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Wednesday, 30 December 2020

BaWangChaJi Offers For Tea-Lovers With ‘BW Rewards’ & Limited-Edition BaWangChaJi 2021 Calendar

A loyalty platform just for tea-lovers and quickly redeem limited edition BaWangChaJi 2021 Calendar
BaWangChaJi  Offers For Tea-Lovers With ‘BW Rewards’ & Limited-Edition BaWangChaJi 2021 Calendar
BaWangChaJi  Offers For Tea-Lovers With ‘BW Rewards’ & Limited-Edition BaWangChaJi 2021 Calendar


BaWangChaJi is excited to announce the offering of special rewards and discounts to all Malaysians before moving on to 2021. Tea lovers can now enjoy more privilege and participate in campaigns by signing up for ‘BW Rewards’ via Facebook account. 

‘BW Rewards’ has started officially on 26th December 2020. In conjunction with the New Year celebration, fans who fulfil the purchase of 15 beverages through ‘BW Rewards’ will be eligible to redeem a BaWangChaJi 2021 Calendar: 365 New Hopes. 

Limited-Edition BaWangChaJi 2021 Calendar

Drink, Stamp & Win 

Here are the guides to participate in the ‘Drink, Stamp & Win’ campaign and redeem BaWangChaJi limited edition 2021 Calendar: 
  1. Visit any BaWangChaJi’s outlet and purchase drinks 
  2. Sign up for a ‘BW Rewards’ account via Facebook (check out this link for account sign-up guide) 
  3. Log on to ‘Chop-Stamp’ section 
  4. Click a Chop-Stamp and show to the crew at counter 
  5. The crew will scan the QR code of the Chop-Stamp and the stamp will be marked completed (E.g., 3 drinks in a receipt = 3 chop-stamp to be scanned) 
  6. Once you have fulfilled the purchases of 15 beverages, you may redeem a BaWangChaJi’s 2021 Calendar at any outlet, while stocks last 

Alternatively, you may visit this link for the participation guide. 

BaWangChaJi 2021 Calendar: 365 New Hopes

BaWangChaJi 2021 Calendar: 365 New Hopes 

The calendar comes with two display methods, either sticking it on the fridge door with the magnets or standing on the given wooden brackets. The inspiration behind the BaWangChaJi 2021 Calendar came from BaWangChaJi Malaysia team in encouraging everyone to stay positive and always be hopeful in a whole new 365 days of 2021. The calendar is designed in the form of cards where each card represents a different phase of BaWangChaJi’s journey with its last card consisting of the CEO’s message. 

Limited-Edition BaWangChaJi 2021 Calendar
“We would like to thank all BaWangChaJi fans for being with us in 2020 and we hope to tell more stories as well as creating more memories with all of you next year. Dear fans, let’s wrap up this year with a bang and we are inviting all BaWangChaJi fans to sign up for the newly-launched ‘BW Rewards’ and stand a chance in redeeming more awesome goodies while enjoying premium and authentic sensation of tea from BaWangChaJi,” said Jack Chong, CEO of BaWangChaJi Malaysia. 


Tea lovers who visit BaWangChaJi frequently will love the upcoming promo too! The promo which will be available soon is enabling tea lovers to purchase 30 vouchers for any drinks at only RM288. Moving forward to 2021, tea lovers can stay tuned for more ‘BW Rewards’ campaigns while enjoying the beverages of BaWangChaJi. 

To find out more about BaWangChaJi Malaysia’s events and promotions, do follow the Facebook PAGE as well as Instagram at @bawangchaji_my.

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