The noodles tasted like wantan mee, fine texture, not soft and springy too. As it is especially made with duck eggs, the noodles in shape and does not go soggy even after being soaked in the broth for awhile. The flavourful broth is made from anchovies and really goes well with the noodles.

Supreme Chicken Chop Rice with Egg
For those wanting rice for a more filling meal, you can opt for this dish. It comes with chicken chop, rice and fried egg. The well marinated and debone chicken was tender and flavourful with the combination of light fragrance from the 5 spice powder and 10 more secret ingredients. Topped with the creamy butter sauce that made this another comfort food candidate indeed. On the other hand, the rice fail miserably. It was rather hard to eat as it has a hard texture, difficult to chew. I think it could be due to the preparation methods or the type of rice used. I love my rice to be soft and moist, so this is certainly not my choice. 
Simple Chicken Chop Bouncing Noodles
This is the same type of egg duck noodles used but comes with chicken chop instead. Excellent choice for chicken and noodle lovers. The springy ‘sang meen’ was evenly coated with plenty of pork lard oil, dark soya sauce and  light sauce. Good combination for those non porker eaters!
Macau Curry Fish Balls
Frankly speaking, I’m not a great fan of fish balls and the curry did not impress me either. The sauce tasted powdery, too strong or pungent with the use of too much curry powder. Fresh ingredients such as serai, galangal, lengkuas, turmeric, candle nuts were not used to cook this version of curry; thus this was not to my liking. Maybe, the Macau style curry has to be cooked in this way without the Malaysian touch.
Supreme Pork Chop Rice with Egg
Next on the menu is the Pork Chop version with rice. Rice and pork lover can opt for this variation. What I like about the pork chop served here is that every single piece comes with the rib bone. A real porky eater will appreciate this as he/she gets to enjoy chewing this juicy piece of bone at the end of the meal! 
Fish Balls Curry Noodles
This dish comes with the Duck egg noodles and generous serving of big bouncy fish balls with taufoo pok or tofu puffs. The different version of curry was used this time. Fragrant with fresh herbs and spices, I found this santan based curry to my liking. Tasted quite similar to the nyonya laksa: watery, not thick but spicy with hint of fresh ingredients. It does goes well with the fish balls and noodles.

Chilled Delights Saw Dust Cake 
To end our meal, we were presented with a delightful dessert called the Saw Dust Cake. Don’t be alarmed, there is no saw dust in this dessert as the name suggests otherwise but actually fine granules of biscuit crumbs grinded to resemble the saw dust. Hence, it got this cute name to it.

Saw dust Cake is a Portuguese dessert made up of sweetened vanilla cream and crushed biscuits. As layered chilled dessert with creamy layer which is a prefect match with the slightly rough biscuits. It had a lovely creamy, yet airy texture and the ‘saw dust’ is a wonderful interruption. It comes in chocolate or vanilla flavours – the latter being a memorable one is recommended. It is bound to leave any dessert lover wanting more!

Overall, the food they served is really good quality. Noodles are in house made with premium ingredients. Meats are freshly made, well marinated and fried to perfection on demand at approximately 2 minutes 40 seconds, nothing more and nothing less. I was told that macau Tai Lei Loi Kei would send its personnel to Malaysian branches to conduct regular quality assessment to ensure that all branches meet the brands’s food quality standards.

Price wise is average, be prepared to spend at least RM20 for a complete meal with adds on and drinks included. So if you want a new dining experience with Macau’s Best, Tai Lei Loi Kei makes a worthy choice! 

Tai Lei Loi Kei
4A jalan USJ 10/1J
Top Speed Business Centre
USJ Taipan
47670 Subang Jaya.

Opening hours : Daily from 10am to 11pm
Telephone       : 03 – 8011 6258
Facebook        :https://www.facebook.com/taileiloikeimy


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    1. You are the 'Expert' ... should know better than us. Maybe I should add this 'Even my fren, the 'rice bucket' refused to finish it!

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  3. Hi, thanks a lot for your kind feedback & comments, really appreciate it all. The past week we have already changed the rice brand to something much more premium which is more than double the price of the normal ones, I think we are the only outlet or f&b in this area that is crazy enough to do this. To me nothing is more important than trying to give the best food quality & value for our customers @ Taipan USJ outlet. Also starting on april all our eggs will be using the high quality omega eggs as well. Hopefully the next visit we shall able to fulfill your fluffy rice wishes :) Thank you so much again n take care!

    Jack Min ( TLLK Taipan USJ )

    1. Great to hear that, many room for improvements. Quality of food matters alot :-)


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