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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

You & Me Kitchen Corner @Zest Point Lebuhraya Bukit Jalil Bandar Kinrara 9 Puchong


Cafe offers choice dishes and right ambience for a magical dining experience 

Here's an excerpt from the owner on the concept of You & Me Kitchen Corner ....

You & Me Kitchen Corner is founded by an environmentalist owner that makes the theme of the restaurant natural. You will feel cozy yet comfortable environment in the restaurant. They have over 160 choices of food & beverages for you to choose.

Their motto is you can "Come Happily and Eat without Worries". By using natural ingredients such as Himalayan salt, olive oil, Pearl rice and more, this will make their food's quality tip top yet healthy, this is what they meant by "Eating without Worries" 

Be enchanted by You & Me Kitchen Corner @Zest Point in Puchong upon entering this garden themed restaurant. This place evokes an air of elegance with a vast arrays of greens interspersed with beautiful little silk flowers. I was enchanted with the greenery and garden décor that greets me with the welcoming embrace of charm and all things pretty. I was like walking right into tea garden in Cameron Highlands, very impressive. 

Carefree & Relaxing Ambiance

Garden Outdoor Courtyard 

Facing an open courtyard, You & Me Kitchen Corner offers a comfortable and refreshing seating area with wooden hanging swing chairs, covered shady patio built on beautiful columns, artificial grass and landscape lighting, coupled with a breezy shaded al fresco section, perfect for weekends brunch. 

Settings looking like a cottage garden, they are pretty arches covered with blooms around, white wash fencing, small potted plants and plenty of silk flowers around the edges. Just looking at the swing chairs with cushion invites relaxation. And swinging on one might make one doze off into dreamland Zzzzzz ......  

Unique & Cute Rainbow Fan

White Outdoor Candle Lantern 
Courtyard Silk Blooms 
Indoor Floral Arrangement of Chrysanthemum & Daisies 

Lovers Corner 

A Lovers Corner welcoming couples to get comfortable and intimate on the restaurant's "love seats", comes complete with curtains for added privacy. 
Seating Area with a Heart-Shaped table

The colour green is splashed across for the furniture sofas, dining chairs, table cloths with matching table mats while the dusky-coloured flooring with cosy lightings features set to welcome patrons. Once you step in, you are greeted with warm smile and cheery designed space when you can spend hours eating and chatting with your loved ones. Great place to experience a homely feeling as you mingle and chatter away with your friends too.

You & Me Signature Four Season Vermicelli in Porridge
RM 10.90

We started off with one of their bestsellers ~ You & Me Signature Four Season Vermicelli in Porridge. A savoury combination of vermicelli cooked in flavourful, no msg chicken broth and topped with 4 types of condiments such as julienned carrots, fungus (mok yee), ginger and red chillies. This colourful comfort dish comes with some minced pork to enhance the taste. 

Nutritious & Comforting Dish

I simply enjoyed eating this dish, so tasty and easy on the stomach. The special vermicelli used are of fine texture, so it actually soaked up the flavour from the broth thus making it smooth and slurp worthy to eat especially when for  the younger ones. Great soul soothing dish, nutritious and wholesome fare for the young and old!    

Curry Noodles with Minced Pork & Mushroom
RM 9.90

Next on the list was a hearty noodles dish, enough to feed two people although the serving was noted for one person. The Curry Noodles with Minced Pork & Mushroom combines 7 multi-coloured vegetables such as shredded purple cabbage, orange carrot, red chillies, green cucumber, green lettuce, black fungus and yellow corn together with savoury minced pork sauce, mushroom and crispy anchovies (ikan bilis) to be mix altogether into an appetising dry curry noodles dish. 

Fresh & Tasty Colourful Noodles Dish

Perfectly home made noodles and not store bought, it's a must-try for any noodles lovers. A mouthful of the springy plus chewy noodles was all it took to convince me that this dish would be one of my favourites. For only RM 9.90, it is perfect for noodles fans who likes lots of various vegetables giving different taste and textures to this special dish. 

Chicken Soup to soothe your soul

Not forgetting the milky soup that was given as an accompaniment, just in case the dish gets too dry to  be consumed. Nicole the manager explained that they took much effort to boil the chicken broth for at least 3 days in order to get the best out for the diners. I found it to be superb, so pure with essence of chicken soup without the MSG. 
My portion of the yummy Dry Curry Noodles

 Heart To Heart
RM 13.90

You & Me signature rice dish ~  Heart To Heart comes nicely decorated consisting of Japanese short-grain rice made into 2 heart shape happy smiley faces with some delicious porky sauce on the middle. Two separate platter of toppings was served together with the rice to be mix together into a complete dish.

