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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Asmara Penchala @Kg Sungai Penchala - An Ideal Spot for Intimate date @ by FollowMeToEatLa

Playing  with the alchemy of a warm and relaxing ambience, serving both traditional Malay and Western cuisines, Asmara Penchala is the one of the ideal place for romantic dates and intimate gatherings with family or friends.   

The narrow main entrance door inspired by the Balinese décor
Beautifully decorated Balinese theme gazebo
A contemporary-style restaurant with gazebos as part of its interior and within, a spot where diners can sit cross-legged as they indulge in asam pedas, ikan tiga rasa, kambing masala to juices of kedondong and desserts of 'kheer badam' and sago gula melaka.    

A restaurant with a Balinese-inspired decor located at Kampung Sungai Penchala, this place has a seating capacity of 1000. The restaurant is an ideal for intimate and warm gatherings with  outdoor garden gazebos, alfresco dining spaces and indoor air conditioned seating. Great place with pleasant and calming ambience, offering a comfortable and contemporary dining space for you and friends to dine in.
First in the menu, was the 'Asmara Punch', the restaurant Signature drink. If you have a liking for sweet-sweet punch, this is the right concoction for you and your partner. Made with a combination of freshly blended watermelon juice with orange puree and rose sirap. I found it a tad too sweet for me and adding in extras ice cubes doesn't help either. I think it's kind of overdose with the rose sirap and orange puree that are actually very sweet base drink by itself. But, the only compensating factor of this punch was the cute and pretty heart shape watermelon that comes with it. Please try this if you are a sweet toothed person.   

For dinner, I was served an appetiser at first. The Thai Fish Cake combines 3 tasty snacks into one - savoury dory fish cakes, zucchini slices and soft white bread topped with chiffonade carrots and lettuce for the extra crisp. Delicious and easy to consume finger food, I found it just right for me. Taste wise, the tasty snack of spice flavoured fish cakes goes really well with the rest of the ingredients especially the lettuce and zucchini.   

Another of the favourite finger food is the 'Asmara Kentang Goreng'. This appetising bites is soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. Served with chilli sauce, this simple and delicious bites is a sure hit with the kids any time of the day.

Next on the main course, it's the detectable 'Creamy Butter Prawns'. As creamy as it gets, this dish comes in plentiful portions. A good attempt by the Malay restaurant trying to emulate the Chinese Butter Prawns that are usually cooked with salted egg yolks. Guess the chef must have deep fried the prawns before topping it off with the savoury buttery cream sauce. The prawns was so well fried till it's even good to eat it as a whole, together with the shell and all. The prawns are fresh and succulent and the creamy sauce made it even more enjoyable.

Next is the Lamb Masala, which is tender and full of flavour, without being overpowering. A divine lamb curry cooked in a mixture of rich herbs and masala. The lamb dish served with cashew nuts and drenched in the Chef's special sauce were soft and flavourful, really delicious bursting with savoury and slightly spicy flavours. Now if only there was some naan bread to be eaten with these.

My favourite of the night was without a doubt, the 'Asam Pedas Asmara Tenggiri'. Serving was good with chunky pieces of the tenggiri fillet. Served piping hot in an authentic style claypot to maintain the warm of the gravy. Gravy was positively thick, with just enough spiciness to go with the steamed rice. The fragrance from the aromatic spices just permeates through & the taste of the ingredients cooked in these curries come forth instead of being overwhelmed by it. The only setback was the vegetable that comes with it as the some of the brinjals were still raw, uncooked and the ladies finger was too 'old', too fibrous to chew or bite!        

Romantic Décor complete with candle light, folded napkins, wine glasses & sweet scent of flowers petals to impress your date.
Tastefully decorated gazebo with warm lighting casts a romantic vibe & calm ambience for a perfect yet unforgettable dining experience for love birds. 

Overall, it is a great place for couples to dine and family to gather. With contemporary Malay architecture, mini canals, gazebos, and sprawling greenery greeting its customers as they step into the alfresco dining spaces of Asmara Penchala Restaurant. Serving a wide array fusion of local and international cuisines,whether it's a light meal, a main course or a sweet dessert, the culinary options here will satiate your senseless. Make this place a romantic escapade for your date and you <3

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Asmara Penchala
2933, Jalan Sungai Penchala
Kampung Sungai Penchala,
60000 Kuala Lumpur.

Telephone: 03- 7726 0964

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