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Aesthetic Experience With ULTHERAPY with Dr Kee Yong Seng @Premier Clinic (TTDI) Part 2


Facial Lifting and Tightening Without a Surgery 

Hi everyone! I am taking a break from my usual food post to write about my aesthetic experience with Ultherapy HIFU treatment which I had recently. You can read all about my 1st post (Part 1) here: Part 1 of Ultherapy at Premier Clinic 

Photo Taken  with Dr Kee
 ( 2 months after  Ultherapy HIFU treatment )

Two months ago I was invited by Premier Clinic, a reputable aesthetic clinic at Taman Tun Dr Ismail for their Ultherapy HIFU treatment. I would like to share my first hand experience with you on my first treatment with a surgery-free micro lift and a totally non-invasive skin lifting procedures.

This is my Final Post of my exciting experience I had at Premier Clinic after 2 months. Read on below for the full account of my experience of the suture-less facelift ~ Ultherapy HIFU treatment and the post-effects of it here.

Consulting with Warm & Friendly ~ Dr Kee Yong Seng

Photo Taken 2 months before  Ultherapy HIFU treatment 

My journey starts 2 months ago as I set out to see if time travel was possible. It wasn't a long journey and I was hoping to go on like - back tracking five years or so. When I first was introduce to the Ultherapy HIFU  I had very little expectation. All I knew at that time was that I was there to get zapped with the latest beauty technology, an outpatient procedure that promised to kick-start my skin's deadbeat collagen, perhaps to reverse ageing signs on my face.

Here's what happened in the treatment room:

Firstly, I took a pain killer to reduce the pain for nervous patients like me. The procedure started off with  the nurse applying numbing cream on my face. The role of numbing cream is basically to reduce the pain by numbing the area specifically for treatment. 

Numbing Cream on my Face

Dr Kee marking my Face

My Face ~ Dr Kee's Canvas 

Half an hour later, my face was feeling numb and it was thoroughly cleansed off to remove the numbing cream. Before the treatment begins, Dr. Kee marks the area to be treated with a white crayon. After which, he began by applying sonogram gel onto my face and neck area.

Sonogram Gel on my Face

For the next hour or so, Dr. Kee inched an Ulthera wand over my cheeks, forehead, neck and jaw. I can feel the doctor gliding, pressing firmly, and zapping with the device slowly millimetre by millimetre while he asked about how I felt, assuring me that everything is fine and good.

Ultherapy procedure in progress

Dr Kee uses a unique "See and Treat" energy-based aesthetic technology whereby he can actually visualize tissue layers to 8mm using DeepSEE technology. The therapeutic capacity also allows the precise delivery of micro-focused ultrasound energy.

Dr Kee ~ Deep in focus with "See and Treat" DeepSEE Technology

Intense Ultrasound Energy

The sensation of each of the ultrasound energy was like a split-second, before you could actually register that something was too hot.  It was the build-up to pain, without the pain. The only moments that triggers my nerve were the first couple of zaps over my cheekbones, sending vibrations ringing in my head. After working his way from neck to forehead, Dr. Kee then handed me a mirror to show me the results. My cheeks were flushed, but other than that, there really wasn't an immediate difference. The entire process was over in about 45 to 60 minutes.

'Magic Wand' gliding over my Left Cheek

The procedure was done professionally with Dr. Kee's gentle hands as he was very careful and precise throughout the whole ultrasound procedure. Assuring and professional, Dr Kee kept me as comfortable as possible while working his 'magic wand' over my face and neck. I have no prior experience before with Ultherapy treatment, a micro-focused ultrasound but this was quite bearable for me.  

Close Up Shot ~ Skin's Swelling & Redness 

The side effects of this procedure include mild to moderate redness and swelling which I did experienced on the first 2 to 3 days. There is no downtime but my skin look slightly swollen and red after the procedure. I had a slight tingling or tenderness to touch, but these are mild and temporary in nature. I was told that it would subside within a few days and was advised to wear sunblock daily after the procedure. 

Below are photos taken of me on the 'Before' & 'After' of the Ultherapy HIFU treatment. 
Front Profile of my Face

Right - Side Profile of my Face  

Left - Side Profile of my Face  

I'm happy with the results. I noticed a more define jawline, significant facial lifting and toning after 2 months. Further improvements can continue for up to 6 months after a procedure. Ultherapy reset the clock nicely for me. I believe it is the skill of my aesthetic doctor and HIFU (High Intensity Focus Ultrasound) ~ technology of the new era that gave me such amazing results!

Following are photos of me taken 2 months after the treatment shows a naturally toned and lifted Auntie Lilly now!

 ~ A proud Grand Aunt to Baby Darren ~  
Latest Photos taken ~ CNY Celebration in Feb 2014

Close-up Selfie Photo with my Eldest, Carmen Hong ~ a Lifestyle Blogger too!

Recent Group Photo Taken together with my Ex-schoolmates 

One of favourite latest photo taken at a food blogging session in Minamotonoya Cafe 

I hope my write-up and sharing helps those who are looking for some instant "anti-aging" procedures. My post serves as an avenue for me to share my experiences with you, not just as a promotional post for these treatments. Personally, I believe that these aesthetic options had help to enhance my features , making me looking good for my age and also allow me to grow old gracefully. XOXO !

For more information about the Ultherapy procedure, kindly click on the below links:
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  1. I hope my write-up and sharing helps those who are looking for some instant "anti-aging" procedures. My post serves as an avenue for me to share my experiences with you, not just as a promotional post for these treatments.

  2. Personally, I believe that these aesthetic options had help to enhance my features , making me looking good for my age and also allow me to grow old gracefully. XOXO !

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