Above are some of the additional toppings and condiments to be added to the rice for a more fragrant and flavoursome dish.

A complete platter of the Rice Set ~ Heart to Heart

My portion of the mixed Heart To Heart dish

 Chrysanthemum Spring Roll ~ 5 sticks
RM 13.90 

If you are looking for something crispy, opt for Chrysanthemum Spring Roll that offers an interesting contrasting texture. Made solely from minced pork with prawns and delicately wrapped with  home made wantan skins to resemble a pretty chrysanthemum blooms.

In truth, this tiny tasty morsels were prepared using a tedious method of deep-frying with hits and misses until it resembles a nice little flower. Anyway, the best thing about this wantan flower is the skin, when deep fried, is light, crispy and the pork and prawns fillings melts in the mouth with its aroma coursing through the palate. Truly satisfying! 
 Pork Belly Satay
RM 16.90

One of my favourites, Pork Belly Satay was a winner for many as it was richly seasoned with selected spices, grilled to perfection and served with peanut satay sauce, slice cucumbers, onions and even ketupat. The pork belly satay was good enough to be enjoyed on its own while I sampled the ketupat and cucumber with the peanut dipping sauce. My hubby Hong enjoyed the satay very much, which he said had a "melt in your mouth texture".

Look good and smell good, the Pork Belly Satay was some of the best cooked meat I've ever had in a long time. This set comes in a 6 sticks which I recommend just nice to be shared with 2 very serious pork lovers and not more!

You & Me Signature Baked Chicken Wings
RM 13.90 for 6 pieces (3 pairs)

A well presented chicken dish that's comes in a form looking like a pretty flower arrangement. Something more exotic, the You & Me Signature Baked Chicken Wings was served on skewers in a set of 3 pairs or 6 pieces of wings and drummets. The wings was well-marinated with crisp and moist, tender meat while the charred tiny bits of seasoning added a nice bites to the dish. Well executed, not oily or overly seasoned, this snack makes a great finger food to go with cold drinks. 

 Homemade Noodles with Vegetables & Mixed Fruits in Special Thai Dressing
RM 12.90

Something more refreshing, the Homemade Noodles with Vegetables & Mixed Fruits in Special Thai Dressing was made by combining julienne apples, pear, mango, spring onions, purple cabbage, carrots, crispy fried fragrant onions with their in house home made noodles tossed together with sprinkle of peanuts, white and black sesame seeds for added crunch and flavour.

Drizzled with special sweet and sourish dressing that comes with a hint of ginger, lemon grass, lime juice among others, this Thai-infused dish is more of an appetizer rather than a main dish for me.
 Stuffed Japanese Inari
RM 18.90

Another interesting appetiser from You & Me Kitchen Corner was this fusion Japanese influenced dish which uses inari, a sweet fried tofu pouches usually used for sushi making. The Stuffed Japanese Inari is filled tofu pouches of minced pork mixed with chopped chestnut, topped with cheese before being baked to perfection.

From the first bite, it was a burst of fresh flavours and textures between the chewy soft inari and the cheesy cheese together with the flavoursome minced pork. Simple yet flavourful, you will enjoy it better with some salad or mashed potatoes as sides cause it can get a bit on the salty side.

 Marinara Sauce Homemade Pasta With Apple Meat Ball
RM 15.90

For the pasta lovers, you can try the Marinara Sauce Homemade Pasta With Apple Meat Ball. The home made pasta has 3 sizable, thick and chunky pork nuggets to go along with the tomato based pasta dish. Adding a touch of Eastern influence is the deep fried fragrant basil leaves and some crispy home made noodles lending a real bite to the ala dente pasta.

Chunky & Juicy Heart shaped Pork Nuggets

This pasta dish will likely appease those looking to consume a lighter pasta, as the sauce was not extremely rich and no heavy ingredients was used.

 Pan Fried Norwegian Salmon Fillet
RM 45.90

To stay true to the Western fare, You & Me Kitchen Corner offers some mouthwatering pan fried salmon or steak to tease your tastebuds. Diners can also indulge in the Pan Fried Norwegian Salmon Fillet.

This impressive dish consists of a pan fried Norwegian salmon, light seasoned with salt and black pepper with some fresh herb and served with a generous sides of broccoli, sautéed mushroom, roasted baby carrots, cherry tomatoes and potatoes.

Large, meaty cuts of salmon rests on some in house made avocado and dragon fruit sauce adding a tang to the sweet flavour. Additional sauces that comes with this dish are the caviar and garlic cream sauce too. This dish was paired with an in house white wine that comes with the whole arrangement.

