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Friday, 20 December 2013

Rolling Pin Christmas Cupcakes Too Pretty To Be Eaten @FollowMeToEatLa

These are really cute and adorable little cupcakes. It’s my first time seeing it, never seen such pretty X’mas theme cupcakes before. The 1st impression I had of the cupcakes were that there are 'seriously too pretty to be eaten'. They come in a set of ½ dozen; six cute little cupcakes in a see-thru top white little box.

The design of the cupcake is nice and simple, suited to the Christmas theme. Great details and effort have been put into designing each of it with the use of various cute fondant icing. I can see that each cupcake’s design is intricately done especially the little Snowman face & the X’mas tree too.

Taste wise, I like the chocolate cupcakes the most as it is moist, not too sweet. I usually dislike cupcakes as I find them too sweet for me. But for this time, I can easily eat 2-3 in a go. On the other hand, the other flavour; vanilla butter is quite inconsistent as some are nice, soft and fluffy while some are quite dry, not moist on the inside. It crumbles when you chew on it. It’s not like eating a cake, it falls apart. It was like eating a kuih bahulu. Maybe this happen because I kept it in the fridge and it turns out this way. I didn’t eat it fresh, but I was informed it can be kept up to a week or so in the refrigerator.

Anyway, the uniqueness of these cupcakes is that there are available in any design or theme. In other words, the cupcakes and the designs can be custom made. Rolling Pin has a made to order concept whereby you can choose from the varieties of cute fondant icing designs to suit various occasions or celebration. Price varies and depends on the size of cupcakes, quantity and the type of designs required. Of course, the ones with intricate design will probably cost more than the simpler ones.             

To Order, please click on the following for more information :

Website:             www.rollingpin2u.weebly.com
Facebook:          www.facebook.com/rolling.pin.pj
Instagram user:  @rollingpin90
Contact:            017-309 5020 (Jolene) 

Photo credits to Carmen Hong @ www.carmenhong.com

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