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Saturday, 16 February 2019

Coca-Cola Malaysia introduces Eight New, Limited-Edition Designs for Chinese New Year 2019

Coca-Cola Malaysia
Introduces Eight New, Limited-Edition Designs For 
Chinese New Year 2019 
 COCA COLA Limited-Edition Designs for Chinese New Year 2019 

During the recent festive celebration, I was totally delighted to receive a full set of COCA-COLA Limited-Edition Designs for Chinese New Year 2019 this year. There's no better time than now, especially in conjunction with the festive celebration. The designs are very attractive and just perfect for the Chinese New Year celebration especially when you serve them to your guests when they come a visiting.

It's that time of the year again when families, especially mothers, like me is busy cleaning and decorating the homes to usher in prosperity and happiness with Chinese New Year just around the corner. During this period, many often fret about the importance of getting the right items that symbolise prosperity, health, longevity, romance and more for their loved ones. 

Cognisant of this, Coca-Cola Malaysia has introduced eight new can design, aptly themed "多福多 乐 KĔ KŎU KĔ LÈ, DUŌ FÚ DUŌ LÈ", which essentially means “Coca-Cola, More Prosperity and More Joy”. 

Introduced in both Singapore and Malaysia, these limited-edition designs use traditional Chinese New Year symbols, namely Peach Blossom, Gold Coins, Majestic Dragon, Koi Fish, Gold Ingots, Ruyi Knots, Mandarin Oranges and Pussy Willow.

According to Lim Kean Yew, Integrated Marketing Communications Director, Malaysia & Singapore, at Coca-Cola ~ “At Coca-Cola Malaysia, we understand that Chinese New Year is a highly-revered celebration where aside from bringing the family together, it is also all about having auspicious and meaningful symbols to bring blessings for the household. In an effort to breathe new life into these important Chinese symbols, we introduced eight new designs that have deep cultural significance to the community and have stood the test of time.”

Acknowledging the importance and meaning behind each of the cultural symbols used during Chinese New Year, Coca-Cola Malaysia had initially conducted in-depth research and narrowed it down to eight key images that continue to resonate positively with consumers, despite modern influences on consumer lifestyles and value systems.

Ruyi Knots For good health and longevity 
如意结 万事如意福寿多  

Gold Coins For joy in every home 
钱币 财源滚滚家家乐 

Koi Fish To usher in abundance 
鲤鱼 年年有余万事兴 

Mandarin Oranges For gifts of good fortune for all 
年柑 大吉大利大团圆 

Majestic Dragon For power and wisdom 
祥龙 龙腾四海耀新春 

Peach Blossoms For prosperous beginnings in love and life 
桃花 桃花盛开春满堂 

Gold Ingots For blessings of wealth all year round 
元宝 招财进宝富贵年 

Pussy Willow For luck and prosperity 
银柳 银柳纳福好运来

With these newly-designed cans, you can choose the type of good fortune that you wish for your family, loved ones and friends from any the eight images found on the cans. For instance, customers may select the elegantly designed Peach Blossom can to convey their wishes of prosperous new beginnings in love and life to loved ones or present the Pussy Willow flower design to friends as this symbolises luck for the year. For an abundance of happiness in the household and amongst family members, they can opt to bring the Gold Coin or Koi Fish designs to their Chinese New Year reunion dinner celebrations. 

In conjunction with these festivities, Coca-Cola Malaysia has also included the 320ml Coke Stevia and Coke No Sugar cans in the limited-edition designs. Both Coke Stevia and Coke No Sugar give consumers the same great taste they would expect from Coca-Cola Classic but with 35% less sugar and no sugar respectively.

This is in line with Coca-Cola Malaysia’s commitment to choice, offering Malaysians whichever Coca-Cola suits their taste, lifestyle and diet – with or without sugar, with or without calories, because taking care of one’s health is essentially tied to one’s good fortune in the long-term. 

Coca-Cola Malaysia believes these limited-edition Chinese New Year 2019 designs on Coca Cola cans will add more colours to Malaysians celebrating the new lunar year. To this effect, this campaign has been extended across multiple touchpoints, including premium collectables in Singapore and Malaysia.

Now, you can find these specially designed cans at all major retailers nationwide. 

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