Pan Fried Red Eye Steak
RM 69.90

Another main course we sampled was the Pan Fried Red Eye Steak. A 220gm piece of rib steak serves on a bed of fettuccine pasta strands, with chinese lettuce, crispy home made noodles, sauteed mushroom, roasted baby carrots, cherry tomatoes and potatoes on the sides. We were offered to choose from a choice of 3 sauces such as savoury brown sauce, black pepper and BBQ sauce. Also a glass of red wine was paired with the red meat complimenting the set.     

From top right clockwise ~ Red Eye Steak, DIY fencing for decor, a bed of vegetables to representing the barn, brown sauce on the side 

Red Eye Steak rests on fettuccine pasta

 Golden Bricks
RM 15.90

To complete your dining experience, Golden Bricks is a good bet. The dessert - tart, sweet and very rich, this simple mango sorbet has a creamy texture verging on ice cream - offered a good end to meal. The home made mango sorbet matched delightfully with sweet sugar coated cuboid golden toast. 

Desserts at the You & Me Kitchen Corner are not for the faint-hearted, and recommended for sharing among friends and family. 

Next, we go to the Drinks section.  To wash everything down, You & Me Kitchen Corner also offers a wide array of beverages to suit your tastes from coffee, tea, juices to smoothie and fizzy sodas too.
Chilled Tropicana Tea
RM 13.90

This fruity exciting drink is a concoction of chilled tea with chopped fruits of apple, grapes, passion fruit, strawberry and kiwi to give it the zesty and tangy flavour. Diners should consider giving the Chilled Tropicana Tea a try as it can be immensely refreshing drink to end a meal. I tried the chilled tea and at first sip, it tasted a little sour. Give it a chance though as it will taste much better after a few sips.

Orange Egg Nog
RM 12.90

If the Tropicana Tea  is not your cup of tea, you can order a glass of Orange Egg Nog to go with your meal.  The smoothies was smooth, thick and delicious with strong hint of orange, tastes similar to a yoghurt drink. Healthy and good choice of drink.

Romantic Purple Soda
RM 12.90

Potted  Latte
RM 12.90

Specialty coffee drink ~ Potted Latte is coffee with milk and topped with crushed bits of chocolate cookies. Picture pretty resembling a potted plant and pleasant to drink too as you can taste the sweetness and chocolatey flavours while sipping the latte.

Special Ice Coffee
RM 13.90

For thirst quenchers, try the Special Ice Coffee - a blend of coffee, milk and ice. Although milky, it not overpowering creamy and had a refreshing taste.

Happiness Latte - Serve with 2 heart shaped home made cookies
RM 12.90

Hot Chrysanthemum Tea 
RM 11.90

Romantic and  Enchanting Settings 

The atmosphere goes through a 360 degrees transformation by night to a romantic setting especially for couples or those who are seeking to dine with their loved ones. At night, diners can enjoy the twinkling of lights from the courtyard and the sound of running waters from a nearby fountain. 

Overall, You  & Me Kitchen Corner is a pretty decent place to dine, with more than 160 dishes and drinks to choose from. I'm sure diners can be assured to find some of their personal favourites ranging from Chinese, Western to Fusion choices of dishes. Although there are some hits and misses, I truly appreciated the chef's effort in incorporating the freshest ingredients, nutritious and healthy recipes for its diners. 

Honestly speaking, their Chinese cuisine especially the You & Me Signature Four Season Vermicelli in Porridge clearly outshines everything offered in this review, though its large portion indicates that it is a dish that ought to be shared by two or three people. I really like You & Me Kitchen Corner and think that it is the perfect place for a romantic date and it would be ideal and fun place too for parties, celebrations and special occasions.

You & Me Kitchen Corner
ZP2, 27 & 28 Zest Point
Lebuhraya Bukit Jalil
Bandar Kinrara 9
47180 Puchong 
Tel: 03 - 8071 0339
Business hours: Tue - Sun: 10:30 am - 10:30 pm, 9.30pm last call 
(Closed on Monday)

FaceBook: YMkitchenCorner
Website: www.ymkitchencorner.com.my 

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  1. Their motto is you can "Come Happily and Eat without Worries". By using natural ingredients such as Himalayan salt, olive oil, Pearl rice and more, this will make their food's quality tip top yet healthy, this is what they meant by "Eating without Worries"

  2. Although there are some hits and misses, I truly appreciated the chef's effort in incorporating the freshest ingredients, nutritious and healthy recipes for its diners.

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