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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Bear Paw 'Something Different' @Dataran Sunway PJ by FollowMeToEatLa

Bear Paw originated from Feng Jia night market in Taiwan. The founder was holidaying in Japan and chanced upon some Japanese buns that was really tasty. He was then inspired to create a unique burger or bun which was a combination that embraces the Western culture with Asian ingredients. 

The iconic bear paw print on the bun itself is the representative of Taiwan's national animal, the Formosan Black Bear. Hence due to the cute looking paw print which appeals to the younger generation, it kicks off to become one of Taiwan's popular & must eat food for any visitors to Feng Jia Night Market nowadays.

This Bear Paw outlet is strategically located in Dataran Sunway. It's a trendy place that offers a comfortable environment with outdoor and indoor setting, cosy setting which is great for family or friends' gathering.  If you're craving for a hot and fresh burger, I suggest you head over to this awesome new outlet to try out the variety of freshest and tastiest Bear Paw Buns.

 Pleasant and clean indoor dining setting 
Furnished with comfortable rattan seating for private dining too.
The Iconic Formosan Black Bear poster on the outlet's wall.

The Bear Paw Menu

You can order your very own Bear Paw Bun in 3 easy & simple steps. 

First, choose your choice of bun. There are 3 types of flavoured bun ie the Milk, Brown Sugar, Whole Wheat.

Secondly, choose the choice of patty. There have a selection of chicken, spicy chicken, fish & chicken ham. Although squid seems to be on the menu, but it's currently not available due to unknown reasons. 

Lastly, choose the sauce to go along with the cutey bun. Chilli, thousand island, thai, tartar, teriyaki & last but not least the in house special made honey mustard sauce.

Closed shot of the ever so cute & appetising Brown Sugar Bear Paw Bun

My prefect combo of a lip smacking Bear Paw Bun consists of the Brown Sugar Bun with Spicy Chicken & topped with the flavourful Honey mustard sauce. You may think that this is an unusual combination with mustard & chicken but the outcome was heavenly. The well marinated chunky deep fried chicken practically melted in your mouth. When eaten fresh, the chicken is crunchy on the outside and tender & succulent on the inside, which goes well with the strong flavour mustard and the sweetness of the honey. Loves the bun too as it was soft & fluffy with a mild taste of brown sugar. Well, this is truly a creative marriage of chinese mantou & the chicken chop.  

 Amazed by the generous serving of the chunky piece of the crispy chicken.

Milk Bear Paw Bun

Next up: Milk Bun with Chicken Ham & topped with Thousand Island sauce. Well, I found the Chicken ham to be lacking in taste  & flavour, kind of bland can't really taste any thing at all. Maybe I'm used to the saltiness of porky ham with the savoury smoky flavour. The thousand island sauce was a damper too as it was seriously lacking in the sweet & tangy of ketchup sauce. However, the saving factor was the freshly steamed Milk Bun which was soft & mild in flavour, yet good enough to eat on it's own.

2 pieces of the Chicken Ham encased in the Milk Bear Paw Bun.

The Healthy & Wholesome choice - Whole Wheat Bear Paw Bun

Great combination too for this Whole Wheat with Chicken & topped with the delicious teriyaki sauce. Nothing can go wrong with this well seasoned & fried to perfection  chunky piece of chicken chop. As chicken & teriyaki often goes well together, this is another winning combination that complement each other wonderfully. 


Encased with marinated chicken pieces, tomatoes & lettuce, the bun sure hit the right spots. The flavours were rich and they were generous with the teriyaki sauce too and for that, it gets a thumbs up from me! 

Wholesome Pumpkin Bear Paw Bun
Last but not least, another noteworthy combination to try is the Pumpkin Bread with Fish Fillet & topped with Tartar sauce. This choice is good for those who would prefer fish rather than chicken. The crispy fillet, well coated with breadcrumbs was served warm to bite, but it was tad too thin for me. Honestly, I didn't taste much of the fish. If it was cut thicker, it would be better.

Overall, Bear Paw is definitely something worth trying ... as the special imported Bear Paw Bun travels all the way from Taiwan to Malaysia for us to experience the real taste of this awesome, tasty & super cute looking bun. 

Date of Visit   : 2013-11-23
Location        : No. 39-1, Jalan PJU 5/9, Dataran Sunway, 47810 Petaling Jaya.
Phone           : 03 - 6143 6706


  1. The burgers look yummy!! Roughly how much does a meal cost? :-)

    Penang Ho Chiak

    1. Yes, taste good ... thick chunky meat. The bun std price is RM 9.90 with any choice of bun, patty & sauce.
      Set meal each range from RM 12.90- RM 14.90 The selection comprises of a Bear Paw, and a choice of their beverage series - Yakult , Fresh Tea or Fresh Fruit Tea series.


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